Apptimistic is the only musical instrument distributor and retailer in Singapore that brings Music and Technology together. Yamaha is a popular brand that has dominated the electronic piano keyboard and piano world is the legend from Japan, Yamaha. The demand for digital pianos is increasing greatly, and thanks to technology improvements pianos are becoming more amazing. All the keys are heavy with more sensor points to give you the excellent touch and feel good experience. A Roland digital piano is versatile and offers you a wide range of functions including: recording a minimum of one track with the internal memory storing up to 10 tracks and over 30,000 notes. All the Roland models are portable, designed to cater for your space needs in case is a constraining factor.
These pianos come in different models with the same overall basic features with a slight difference in the appearance such as color. In conclusion, if you are a student, you love pianos or you are a professional in Singapore, Roland digital pianos are the way to go. It is a great supplemental instrument which will get the user some really smooth, genuine voices.

There are various brands of electronic keyboards, but among the best is the Roland digital piano especially in Singapore. With the 5 levels of sampling and various note polyphony, no matter how subjective you are the sound is great. They are made with nice covers and well-polished materials that are easy to clean and dust off.
These caters for the different tastes and preferences, because you can’t buy what you don’t like. As you can see, they rate very highly in all aspects from quality sound, to brilliant design and build, to the additional functions, we recommend them. Yamaha keyboards come with built-in USB connectivity and flash storage and are typically found on really expensive synthesizers and keyboards. In addition to the basic features of all digital pianos, it gives you value for your money by considering some of most important aspects for top performance and luxury. The powerful amplifier and large speakers add to the great sound even when volumes are set to very low. Apart from the basic MIDI port it comes with a cheaper, convenient USB port that enables you to connect more peripheral devices such as computers and iPads.

Yamaha keyboards offer built-in authentic voices which are extremely useful for professional musical work. Buy yours for a firsthand experience and the amazing benefits of these great digital pianos. They also come with the ability to bend pitch and different preset levels of touch-sensitivity. Many famous musicians are known to endorse Yamaha products because of their specially optimised and unique features. The keyboards also come with special easy to learn playing program enabling beginners to learn the basics.

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