A Piano House consists of two parts, representing the two instruments – violin, transparent, based on semi-transparent piano. Despite its popularity, the building is often criticized as a kind of postmodern kitsch and a typical student project, which is much more outrageous than the art and functionality. TheFabWeb is a Fabulous website, where you can find wonderful and most handsome items of internet.

With categories ranging from handsome gadgets, software, mobiles, tools or application we provide you the insight of many fabulous things. The life today is surrounded by many great things, to use internet properly and make the most out of the resources to enhance onea€™s living website can bring you the perfectness. Unusual building seeks to attract the attention of Chinese people and tourists to the new developing area, which is the most significant object.

Due to the continuous glazing (clear and tinted glass), the premises of the complex are the maximum amount of natural light.

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