A classic look on this Krakauer piano, fine vintage piano with a grand-style lid and nice tone.
We know you want a cheap used piano, but it’s not cheap if you have to keep paying more money out to fix it! The piano purchase is over after the long process to find the right sound and look for your home. A piano lamp is not only an aesthetic addition to your new instrument but it also has a health benefit. Of course, this is likely folklore and historians actually believe Bach went blind due to a botched surgery but the fact of the matter remains that straining the eyes is unhealthy. Proper lighting is required to avoid strained eyesight and even in the best lit room only a piano lamp will provide the best direct light for your music. Vintage lovers may prefer a lamp with an old world feel and decide to purchase an antique piano lamp. One consideration to make when you cannot find the right looking lamp is to instead focus on the lamp shade.

Reviewers of the Advent Task Light have commented on some aspects on the lamp that should be considered. It is well told that Johann Sebastian Bach was blind as a result of copying scores of music by moonlight.
The best piano lamp will have an adjustable arm in addition to a proper shade to direct the light precisely where you need to look. The look of an antique piano lamp may be what you are looking for but what you will need to look out for is the safety of the lamp. An antique lamp shade may be a great alternative to the antique lamp as you will not have to worry about mechanical issues.
Once in the home it becomes clear something is still missing when your overhead lighting is not enough to fully see the music.
The light itself is fluorescent which is ultra bright as well as cost saving at only 13 watts. Rather than the typical table lamp style this lamp will clamp on the music stand of the piano.

It may be wise to look into a piano lamp oil rubbed bronze finish instead so as not to worry about smudges after every use. If this is the case please take it to a lamp maker or anyone qualified to rewire your lamp to code. The glass shade must be clouded or painted glass to ensure the shade will focus the light on your music. This lamp has a shade width of 10 inches which will ensure your entire piece of music is lit. Also, be careful that your lamp is not top heavy as falling can cause harm to both your lamp and your piano. This lamp is functional for those who have more than one piano and a limited budget or for those who do not have the space to place a small pedestal lamp.

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