The SP4-7 Stage Piano delivers world-class sound quality with 128 programs migrated directly from Kurzweil PC3 sounds, including acclaimed famous Triple Strike Grand Piano, classic electric pianos, lush strings and orchestral instruments, along with top notch basses, guitars, winds, brass, percussion and drums. The Kurzweil SP4-7 nonetheless is surprisingly compact, lightweight and affordable, despite features 76-key and no compromises were made with regards to sounds quality.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Yamaha is a popular brand that has dominated the electronic piano keyboard and piano world is the legend from Japan, Yamaha.
The SP4-7 features 76-key Semi-weighted keyboard, LCD display, 64 voice Polyphony, 16 parts Multi-timbral, 128 preset Programs, 128 factory setups, Timbre knob, Effects, Pitch and Modulation wheels. Weight merely 24 lbs, the portable keyboard is ideal for musicians and gigging pianists who need portability.

It is a great supplemental instrument which will get the user some really smooth, genuine voices. Like create splits and layers with the touch of a button; select presets and setups from easy to access category and program buttons, and quickly control effects parameters using the Timbre knob, so musicians can customize sound without having to dive into menus and the menu-shy can customize their sound with ease.
Yamaha keyboards come with built-in USB connectivity and flash storage and are typically found on really expensive synthesizers and keyboards. The 16-part Multi-timbral architecture makes the Kurzweil SP4-7 a powerful tool for writing and recording music in conjunction with an external sequencer or Desktop Audio Workstation. Yamaha keyboards offer built-in authentic voices which are extremely useful for professional musical work. They also come with the ability to bend pitch and different preset levels of touch-sensitivity.

Many famous musicians are known to endorse Yamaha products because of their specially optimised and unique features.
The keyboards also come with special easy to learn playing program enabling beginners to learn the basics.

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