The following keyboard layouts are available in the typing lessons: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US.
This article lists a number of sites with some great typing games that are not only fun to play, but are sure to help increase your student or childs typing skills in a very short time span. Want to "Touch-Type Like a PRO?" Our new eBook is both a motivational coach, an instruction book and is packed with hot study tips.
Fixed a number of bugs in the classroom, including an update to the current lesson on a students' machine if a teacher has deleted or modified the lesson or course with this lesson; the results are properly exported to PDF on Windows 10 systems and many other minor bugs.
Typingweb has lessons for all levels: Beginner Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course and Speciality Course. If you register, Typingweb can track your progress, you can see additional content and see your name in the Hall Of Fame. I like what you'll have on this website I need lots of typing class do you know any websites that have typing help and you can sign up on it to have a profile on it if so will you be able to send it to my email address. Rapid Typing Tutor is another good typing tutor for intermediate learners who want to improve their typing in a new and interesting way.
Although Rapid Typing Tutor has a multitude of features, I would not recommend it to beginners.
I suggest outright beginners start with Kiran's Typing Tutor because of the informative lessons Kiran gives.
I have made a free online typing training application where you can enter your own texts in any language or copy a text from a website directly and it will clean it up in plain text for you.
Fast typing is a skill that is extremely useful in life, although not all children get properly trained in typing. Thankfully, these days the Internet is available, and since learning typing involves the keyboard, it lends itself well to online tools where you can learn and practice typing.
Downloading and using the free Typing Tutor application to practice typing or to learn the skill from scratch is about as easy as it could possibly be. When you first set up the free Typing Tutor application, you'll have the opportunity to configure the language - there are 20 languages available - and you can also configure your keyboard format type. In the main screen, you enter "live" typing mode the moment you start typing the letters that scroll across the screen.
However, by clicking on the clear screen format at the upper right part of the main window, you can remove all imagery and animation, and focus entirely on just typing the letters.
As an excellent resource to teach beginners how to type from scratch, the animated hands at the bottom will light up the finger that the student should use to type the currently selected letter. Few things are quite as motivating as a progress report, especially if that report shows marked improvement each time you practice typing. For experienced typists, a big part of using this application will be to test WPM (words per minute). A very interesting feedback tool is the "Characters" tab, where you can see the percentage of errors you made by character.
The most important part of learning how to type is understanding which finger to use for each letter.
If a student takes his or her time at the very beginning, they can carefully learn which correct finger to use, and then eventually graduate to taking typing tests where they can practice accuracy and speed using the correct fingers.

While the default progression of lessons is an effective way for any student to learn how to type, or how to type faster, there is also an entire embedded "lesson editor" included with this software that lets you generate your own typing lessons. Having the ability to customize lessons for particular students who may have certain strengths or weaknesses is a very powerful tool for any teacher to have at her or his disposal.
Whether you're a teacher, a student or just a typing enthusiast, the Typing Tutor by RapidTyping will dramatically help with the process of learning how to type. I have been here before and i would like to get back started on learning how to type faster.And correctly. Hi i was on lastnight and i had to cut it short because i had to get up early to go to church and i would like to start all over,on where i left off at. The course is available in several languages, and you can choose between 18 different international keyboard layouts.
If you are interested in upping your WPM (words per minute), then try one of these freeware programs. The only feature Stamina Typing Tutor doesn't possess is virtual hands, but I find this is a marginal issue because most people don't need virtual hands to type any faster then they normally do. I especially liked the colorful theme because I am a strong believer in the link between color and memory comprehension.
There is no instruction on how to type other then watching the moving hands, and the interface is largely confusing. The introductory lessons do a wonderful job teaching proper habits, techniques, and posture to use whilst typing for optimum productivity.
When you have finished typing a set of letters or words, the screen changes, making it hard to type at a constant speed. Virtual keyboard with moving hands,progress tracking, and the capability for you to make your own lessons. Registered members can contact the editor with any comments or questions they might have by clicking here.
You can also set up custom time and view comprehensive statistic typing info, quite detailed. While many schools often try to offer typing to some degree, usually funding and resource limitations either limit or prevent typing classes. One of the best free tools available for children and adults to learn how to type is the Typing Tutor offered by the Rapid Typing Zone.
With the many types of keyboards out there, and the fact that the application actually displays how to place your keys on the keyboard, this feature is important.
The software is intelligent enough to automatically pause the scrolling letters (and the timer) when you stop typing for more than a few seconds. This is a good idea for when you're teaching beginner typists, because fewer distractions allow them to focus on learning proper finger placement and building up accuracy. From the moment you start typing, you know what the screen symbols mean and how the application works.
The report section of the Typing Tutor shows average speed in characters per minute, accuracy, arrhythmic, and an overall average at the very top - from "beginner" to "perfect." At the bottom you will find a printout of your test and the characters that you typed wrong highlighted in red.
Clicking on the "Progress" tab in the results section shows you three performance indicators - WPM, accuracy and the duration of the session.

Following those rules allows for greater speed and a dramatic increase in words-per-minute.
Students will enjoy using the software, and they will gain immediate and notable improvement simply from using the software on a regular basis. You will definitely notice the difference if you have used other typing tutors with side scroll.
I would recommend Stamina Typing Tutor as the best typing program for users who already have some basic typing skills.
However, it is a great program for people who have memorized where most of the keys are and just want to become more proficient in their typing skills. Kiran also teaches you a variety of different hand exercises and stretches to perform before a rigorous typing session. As the words scroll across the screen, if you make a mistake, the letter that you typed wrong gets highlighted in red.
This particular feature is very useful because it can help you determine if a typing student is having a problem with a specific character. The reason the Typing Tutor is such effective teaching software is because it displays the virtual keyboard and hands at the bottom of the screen, and for each letter, it teaches the student which finger to use. You have the option to choose from a variety of premade lessons, or you can build your course of lessons upon typing sessions that you build yourself from scratch in the "Text" window to the right.
These days, when there are so few free resources available for teachers, RapidTyping saves the day with a powerful typing application that no typing teacher should be without. Some of my favorites are "oye!","uh-oh" and, "I'll be back" (from The Terminator) when you exit the program. Stamina also has a fair lesson layout including the basics, digits, symbols, phrases and a few more. The songs play on a playlist, so you can pick and choose which songs you want to play including any songs you might have in the mp3 format. This particular feature could be good or bad - bad because the animations could prove distracting, but good because it also teaches the child how to focus and avoid such distractions. By focusing on helping the child thoroughly learn how to type that character and test over and over - you can effectively fine-tune typing skills. Disabled the possibility to work with a virtual keyboard using a mouse on systems without a touch-sensitive display. If you don't like any of the default lessons, you can make your own using the built-in lesson editor. Fixed minor bugs, including course renaming with a double click, changing the width of the student list window, etc.

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