This is my fingerstyle arrangement of this popular piece by Beethoven, I like play it slowly and with feeling. The time signature is a sign at the beginning of the piece that tells us how many beats or pulses there are in a measure. We can mix and match any of these note values within a measure as long as they add up to four beats.
As a private guitar instructor, and as a performing musician, I’ve come across all types of guitar players.

It also gets four beats, but those are four beats of rest, we don’t play anything for a whole rest. And that’s determined by several things, the first being the beat, or tempo, of the piece of music being played.
Try to place the palm of your right hand on the bridge of the guitar when you play, the palm muting will make the bass strings sound better. It’s also called common time, and looks like a C in the staff and it tells us there are four beats per measure.

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