If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas! The concept behind Magic Piano is pretty simple — you tap on dots that appear on the screen to play a tune.
Now on the surface this might sound similar to the Guitar Hero like games where you tap on colored dots to play to the music, but the key here is that you are in control of the song entirely. The other problem is that you need to be very familiar with the songs you are trying to play to get them right. When (and if) tapping to pre-synthesized notes gets tiring at some point, you can enter the Solo mode that lets you play the piano in freestyle mode. An interesting aside from the gaming oriented focus is the ability to listen to how others around the world are doing with songs that you nailed (or were horrible at). Now if you’ve read so far you have probably figured that Magic Piano is not for everyone.
An interesting take on music-based gaming, magic piano lets you test your chops at the keyboard while attempting to recreate classic tunes and songs. Beschreibung der kostenlosen App: Ein kleineres Klavier als diese Android App wird es wohl kaum geben. Man muss schon gerne Klavier spielen, wenn man sich eine App wie diese auf seinem Android Phone installiert. Durch eine farbliche Trennung sieht man sofort, ob es sich um einen einzelnen Ton oder einen Akkord handelt.

To round it off, I thought that I would share the most popular kids songs and musical activities posted here on Let’s Play Music throughout 2013.
On the gaming front, the competition is pretty light with a few variations of Guitar Hero style gameplay and not much else.
After a spate of ground breaking and successful apps on iOS and the excellent Songify on Android, they finally decided to bring Magic Piano over to Android. There’s no music in the background, no beats to co-ordinate with and absolutely nothing but the notes you play. The free song selection is not bad though and will easily afford you a few hours of fun (or frustration, depending on how good you get with it) before you decide whether you want to invest into more songs. Although all the notes for a song are available to you and there are difficulty settings you can adjust to suit you comfort level, getting the tempo right and making sure the song plays like it should can be quite the task. The nursery rhyme or Beethoven’s Fur Elise are all fine, but I for one was not familiar with a lot of the songs and had a tough time getting them right. I found the keys way too tiny even on my biggish Galaxy Nexus screen and there was no way to zoom in on the keys. If you are musically inclined or even better if you have some experience playing the piano, this has the potential to be the ultimate mobile replacement for the real thing in all its glory. Even if you’ve never held a deck of cards before, you’ll be amazing people in minutes with these 15 amazing tricks! Having craved to see something like the Ocarina on Android, I decided to give Magic Piano a go and here’s what I came back thinking.

Difficulty settings can be adjusted though, from an easy one where all notes & chords are controlled by a single finger tap to the difficult one with four finger chords in all their glory. So bother with this only if you have a tablet that will afford you a decent enough size to really play just one key at a time. Depending on you status with the game and luck, this can be extremely rewarding (hearing other players royally mess up the songs you scored three stars on) or extremely frustrating (listening to some much better than you). It is not for everyone, but if you want to show off your musical skills, there’s little else that can get the job done better.
Letztlich muss man also nicht nur darauf achten, das man die Töne trifft, sondern auch in der richtigen Geschwindigkeit spielt. As easy as it sounds, this can prove pretty difficult as you move on from the simple nursery rhymes to more complex songs, especially once you are dealing with three and four finger chords one after the other. The globe that shows the position of the players you are listening to is a nice touch and you can just hit next to find someone closer to where you are — quite the waste of time you needed at the end of busy day!

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