Move your left finger over one white note to the E while keeping your right finger on the G.
Move your left finger down one more white key to the D and your right finger up two white notes to a B. Move your left finger down one more white key to a C and your right finger up one white key to the next C. Playing Chopsticks on the piano is a simple tune in three quarter time using only a couple of fingers.
Reading piano music requires reading from left to right and recognizing the symbols that represent notes.

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About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. These two notes are to the right and left, respectively, of the first black key in a grouping of three when you're looking from left to right. You can begin from any F and G but it's most commonly played near the middle of the keyboard.
This will result in playing the D and B together, the E and A together, and ending on the F and G.

When you play the F and G together this is the first of the six times you play these notes to begin the song.
Play Chopsticks on the piano with tips from a pianist, singer and songwriter in this free video on musical tips.

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