Provides workbooks, CDs and software to learn play piano by ear in gospel contemporary jazz styles. Learn how to play piano by ear the fun way without knowing read music notes using easy learn chord shortcut instructions. In this how to video, learn to play these great 12 bar blues licks with the right hand on the piano or keyboard.
Studies show that children who have played a blues piano do well in math problems that involve fractions and ratios.A blues piano also enables people to be more organized. The pressing of key boards and using the pedals require that you to learn how to coordinate your hands and legs without overusing one.

You have to pay attention and understand which notes are supposed to be used and which ones are not.
Training your brain to remember things is the easiest way of maintaining your memory in future.
You also become innovative since you can then try out different tasks on the piano.Blues piano lessons will also make you to gain a lot of confidence and high self esteem. The learning of the piano itself will make you realize that good things do not come easy and a lot of hard work is needed to produce any substantial results.
You will therefore learn to be stronger and determined even while facing other situations in life.Many parents are always in a fix when their children cannot involve themselves in constructive activities after school.

Teaching your child learn how to play a blues piano, is a good way of incorporating a good hobby.Learning a blues piano will also make you want to show case to other people on the fruits of your hard work. This builds your self esteem when people appreciate your effort.Apart from the fact that you will learn to appreciate your skills, you will also be able to appreciate others peoples work.
There are a lot of pianists out their trying to make a living out of blues music, but few people really appreciate them.It would also be a great idea if you could take up a career in music too.

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