The "Song of Storms" (???, Arashi no Uta?) is a recurring song in the Legend of Zelda series. The "Song of Storms" is learned from Guru-Guru in the Windmill in Kakariko Village, when Link is an adult.
Other than draining the well, Link can play the "Song of Storms" for the Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors in Zora's River.
The "Song of Storms" is learned from Flat after Link defeats an Iron Knuckle in the caves beneath the Ikana Graveyard on the First Day.
Guru-Guru can also be heard playing the song in the Stock Pot Inn during daytime, and near the Laundry Pool at night. The "Song of Storms" is heard playing near the Windmill in the Eastern Suburbs, presumably emitted by Guru-Guru's Victrola contraption. Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the Legend of Zelda series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline. The "Song of Storms" is an unlockable song, played as a medley together with "Ganondorf's Theme" and the "Serenade of Water," though the medley itself centers mostly around the "Song of Storms".
The "Song of Storms" is also heard in the "Ocarina of Time Medley" in Brawl, along with "Zelda's Lullaby", the "Sun's Song", the "Minuet of Forest", the "Bolero of Fire", "Epona's Song", the "Song of Time", and "Saria's Song". It was also planned to be an assist trophy, played by Guru-Guru, but did not make the cut in the final game. As part of her Harp moveset, when her Harp is imbued with Lightning Affinity (caused by performing a specific combo) and uses her Strong Attack, she will play the Song of Storms to surround herself with barrier of lightning that damages any enemies within range.
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EditComplete Song List Just like in Ocarina of Time, Link is able to learn different songs that will become useful throughout the game.
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The song is one of the prerequisites needed to open the way to the Sacred Realm found within the Temple of Time. Link plays the song on the Ocarina of Time, which along with the three Spiritual Stones, opens the Door of Time inside the Temple of Time.

The "Song of Time" can also move several special stones found around Hyrule if Link plays the song while near one. Link can play the "Song of Time" on the Ocarina of Time by playing C-Right, A, C-Down, C-Right, A, C-Down.
In the Nintendo 3DS remake, the going back to the first day no longer saves the game, making Owl Statues the only method of saving. The "Song of Time" is heard as the background music in the entrance area of the Temple of Time. As part of the Majora's Mask Pack DLC, the Song of Time appears as one of the Item Cards on the Termina Adventure Map.
One of the two major compositions of Flat and Sharp, the Composer Brothers, this song summons forth a rainstorm, that rages for a small amount of time. Guru-Guru tells Link that he learned the song from a green-clothed child seven years prior; apparently, the youth he speaks of is Link. Once Link has played them the five other non-teleportation songs, he is given a Piece of Heart. It is the only song capable of countering the "Melody of Darkness", played by Sharp, one of the Composer Brothers that Link must later face. This mysterious song has several abilities that are activated when the song is played on the Ocarina of Time.
Link learns the song from Princess Zelda in a telepathic vision he receives after obtaining the Ocarina of Time in the moat encircling the walls of Hyrule Castle Town.
They will warp either to another location or to the other of the two time periods in the game. After Link retrieves his stolen Ocarina of Time on the night of the Final Day, a flashback occurs of Link learning the song. Brawl, along with "Zelda's Lullaby", the "Sun's Song", the "Minuet of Forest", the "Bolero of Fire", the "Song of Storms", "Epona's Song", and "Saria's Song".
Since Link plays the song as a child to drain the Well of Three Features in the first place, the creation of this song is a paradox of sorts, further adding confusion as far as timelines are concerned. Also, when played in the Desert Colossus, the "Song of Storms" creates an oasis containing Fairies. Additionally, it can cure Link of the jinxing inflicted on him by Blue Bubbles, and cause planted Magic Beans to grow.

He lifts the sword from the Pedestal of Time and is sealed inside the Temple of Light within the Sacred Realm for seven years. The "Song of Time" is used to call upon the aid of the Goddess of Time, allowing Link to return to the dawn of the first of the three days he spends in Termina. A similar effect occurs when young Link plays the song near a beanstalk, which will produce three Fairies. Like in Ocarina of Time, a Big Fairy will appear when the "Song of Storms" is played in front of a Gossip Stone.
This process must be repeated continuously throughout the game, as it is required for permanently saving the player's progress and avoiding the destruction of Termina. Also, a Big Fairy will appear when Link plays the "Song of Storms" in front of a Gossip Stone, or at certain spots that Navi turns green and flies to without allowing Link to Z-target.
You will lose all "collectables" such as rupees, bombs, arrows, ect, when the song is played and you go back to day one. When Link plays the song, time is reset, erasing his progress in Termina, and also depriving him of consumable items, such as Rupees and ammo. The Song of Storms is technically not required to complete the game, though without it one can not acquire the Lens of Truth, without which it is very difficult to complete the game. However, Link will retain the rest of his items, and any Owl Statues which he has awakened will remain active, allowing Link to use them as warp points and temporary save points. You learn this song from the Goron Elder after speaking to his crying child in the Goron Shrine. The Goron Elder is frozen solid under a pile of snow in an area just outside the Goron Village. Wearing the Captain's Hat, speak to one of the three Stalchildren guarding the grave to open it.
You learn this song in the Clock Tower from the Mask Salesman as soon as you retrieve your Ocarina.

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