For a gjore det lettere for oss a utvikle enda bedre tjenester for deg, haper vi at du kan oppdatere din utdaterte nettleser.
Den andre funksjonen er Places, som gjor gjor det mulig a bruke GPS-metadata fra nye kameraer for a automatisk angi hvor bildene er tatt. Sist men ikke minst kom det stotte for publisering av bilder fra iPhoto direkte til Facebook eller Flickr. Apple har gjort det enklere a gjore presisjonsredigering i iMovie '09, ved a introdusere noe de kaller for "Precision Editor".
I tillegg til det, finnes det en rekke Artist Lessons som kan kjopes via Apples Lesson Store. Dette er sannsynligvis bare starten pa en tjeneste som vil vokse og inkludere flere instrumenter, og bli enda storre og bedre.
Far man tilsent Ilife 09 vis man kjoper i buttikk etter 6 jannuar ogsa, eller gjelder dette bare apple store? Det blir veldig spennende a se hva neste Final Cut Pro bringer, jeg skulle gjerne hatt en knapp som gikk fra dette interfacet til FCP for avansert klipping og eventuelt tilbake igjen. Fa de mest popul?re norske, svenske og danske radiokanalene inn i en egen spilleliste i iTunes. There are also Artist Lessons, costing $4.99 each to learn a song directly from the artist who wrote it. There are many ways your Mac can help you be more creative, but one of the lesser-known ones is teaching yourself a new instrument with GarageBand’s Learn to Play feature. What’s more, you can even record the songs you play along with and get feedback on what you’ve played. From the New Project window, select Learn to Play in the main sidebar to view any currently downloaded guitar or piano lessons from the selection available. From the list of downloaded lessons, select the one you want to work on (by default your only option is Intro to Guitar), and click Choose to begin.
In Learn mode, clicking on the note icon in the top- right corner brings up a list of different view options to show chords, standard notation and tabs as notes. Hitting the Mixer button brings up an audio mixer that lets you control your instrument’s volume, the tutor’s instrument and the backing band while you play. Our provides the latest breaking apple news, reviews, tutorials and downloads online and our fan page is the best place to communicate with other iCreate fans.
Certain elements of GarageBand could still do with a refresh, but the new features will thrill producers and players alike. When Apple launched GarageBand back in 2004, many assumed that its future would be as a loop-based, drag-and-drop music creation tool - it was explicitly designed for beginners and came with thousands of Apple Loops, after all. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. I tillegg til Events, som ble lansert med iPhoto '08 i fjor, har Apple na laget to nye funksjoner.
Mange savnet de mer avanserte funksjonene i iMovie HD 6, og dette har Apple na provd a gjore noe med i iMovie '09. I denne visningsmodusen kan man veldig oversiktlig og fint se og justere overgangen mellom to klipp.
For de som har sett eller brukt "SmoothCam"-effekten i Final Cut Studio 2, er ikke dette noe nytt.

Den store nyheten i GarageBand '09 er muligheten til a l?re a spille piano eller gitar ved hjelp av flotte instruksjonsvideoer og visuelle hjelpemidler.
Det er ogsa kommet en ny integrert FTP-publiseringslosning som gjor det enklere a publisere og oppdatere nettsidene dine.
Na etter a ha sett iMovie 09 sa tror jeg fort at det er et program jeg som proff bruker vil bruke pa noe av matrealet jeg lager.
There are only 20 Artist Lessons currently available, but these include songs from Sting, Rush, Ben Folds, John Legend and many other popular names.
Learn to Play is your Mac’s built-in guitar or piano tutor, complete with video tutorials, interactive diagrams and songs to play along with to help you master your instrument.
You can download further lessons for each instrument, as well as artist lessons to learn both simple and complex versions of songs that they made popular. Getting set up is easy and all you need is your Mac, GarageBand, an instrument to learn with and our great guide.
However, as the software has evolved over the past few years, it's become a go-to application not only for aspiring songwriters and other musicians who want to record themselves, but also for established artists who see it as the ideal demo-maker and scratchpad. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Votre formateur Dominique Legitimus vous guidera tout au long de cette formation pour vous faire decouvrir les fonctionnalites de ce logiciel. Den forste er Faces, som er en funksjon som gjor det mulig for iPhoto a automatisk sortere bilder basert pa ansiktsgjenkjenning. I den nye versjonen av iMovie finner vi nye avanserte funksjoner, som gjor det enklere a gjore mer noyaktig og avansert redigering. I "Preciscion Editor" kan man ogsa forskyve bilde og lyd omhverandre for a gjore overgangene bedre. Merk at den analysen bade i iMovie og Final Cut Studio gjor ved bildestablisering tar ganske lang tid, og krever ekstra harddiskplass. Ved a dra klipp over et annet, dukker det opp en meny der man kan velge mellom a erstatte klippet, gjore en "insert"-edit, bare legge til lyden, eller lage en bilde-i-bilde (PIP, Picture-In-Picture) eller "green screen"-effekt.
Det er en ganske imponerende effekt, men det er ikke alt videomateriale det fungere like godt med.
Det effekten gjor er a analysere bevegelsene i bildet, for sa a zoome og flytte pa bildet i motsatt retning av hvor kamera panorerer eller tilter.
Avhengig av hvor ustabilt bildet er, ma videoen zoomes deretter, og bildene blir av den grunn ikke like skarpe som opprinnelig. And, of course, it ships with all new Macs.For the GarageBand '11 update, Apple has continued to take the software down the 'proper musician' path, adding several features from its pro-standard Logic and some that are exclusive to what now feels even more like Logic's friendlier baby brother. You can easily repeat sections or slow down the music if you are having trouble playing at the pace of the teacher. As we shall see, the focus is on correcting bad playing and teaching you to play better in the first place. If you’re like me an not particularly good, you can save yourself the embarrassment of practicing a chord change twenty times in front of a real teacher. Time moves on First up, there's Flex Time, the technology that made its debut in Logic Pro 9. Put simply, this gives you hands-on control of the timing of audio, enabling you to grab and move waveform transients (the sharp 'peak' at the start of each note).
GarageBand '11 analyses the file for Flex Time adjustments when you make your first edit, and a button enables you to toggle between the altered and original files.

Flex Time does a great job of sorting out minor timing errors 'naturally' (particularly on monophonic parts) while also giving you a tool that can be used creatively. What's more, given that GarageBand is an application that's often used by musicians who are still honing their chops, its inclusion here makes total sense.
The new Groove Matching functionality is cut from similar time-based cloth (and also comes from Logic): it enables you to extract the groove of one track and apply it to all the others in your project. Simply choose and activate your Groove Track by hovering over its track icon and clicking the star that appears. The groove is then applied to all other parts, although you can deselect any that you don't want to be changed. You're not likely to use it on every piece of music you make, but if you want a quick way of locking a bassline and rhythm guitar part to a drum track (for example), it does the job admirably well.
The final toys to have been borrowed from Logic are the seven additional guitar amps and five new stompboxes, all of which have slick graphical interfaces and can be mixed and matched.
Although they're not officially labelled as such, the amps have been inspired by (among others) Marshall, Orange, Fender and Mesa Boogie, and they deliver the tone-shaping goods. We're sure there'll be some Mac-happy axemen who'll use GarageBand exclusively as a virtual rig. We also got good results by running other sounds (organs and electric pianos in particular) through the amps and effects. Other newbies can be found in the Learn To Play section, though there's no new functionality for lovers of Magic GarageBand.
To begin with, there are 22 new guitar and piano video lessons (these can be freely downloaded as and when you want them) that vary in style and difficulty. Following these is just as pleasurable and rewarding as it was before, and you now have the added bonus of the How Did I Play? Your pitch and timing are both analysed, and the overall quality of your recital is aggregated into a percentage score that draws your eye to the bottom of the screen.
The incentive to keep practising and upping your game is provided by a graphical record of your 'scores' for each lesson.
Based on our experiences, the system does work - you do feel compelled to have 'just one more go' and beat your best score. If you're a Mac-owning musician who wants an elegant and efficient multitrack recording solution, not only does GarageBand give you an easy entry point, it'll probably be all you need (providing you can get by without a dedicated mixer with aux sends).
In fact, this remains a great first DAW full stop, though it has to be said that its focus does now feel skewed towards those who want to record real audio and away from producers who work totally 'in the box' - ie, purely with virtual instruments, samples, etc. If Apple can make tasty guitar amps and effects, we have to ask why they can't knock out some funky synths and drum machines. Still, you can get around these limitations by using third-party plug-ins and samples, and you can't really argue with what GarageBand offers. Now listen to our audio demos to hear a few examples of GarageBand's new features:Groove Matching - Listen to a before and after example. In the after example, the drum track is the Groove Track and the piano (audio) and bass (MIDI) are locked to it.

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