In aiding to achieve each student’s goals, lessons are taught from well-known piano method books, which are supplemented with other materials by our teachers.
Progressive Music Center® piano instructor Jay Street has been teaching at Progressive Music Center® for over 10 years, followed by long term teachers Jill Taylor (3+ years), Gina Adams (3+ years), Kenni Hairston (2+ years) followed by our newest staff member Joey Pilot at two years. Our group piano classes are poplar as well and we work with small groups building techniques and music mechanics. We work with students both in our physical studio locations and online through our Video Lesson Correspondence courses, so we make it easy, affordable and accessible for anyone to learn piano.
For further information on our piano programs, available lesson times and teacher schedules, please contact our studios.
These exciting week-long Summer and Track Out Music Camps are held for a full week here at our location (Monday thru Friday from 9am to 3pm). We offer New and Like-New brand name School Band and Orchestra Instrument Rentals for all your Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and Stringed Instrument rental needs. STUDENT RECITAL CONCERTS are held Quarterly, so students have an opportunity to perform for their family and friends, if they desire. Saturday, Sep 12th from 12-2pm- the FICTION Band will be performing at Panic Point for the Raleigh 5k MudRun fundraiser event.
Falls River Music offers fun Private and Group Guitar Lessons for the complete beginner to intermediate and advanced students- for kids ages 6 and up, teens, and adults of all ages. Guitar Lesson appointments are available Monday thru Saturday with morning, afternoon and evening times available. We offer Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons, with a focus on a wide variety of styles to fit your preference: Blues Guitar Lessons, Rock Guitar Lessons, Christian Worship Guitar, Jazz Guitar Lessons, Guitar Lessons designed for kids and smaller children, Folk Guitar Lessons, Music Theory, Sight Reading and more. If you do not already have a suitable instrument, Falls River Music offers a variety of quality, affordable student Acoustic Guitars for rental or purchase. We also sell all the necessary accessories and instruction books you will need to properly care for and use your instrument, and we offer professional repair and restringing services as well! We have many patient, professional Guitar Teachers on staff, all with extensive experience playing music professionally and teaching students of all ages and experience levels. We also offer private Music Lessons for Bass Guitar, Ukulele (Uke), Drums and Percussion, Voice, Violin, Trumpet and Brass, Flute and more. Falls River Music is proud to offer quality name-brand Music Instruments for rent and purchase.
We serve the entire North Carolina Triangle area, and instruments can be rented at our Store or Online, right from this Page (below). We offer quality music instrument rentals from such popular brands as Bach, Selmer, Yamaha, Jupiter, Conn, Suzuki, King, Emerson, Scherl & Roth, Gemeinhardt, Ludwig and many more.
All instrument rentals include full insurance to cover loss, theft, damage and any repairs and service needed. Our simple one-page paperwork gets you out the door quickly with your new instrument, with no credit check or deposit generally needed. Our quality name-brand band and orchestra instruments are offered at highly competitive rates, usually for less than other providers in the area. Falls River Music also offers an excellent selection of all the accessory items and instructional books you will need with your instrument. Falls River Music is now offering Woodwind Lessons, including Saxophone (Sax) Lessons, Clarinet Lessons, Flute Lessons, and all other Woodwind instruments… including Oboe Lessons and more!

We also Rent all School Band instruments, so if you need to rent a Sax, Clarinet or other Woodwind we can provide a quality name-brand student Instrument for your studies, at a very reasonable cost. While our group guitar classes are an excellent way to get started learning how to play guitar in a relaxed, fun environment, our private guitar lessons offer tailored curriculum’s for all ages that are custom designed for the beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar student.
We have only long term, background checked teachers in our studios that understand today’s requirements for the modern music student. For students that can not read standard notation our staff begins simple reading exercises using books such as the Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1 and theory and progression books by Musicians Institute. Guitar students will also learn ear training by using their favorite songs from CD and recreating the songs on the guitar by ear. For further information on our private lesson guitar programs, available lesson times and teacher schedules, please contact our studio. Like all of our lessons, our piano and keyboard programs are tailored to the needs and goals of the individual student and offered year around so students may begin lessons in any of our locations at any time, or online through our Video Lesson Correspondence courses.
This material coincides with each lesson and serves as building blocks to the next stage in further understanding, knowledge and practice in building new skills. We guarantee results and we have confidence that students will realize improved performance levels in their playing abilities. From someone who managed a restaurant for years and owned my own small business for years and always strived for great customer service I appreciate the way you run your business! He is now a music major at UNC and is the drummer for They Were Heroes (check MySpace for his recordings) and endorsed by SJC and TRX. Please fill out the email Form at the link below, and we will contact you for a Free Trial Lesson appointment that fits your schedule.
Kids get to form a Band- learning to jam, record, write and perform music as a Group all week- then perform a Concert for family and friends at the end of the week… Sign up now !
Very competitive rental rates, superior quality instruments, and exceptional customer service is what our Rental program is all about! These Concerts are held at Lifepointe Church (right down the street from our Store)- using their awesome stage, lights and PA to give the students a real Concert experience! Full Drum set, bass and guitar Amps, PA and lights all on stage… Audio recordings of your performance may be purchased as well. We have students from all over the North Carolina triangle area, from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest and more. These Group classes are for complete beginners to learn the fundamentals of the instrument and easy contemporary and classic songs. Our private Guitar Lessons are adaptable to your learning style and music preferences to offer a unique and enjoyable experience.
These instruments have been selected by us specifically for their quality and value, and are an excellent choice for the beginner student. Our Guitar Instructors average over 20 years experience playing and teaching their instrument professionally, and many possess advanced music degrees and extensive touring and studio experience.
We rent and sell all brass, woodwind and string instruments as well (please see our Band Rentals page). We have an excellent selection available for all who need to rent instruments- including Trumpets, Trombones, French Horns, Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Percussion, Violins, Violas, Cellos and more. For just a few dollars a month, this protection offers peace of mind and assurance that the unexpected is always covered.

All costs, values and payments are clearly outlined and explained, and payments can either be automatically deducted from your credit card each month for convenience, or a bill can be sent to you monthly for check or credit card payment. Many instruments have rental fees of less than $25 a month, and you can expect excellent customer service and quick turnarounds on any repairs or service needed.
We have the Instruction and Method Books required by the local schools, and a host of quality accessories- including reeds, valve oil, instrument care kits, bow rosin, ligatures, mouthpieces, tuners and metronomes, music stands and more.
We are a Fender Certified teaching program and we use the latest technology in equipment and teaching methods, making our lessons one of the country’s most recognized industry leaders in music lesson innovation. Most important, our teachers love playing and teaching music. Long term guitar instructor Adam Sturt has been teaching guitar and bass lessons at Progressive Music Center® for over 13 years while instructor Jay Street has been teaching guitar, piano and saxophone lessons with us for well over 10 years and Andrew Davis has been teaching guitar and bass lessons at Progressive for over 7 years. Students will learn to recognize pitch and tone, which will branch into chord theory while learning basic open chord forms and power chords. Hereto, there are no audition requirements to enroll, or any preliminary study needed, however we do ask that children who have not begun school please have a trial lesson with the piano teacher prior to beginning regular lessons.
Intermediate and advanced students will build upon these basic skills while also determining which style of music they would most like to play.
We also host exciting Student Jam Sessions and Recital Concerts to use your new skills…hosted right on our in-store Stage!
Guitar Rentals are for a 6-month period, and all monthly rent payments can be applied toward purchase if you desire. All have a passion for teaching and playing music as their career- and a nurturing patient attitude, professionalism and attentiveness to their student’s progress is always the top priority.
All used musical instruments have been inspected and serviced as needed to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Rental fees are also applied toward purchase, so you build equity in the instrument over time. Our staff of experienced, degreed guitar and bass instructors also includes Kevin Wing (teaching at Progressive for 5 years), Matt Grady (teaching at Progressive for 3 years) and Chris Haymer (teaching at Progressive for 2 years).
For information on finding the right guitar teacher and asking the right questions of your potential teacher to meet your needs please click here. We have ? size, ? size and full size Acoustic Guitars with both nylon and steel strings available, to find the right fit for each student.
This equity can often be transferred to another instrument, should you change instrument types, upgrade or change sizes in the future. This will be demonstrated by using chord progressions (chord progressions are chords put in a musical sequence which makes learning chords a lot more fun).
The more advanced students learn improvisation which gives them the understanding to play lead guitar over chord progressions plus phrasing with melodic voice leading.
He has even worked with us to help make her lesson time with him a fine arts credit through the homeschooling we do with her.

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