When you donate used clothing and household items to American Kidney Services (AKS), an Atlanta area charity, your generosity is spread throughout the entire country.
To donate used items to our charity, simply call 770-609-2200 or fill out our online form to add your name to our regular donation call list. We are always looking to provide the best service possible, please take a moment to provide your feedback below. Many people take in pets because they are undeniably cute and cuddly when they are puppies or kittens, but sad to say many people treat these animals with a lot less kindness as they grow up into adulthood.
We at Cars Helping Pets is a non profit organization relying on car donations so we can continue improving our charity services, and to keep the charity events possible.
Our programs for charity have been created, managed and has even made the whole donation processes very easy and simple. Your donate used car does not have to be in good condition for it to be donated because every vehicle can be donated in its current state, moving or not moving we will arrange a tow car to come tow your car to the charity organization’s car drop off location free of charge, and if the car is still in good condition, you can still drive the car to the charity drop off location.
If you make donate used car you should expect to receive a higher tax deduction percentage than before.
Whether you’re moving an office, getting settled into a new home, or taking goods out of storage, one thing is certain. Option two is to flatten the boxes as much as possible and pile them up in the basement or the attic.
However, from an environmental perspective reuse is better than destruction, even if recycling is involved. Free services like Craigslist are happy to take ads from people looking to give things away, or you could join your local Freecycle group. If nobody replies or you still have some boxes left over, ask a local storage & moving company if they want them. It is good to use recycled boxes for the environment as boxes are generally very strong and can be used multiple times. Waste Management of Los Angeles is teaming up with the Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA) for the ‘Bag your Shoes’ campaign happening now! The company I’ve worked for got a ton of moving boxes in their storage that probably will never be of use for them in the future.
Whether you're looking to get rid of stuff or you want to help others in need, there are so many ways to donate anything you own. Goodwill: Clothes, toys, housewares, electronics — Goodwill takes a wide variety of items as long as they are in decent condition.
Operation Give: FedEx any items you'd like to donate to Operation Give's warehouse in Utah. Dress For Success: Donate any business-apropriate clothes and shoes to your local Dress For Success location. Books For Africa: Mail in any lightly used books to Books For Africa and help end the book famine in the continent. World Computer Exchange: You can donate computers, keyboards, laptops, printers, hard drives, or software to World Computer Exchange and it will be sent to developing countries that need the equipment. The Glass Slipper Project: You can donate formal dresses, shoes, jewelry, and makeup to The Glass Slipper Project by mailing it in to its headquarters. Soles 4 Souls: Drop off any lightly worn shoes to your local Soles 4 Souls location or one of their partner locations. Pickup Please: Donate used clothes, shoes, appliances, and other items you're not using to Pickup Please by scheduling a day and time you'd like to have a pickup. Volunteers of America: If you have a car just sitting in your driveway and you no longer need it, you can donate it to Volunteers of America and the organization will pick it up for you. Planet Aid: The great thing about Planet Aid is that they take clothes in any condition, even stained or holey items.
Electronic Access Foundation: Donate any laptops, phones, tablets, computers, or monitors to the Electronic Access Foundation and they will pick up your items for you from your home.

Operation Paperback: Create an account on Operation Paperback's website and they will provide you with addresses where you can send your books. One Warm Coat: Donate a coat to those in need by using One Warm Coat's coat drive locator to find the closest place to drop off your jackets. If you're looking for a way to help out a nonprofit organization but don't have the financial means to make a monetary gift, you may want to donate used books that you no longer need to a charity that can put them to good use or sell them as a way of generating funds for programs and projects. If you have shelves filled with books that you have already read and are not likely to use in the future, there's no reason to let them sit there and gather dust.
Making this type of donation is a great way to provide support to a charitable cause that you believe in without having to incur a direct out of pocket expense. While not every nonprofit organization accepts donated books, you're sure to be able to find several agencies in your local area that will be thrilled to receive the items that you want to share. Schools: Most public and private schools will be happy to accept donations of books that are appropriate for the age and reading levels of their students. Ronald McDonald House: Ronald McDonald House's provide a place for families to stay when they are coping with the experience of having a child hospitalized far from their homes. Pediatric Hospitals: Hospitals that specialize in pediatric care may be quite happy to receive donations of children's books their young patients can read and enjoy.
Youth Groups: Church youth groups and service clubs often hold rummage sales as a way of raising money to fund mission trips and other types of activities. Charitable Thrift Shops: Many nonprofit organizations operate thrift shops as a way to fund their activities. Be sure to keep proper donation records if you hope to be able to write off the gift on your taxes. Many of the 26 million people in America who suffer from kidney disease are on dialysis, which can prevent them from holding down a job.
When you donate used car you will be supporting the ongoing effort to reduce animal suffering and cruelty as well as to create meaningful social change for animals.
You can use our online donation form to submit your information, or just call us at 1-888-990-4738. Also, there are no regulations regarding the condition that the vehicle is on or where you are located. The tax deduction benefit one gets from donating for charity is roughly proportional to the value of the donation of course. That way they will be there if or when you need them again, but take care- cardboard boxes are a magnet for damp, especially if stored in a basement.
Thick cardboard like the stuff used to make boxes usually needs to be kept separate from paper and other recyclable goods, but it certainly can be recycled and this is much better than throwing it away to end up as landfill.
If you can pass a box on to someone else to use, no energy needs to be spent making a new box from your recycled cardboard. Freecycle operates at a local level almost worldwide and aims to connect people who have things to give away with the people who want or need them.
A quick call to the manager of the nearest storage complex and all your box problems could be solved.
We have created the ultimate list of places you can donate and what kinds of items they accept. Then leave your donations outside your home and they will be taken to Vietnam Veterans of America, a support service for veterans.
These addresses go directly to American troops overseas and military families here at home. Once you are finished with a book, it can certainly be put to good use by a charitable organization.
Nonprofits that operate thrift stores, for example, are able to sell used books as a way of raising money. As with any items that you'd like to donate, it's best to make contact with representatives of the organizations you are considering and inquire about their needs.

They can utilize used books can be used to stock the library, provide supplemental reading materials for teachers and students use, or offer them for sale as a fundraising project.
They provide play areas for children who are staying in the home with their parents, so donations of books, toys and other items that can help keep things as normal as possible for the siblings of seriously ill children are greatly appreciated. Donated books and toys can provide hours of stress relief to children who have to be hospitalized. Since books are popular items, any group that is preparing for a fundraising yard sale will greatly appreciate receiving donated books to sell. Contact your local Goodwill or Salvation Army thrift shop, or other similar store, to find out of they carry books.
Be prepared to deliver the books that you want to donate to the organization yourself rather than expecting a representative to visit your home or office in person. Make a list of the books that you donate and ask for a charitable donation receipt when you deliver the items to the organization.
Your vehicle contribution will be used to help investigate animal cruelty and to enforce existing laws and advocating for stronger, more animal friendly public policies.
You donate used car will be evaluated  and set an estimative value for it, which will determine this tax reduction.
In order to make your new office or home look the way you want it to, all those messy boxes will need to go.
That’s a terrible waste, especially if you paid good money for the boxes when you were moving to storage or packing up your old home. Make sure they are placed loosely on end, with a little airing space in between, rather than left in a pile.
Use a sharp blade to cut through the tape holding the flaps closed, not through the cardboard.
If you're donating a lot of items, certain locations have pick-up services that will come and get them for you. Your items are then sold at the family stores where proceeds are used to fund their Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where those in the grip of addiction find help. However, your generosity can have a positive impact on the organization that receives the donation.
Even organizations that don't have thrift shops can raise money by selling books in rummage sales or via online fundraising auctions. Attach the list to the receipt and store it with your other tax receipts so that you and your accountant have all of the information necessary to claim the donation as a tax deduction if it is appropriate to do so. With the help of the American Kidney Fund and generous donors like you, the proceeds generated from your donations help kidney patients throughout the country meet their daily living expenses like rent and utilities. It is then sold at auction and you are provided a receipt to earn the full benefits of tax-deductible car donation.
You can save someone else from paying for boxes or taking the trouble to collect them from local stores.
This also helps make sure you won’t accidentally slice too deep and damage your belongings.
When people donate used books, the organizations can utilize available funds for other purposes. Some groups, especially libraries and schools, even hold used book sales once or twice each year. If the answer is no, ask for recommendations of other organizations that may have a need for the items.

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