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The Hermes comes hard-wired which a thick braided cable, this breaks off into two 3.5mm jacks for headset pass-through and dual USB ports, one for the keyboard operation and the other for a single USB port on the back of the keyboard, perfect for hooking up your mouse, headset or other devices without reaching behind your computer.
The Hermes features very aggressive and chunky design with an enlarged chassis that houses a full size keyboard, aswell as extra macro keys on the left side and below the spacebar. Two banks of three fully mechanical macro keys at the front are great for tapping with your thumb, each side catering to either left or right-handed players. Multimedia keys are features on the F-keys and can be accessed by holding the Fn toggle key. At the top you’ll find three symbols which are LED back-lit for the num lock, caps lock and gaming mode indicators. More dedicated gaming mode function keys, these can be configured via the downloadable software.
Extra macro keys around the arrow keys can be fully configured too, either as diagonal arrow keys or any other shortcut.
The Gamdias logo takes centre stage below the space bar and features clear plastic to allow the LED back-lighting to shine through. Even the underside of the keyboard looks awesome, with a really funky design made up of Gamdias logos.
The wrist rest is huge, a long and sweeping piece of curved plastic that not only acts as a palm rest, but also sits on top of the keyboard to protect your keyboard when not in use. Around the back of it are two strong magnets to help it snap-on to the front of the keyboard and toward the front there are three rubber feet to prevent it sliding around. As you can see, the wrist rest is the full length of the keyboard and is only a little shorter than the width.

Then when you’re done working or gaming, just pick it up and place it on top of the keyboard. The keyboard has customisable lighting effects, but for quick changes you can toggle through four brightness settings from the keyboard, a breathing effect and of course, turn them off completely. GAMDIAS is a relatively new gaming peripheral company, but they already have a huge portfolio of peripherals available.
Gamdias,  one of Taiwan’s fastest growing gaming peripherals brands,  is releasing its latest line of gaming peripherals in the Philippines. The first set of peripherals Gamdias is releasing is a pair of gaming headsets – the Hephaestus 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset and the Eros Elite Stereo Gaming Headset. Secondly,  Gamdias is also releasing three variants of its Hermes mechanical keyboards – the Hermes RGB, the Hermes 7 Color, and the Hermes Lite.
Lastly, Gamdias is releasing two new membrane gaming keyboards – the Ares 7 Color and the Ares V2 Essential.
To celebrate the launch of the new Gamdias line of keyboards and headsets, we’ll be giving away a Ares V2 Gaming Keyboard + Demeter Optical Gaming Mouse Combo right here on the blog. This means it’s a little heavy, but also feels incredibly durable with no flex to the chassis. This will help keep dust, spills and other debris from getting between the keys when not in use. The Keyboard features a red LED backlight, but the Gamdias logo at the front lights up in a stunning yellow. The new line includes two new gaming headsets, three new mechanical gaming keyboards, and two membrane gaming keyboards. The Hephaestus features 40mm drivers, LED lighting, built-in vibration, and an in-line volume and mic mute controller while the Eros Elite features 50mm drivers, a detachable & flexible microphone, and comes with an extended Y-cable with a smart remote controller and exchangeable ear pads.

The RGB variant features full-color RGB LED back lighting, the 7 Color comes with 7 Neon Color back lighting, and the Lite features single-color LED back lighting. The 7 Color features seven different back lighting options while both the 7 Color and Ares V2 comes with multimedia keys, a spill-resistant design, and anti-slip rubber feet.
To join the giveaway, just comment below which of the new Gamdias products are you most interested in and then share this article on either Facebook or Twitter.
The MX Blue switches are LED back-lit and their height is configured to prevent the key-caps from bottoming out on the chassis.
All the Hermes models come with 32-bit ARM microprocessors, Cherry MX switches, N-Key rollover, and programmable macro keys. Like the Hermes Lite, both the Ares 7 Color and Ares V2 also come with mice – purchasing the Ares 7 Color or the Ares V2 will get you an Erebos LE Optical Gaming Mouse or a Demeter Optical Gaming Mouse, respectively. We’ll randomly choose a winner on May 31, 2016 and announce it on all our social media channels. Additionally, purchasing the Hermes Lite will also get you a Gamdias Erebos Lite V2 Optical Gaming Mouse.
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out when we announce the winner and you might be the one we end up choosing.
The Hermes 7 color spectrum is small but elegant; simple yet powerful and offers enhanced durability.

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