My son asked for a new phone for Christmas, but we didn't get to go look for one until mid-January. As expected, the ringtones are terrible, which seems to be the case with all newer phones--except for one that's like the old CTU phones on "24".
About two weeks after we bought the phones, I saw mine advertised on TV for $30 less than I paid.

Bottom line, when I get my $50 rebates on both phones, my LG is free, my son's Samsung is $49. I was going to stop in at the Verizon booth at BJ's to get a credit, but I decided to call first.
The inside screen is large, bright, and much nicer to use when reading a text (or email, if you have that service) or using the 3 MP camera.

When using the camera, you can open the flip to its second position, which is basically fully open to a flat position like a book.

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