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Yamaha Baby Grands are affordable pianos which can fit in small rooms and still you'll have extra space. Another important note is that longer strings in a piano vibrate more accurately than the shorter ones. Only when you put a baby grand piano in a room or in an average salon can you appreciate the advantages of a grand piano.
The baby grand can not be used as a concert piano since it is much smaller, producing sound that is non effective in concert halls.
It has a special button which when pushed silences the strings, allowing only you to hear the piano when connected to headphones.

Quality - Yamaha uses different materials and different process of producing for its various models. Therefore, you may find two pianos of the same size with a significant difference in price. Refinishing - Even two pianos of the same model may have a different price due to refinishing.
Personally, I prefer paying for the quality of the internal parts of the piano, of course, it is up to you.
This Sunday, January 15th at 2pm is your chance to play the beautiful Baby Grand piano on stage at the Elkader Opera House. A 3" LCD panel above the keyboard displays animated piano keys, left and right hands, and a metronome. For complete shipping & service charges please call Customer Service at 1-800-321-1484. As one of the 12 lesson songs plays through the piano's speaker, the correct animated fingers and keys illuminate on the LCD to indicate which of the actual keys the child should play.

Aspiring musicians can customize the lessons to practice playing with one or both hands and the metronome adjusts from 16 to 400 beats per minute, allowing song tempo to be tailored to a pianist's skill level. The piano can record and play back original compositions, it has 30 demonstration songs, and can play eight different background drum beats. If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return your Hammacher Schlemmer purchase for exchange, credit, or refund.Should you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You have to push the keys harder than normal to make piano keys work, but at least its in tune! Had a few other sound FX options, both my boys (3 and 1.5 yrs) seem to love jamming out on it.

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