Most importantly, the hardware supports Core MIDI, so application developers don’t have to specifically support this particular accessory.
With USB MIDI support via the Camera Connection Kit, this is far from your only option even from Akai, and a dedicated keyboard and stand might be just as practical. I though they would make an APC40 with a flat recession for a horizontal iPad dock in place of the button grid, but this takes the cake. If only Korg would release the M3 software (with Karma) for the iPad and a device like this.
Obviously, if you're not a fan of the iPad, this is irrelevant, just as bassoon news will be irrelevant to you if you play the pipe organ. For that reason, this remains primarily for people who are really committed to this particular combination. I hope apple allows midi data to be transmitted to apps via wifi and bluetooth and akai takes advantage of it. CDM is an online magazine for creative technology, from music and DJing to motion and more.

CDM by Create Digital Media GmbH is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Their original SynthStation was a cute little accessory, but required playing a tiny keyboard (and iPhone-sized screen). And the keyboard doubles as a USB MIDI controller, so you could use this as a normal keyboard and dedicate the screen to, say, a fake book app to read music.
Does it begin and end it's functionality this way, or is it possible to leverage this kind of controller for other ipad music apps? Things like this do make the gearlust kick in, but then I remember itunes and the whole iDevice process, and I don't mind missing out anymore. I'm just trying to imagine what o would have thought of this 10 years ago when I got my first soft synth.
Let's assume you do have and love your iPad, and you very badly want a keyboard, *and* you want it to be from Akai. The SynthStation49 looks more serious, with nine MPC-style pads, transport controls, and dedicated pitch and mod wheels.

There’s only one caveat, really, which is that Akai notes this is awaiting Apple approval. Keeping in mind all the inspired dial and encoder empowered apps available for the iPad, this will leave some potential users a bit frustrated. Because the Camera Connection Kit from Apple has a USB dongle that allows any app with Core MIDI to work with any class-compliant USB device, any number of USB keyboards will work just as well. That could mean tilting it up for reading notation or studio use, then down again for performance. This is a truly practical and functional solution, which is refreshing, as Akai tends to be way too conservative about moving their music products into the truly relevant zone.

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