In a Major key, there are 3 Major triads [I IV V], 3 minor triads [ii iii vi], and 1 diminished triad [viio].
In a Major key, when chords include the 7's, the I and IV become Major 7's [IMaj7 IVMaj7], the V becomes a Dominant 7 [V7], the ii, iii, and vi become minor 7's [iim7 iiim7 vim7], & the viio becomes a minor 7 flat 5 [viim7b5 - also known as half diminished].
The vii0 triad can be written as paralling to a minor triad and that would make it a minor flat 5. We keep in mind that the voicings shown in this lesson are but one way to play any particular type of chord.
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Practice the B Flat Major barre chord by playing it, then removing your hand from the fretboard.

Once you get comfortable with those two chords, add in the 5 Open Major Chords (A, C, D, E and G) learned in previous blogs.
Randy Cole -I grew up in a small town in northwest New Jersey, and was privileged to have a mother who loved music. The ChromaCast 440 Series CC-440-VC Guitar Tuner                                       These two have good ratings also! Upper case Roman Numeral means Major, lower case means minor, and lower case with a degree sign means diminished.
We can use any beat count [4 is shown below] and any motor hand technique [strumming, fingerpicking, or arpeggio picking].
If you haven’t read those blog’s yet, I recommend that you read them before continuing with this lesson to get the full benefit. In no particular order, just play them all at random to get the feel of the shapes and to get used to switching between them. Chords are built by selecting a root and adding every other tone [see EON] until there are three tones [for triads].

Minor 7 flat 5 is also called half-diminished 7 and that is indicated as the degree sign with a slash through it. Different styles favor certain voicings, and in a way are defined by the types that are used. For your convenience, I have included the following links to some electronic tuners that are highly rated based on customer reviews. I purchased the ChromaCast 440 Series CC-440-VC Guitar Tuner shown below for my 9 year old granddaughter. The needle tells you if you are too high or too low, and the display turns green when you are right on the proper tone.

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