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Perhaps this question arises because I am mostly friends with homeschooling, DIY moms like myself. My biggest advice, even for those who are already piano teachers, is this: different kids should use different book series.
For this reason, over the course of 9 years of teaching in over 3 major cities (LA, Dallas, and SLO), I have arrived at a short list of what I believe to be the best books for each age group. Music for Little Mozarts—┬áMost people are shocked when I say that 3 and 4 year olds can learn to play the piano!
I’ve only taught 3-4 adults over my time, and they usually have already had lessons but forgot it all. Every piano teacher has a good supplemental library for their kids, depending on their needs.
If I’ve identified that my student wants to branch out a bit in the world of jazz, this is always my first go-to book. If I am finding a classical song for one of my beginning students, I check Keith Snell’s Books first.
For the more serious students, I always go back to my trusty Bastien series that I worked on as a child.
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Lift up your heart in praise toward God while listening to or playing these wonderful hymns. Are you an adult piano beginner interested in buying the best self-teaching piano lesson books you can find?
With so many piano books out there, how do you find the best piano lesson book for yourself? You want to be able to find a piano lesson book that will be easy to understand but at the same time challenging enough to keep your interest and packed with a few popular songs….
This piano book is so great that it is almost like having a real piano teacher right beside you!

However, for the adult beginners that want to teach themselves how to play the piano, I was able to find a few good piano lesson books and decided to share them here with you….
If your goal is to learn how to master a few piano songs by yourself, for your own entertainment and as a challenge, all you will need is a few good self-teaching piano books and the will to learn! Alfred’s Teach Yourself to Play Piano: Everything You Need to Know to Start Playing Now! It also comes with an audio CD that you can listen to after you practice the lesson and compare to see if you did it right!
I use it with a few of my own piano students because it’s full of cool songs that everybody knows! The beginning of the book covers a little bit of piano theory so you can brush up your skills a little and then you will start playing the songs according to their difficulty level, starting with very simple ones. Happy buyers say that they are having a lot of fun learning the piano with this amazing book! It covers several musical styles and it’s perfect for the student to identify with his favorite one! It teaches chords for both hands so that the student can play more than single note melodies. This piano lesson starts by teaching the simplest ABC notes and slowly progresses to standard notation in a way that when the student realizes he will be playing over 40 classics, including: Greensleeves * Scarborough Fair * The Entertainer * and many more beautiful songs! It teaches you to use all the basic piano chords and to adapt them to each new song you want to learn! Once you understand how music is made up and you know a few chords, magic will start happening! Instead of paying someone to teach our kids piano, we’d rather figure out a way to do it ourselves. It moves a lot faster, but I’ve still made it work for 4 year olds and 7 year olds alike!
9 times out of 10, if the kid is just beginning piano at age 6 or 7, I put them in this book. Pre A (the one pictured) is great, but the following red book, Level A, is a terrible choice.

He has lots of different arrangements, and a series of around 40 books to choose from– everything from Early Romantic, to Baroque and Classical. I was actually able to adapt the Discovery Book to create lessons plans for a Kinder-Music class one year! The criticism it receives (both from me and other piano teachers), is that kids get too comfortable just playing in one or two hand positions. The songs are fun, the lessons are well timed, never too difficult but always engaging, and they start encouraging students to write their OWN music, using the chord progressions provided! I have made it my mission to never turn down any kid of any learning ability, regardless of their age.
But it covers all the basics in a fun engaging way, with pictures that are reminiscent of old fashioned Winnie the Pooh. They don’t view notes on the whole, and can only think of them in terms of what finger number plays them in what hand position. All of a sudden, without warning, it jumps up to some really hard stuff, like asking the kid to play in the key of E flat major! It is by far the best way to drill memorization of notes, AND it’s been around for decades.
This little book color codes all of the keys on the piano, instead of making the kid draw letters or numbers. After just a few months of piano, most kids will not feel ready for that kind of jump, and when kids get frustrated, they quit. By the end of Level One, they have graduated from using the black keys to the white keys, even mastering quarter notes and half notes.

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