I have been teaching for over 30 years and am accepting a limited number of private music students. I graduated from Berklee College of Music in ‘08 receiving a Bachelors of Music in Professional Music specializing in vocal performance and music business. I just received my BM degree from Oberlin College and will continue my MM studies as a piano major student at Rice University.
At the San Marcos Music Academy,we have a passion for quality music education.Whether you're a beginner, or a seasoned professional, our highly qualified teachers can help any student achieve their musical goals. With lessons offered in a multitude of instruments, a state of the art facility near historic downtown Chandler, and convenient hours, San Marcos Music Academy is the ideal music for everyone. Kirk’s Studio for the Performing Arts was founded by Kirk Taylor, a professional musician and teacher since 1986, in 2002 and started in the living room of Kirk and Pam’s small home.
We now have nearly 40 instructors who offer private and group lessons in piano, voice, guitar and drums. Janet has been teaching music for over 30 years, beginning her teaching career as a student at The King's College in New York. The ASU Piano Prep Program offers superior piano instruction to children (elementary through high school) in a creative and highly motivating learning environment. April moved from Albuquerque, NM in 2010 to pursue a professional career in musical theatre as well as acting in film and TV. Joanna Banta currently serves as the Chorale Department Assistant and Accompanist at Valley Christian High School and teaches a full private voice and piano studio. Becky teaches students of all ages from beginner to advanced, including a number of adults. Becky taught elementary music and high school choir and drama at a local private school, where she conducted numerous musicals and plays.
Becky and her husband Danny have been involved in music ministry in various churches for over 30 years. Studied piano 16 years, age 4 through college, Cincinnati Conservatory and Ball State University.
EDUCATION: Bachelor of Music from Syracuse University, Master of Music from Yale University, major in French horn, minor in voice. EDUCATOR: Private lessons for 25 years, Elementary and Middle School music teacher for 5 years. LESSONS AVAILABLE: Private and group lessons, specializing in beginner and intermediate school-age children.
Laurie Bird has taught the joy of piano playing for over 13 years to students from age 5 through adult. Her methods accommodate a variety learning styles and attention levels with personalized curriculum and group learning opportunities. A free introductory interview will be provided to you to determine how to best accommodate your student needs. Laurie is a member of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Arizona State Music Teachers Association (ASMTA) and of the Phoenix Music Teachers Association (PMTA), which provides numerous opportunities for student performance as well as continuing training. If you've always wanted to learn to play piano, or you would like your children to learn, the best time to start is now.
I found my love for piano early in my life and enjoy the privilege of having an integral part in developing a love for music in my students as they begin or continue their musical journey. Marla Bradford has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and is a nationally certified teacher with the Music Teacher's National Association. Through private weekly piano lessons, I work with adult learners to help them achieve their musical dreams.
I teach piano lessons out of my home in the San Tan Valley area in the Pecan Creek housing community. Uncertainty can be stressful, particularly when it comes to the piano, an oasis in your life. In my case, each time after I walked out of a trial lesson, I exclaimed to myself, “This is the one!” I began planning the details of my study with the said teacher, ignoring that I was in conversations with several others. Since founding GRAND PIANO PASSION™, I have come into contact with many adult piano students who experienced childhood trauma connected with the piano, whether from a parent or teacher, so many that the number has stunned me.
As a first step in selecting your teacher, eliminate the two or three from your list that you are confident are not for you.

Once you are down to your final two or three candidates, you may find it helpful to discuss your decision with people who are close to you. At this point during my search, I became fairly obsessed with the choice between two teachers, which I discussed almost every night with my husband for a couple of weeks.
At this point, you have done all of your research, and it’s time to decide between the two or three stellar teachers who remain on your list.
In my case, I chose Mark Pakman, an adjunct professor in Montclair State University’s music department.
The first person to call is your previous teacher, so that he or she learns of your decision directly from you and not the grapevine. Welcome to my music room for beginning school-age students and adults interested in venturing into the wonderful world of music.
I currently teach at a studio 3 days a week but would love to add more lessons at my home on my off days. I’m an ambitious, talented vocalist and piano player with an ear for contemporary production.
I have taken several pedagogy classes at Oberlin and upon my graduation, I received the annually pedagogy prize.
A year later, the studio found a new home at Frank Lloyd Wright and Via Linda in Scottsdale and continued to grow rapidly. In addition, we teach most band and orchestra instruments such as violin, viola, cello, brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone, tuba) and winds (flute, clarinet, saxophone). She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and taught general music classes in the inner city of Minneapolis. Adaptive lessons are available in the studio or in the homes of exceptional learners as needed. Deserunt animi placeat voluptas tenetur ex culpa impedit illo optio aliquam recusandae, labore, laboriosam, vero repellat. There are no two students alike, so recognizing that fact and not making the process into a race, I hope to develop an appreciation and a lifelong love of music. Joanna Banta graduated from Corona del Sol High School in Tempe, and was a Regional and All-State Choir participant her freshman through senior years. She studied piano at Brigham Young University with Doug Humphreys, current Chair of the Piano Department at Eastman School of Music. I have a Bachelor of Science degree (psychology major) from Grand Canyon University and a Master of Counseling degree from Arizona State University. I have been a successful piano teacher in Arizona for almost 25 years and am former president of the Arizona Music Teachers Association.
I have recieved my BA in early childhood education and currently teach music in preschools. Just when your search for a good piano teacher has begun to feel like a taxing vigil, it is time to make a decision. As a result, you may want to charge towards a final decision simply to relieve yourself of chaos.
The better part of myself, the one I access during piano practice or yoga, had to counsel patience. If this description fits you, realize that you could be attracted to a teacher that is not right for you because the teacher’s behavior is familiar. As in the case of others, she was concerned about how I used my hands and body, although she expressed her reservations more vehemently. Often, it is easier to articulate first who does not fit with your desired characteristics.
I have an upright piano and a large living room for my vocal students to feel comfortable singing in. She continued teaching and directing various adult and children's choirs for the next 16 years while living in Brazil.
I hold annual recitals in my home for students and parents, which is always a delightful event.
April started playing the piano at the age of  8 under the tutelage of Mary Jobe and Flora Russo and won her first competition at age 12.
Experienced teacher had a large studio in Northwest Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley area and recently moved to Surprise, AZ to be near the grandchildren.

In this third of three articles in my series on how to find a good piano teacher, I describe how to zero in on the teacher that is the best fit for you. Remember that taking lessons from a handful of teachers gives you a panoramic perspective that you won’t have once you settle with one.
When I walked out of her studio, I understood that her direct, blunt style evoked a bad time from my adolescence, those years when my mother became increasingly critical of my abilities while I nonetheless was maturing into my playing.
In my case, I was able to cross off the teacher who found teaching adults “fun”—I wanted a more rigorous approach—as well as the critical soul I initially found so appealing.
If you are a perfectionist (count me in), it’s natural to fantasize that your new teacher will dissolve the issues that plague your current study. Around this time, I also hosted a small piano party for the holidays with other adult amateurs. Go ahead and review your criteria once more and any notes you have made from your trial lessons, but then I would recommend that you go with your gut.
I feel that the home environment gives students a feeling of comfort where they are open to learn and progress at a faster speed. Upon return to the USA Janet did additional coursework in early childhood education, directed a preschool that had a musical emphasis, became a licensed Kindermusik educator, and taught group piano classes. She went to district and state chorus and was also in a group that performed throughout Pennsylvania.
Styles of music studied include Classical, Pop, Jazz, Musical Theater, Contemporary Christian, Modern, etc. It is with great excitement that I am returning to teaching piano lessons with the opening of my own home-based studio, Bitzer Piano Studio. For a week following the lesson, I actually thought I would study with this teacher until I came to my senses.
Catalogue the teacher’s strengths and weaknesses; otherwise your concerns might fester and surface months later during your study. I hammed it up with a funny anecdote on the blunt teacher, yet I also found my friends’ reactions helpful. With his expectations for practice, I felt he would get me as close to a conservatory experience as possible with my limited schedule as an adult piano student. While maintaining a private studio she completed the music therapy program at Arizona State University and is a member of the National Association of Music Educators and the American Music Therapy Association. In high school at the request of her private teacher she auditioned  and became apart of the jazz ensemble called the Young Razzcals Jazz Project directed by Dave Adams and was a singer on their second cd. I have completed all 12 graded levels of the Arizona Study Program receiving outstanding performance and theory scores each year. She began teaching piano in high school taking over the younger students when her private piano instructor was unavailable as well as teaching sports at the YMCA. Banta is an active member of NATS and offers many performing opportunities for her students. I have also played keyboard and piano in multiple bands, including bands affiliated with Grand Canyon University, and was a lead pianist for my church for many years. I also have 2 recitals each year, and a monthly group lessons where we work on piano theroy and performance. Since then she has had 17 years of teaching experience with young children ages 3-13 as well as group adult classes. Banta sings in the choir at Desert Palms Church and performs regularly at local churches and retirement communities.
I have done a lot of work with the LDS church, and can teach all of the LDS hymns and Primary Songs. My students will be prepared for participation in the Arizona Study Program, though I do not require participation.

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