Grantham Piano Services offer a wide range of new, second-hand and refurbished pianos, in either upright, grand or baby grand sizes catering for almost any requirement and budget.
The list has been arranged to give you a flavour of what is available in each of the typical price ranges that we are asked for.
Bentley Upright - A small modern upright piano in very good overall condition in a mahogany casework. Karl Lange Upright - This piano is a 6 octave overstrung iron framed piano dating from the 1960's. Wilh Steinmann Upright - A modern upright piano dating from the 1980's in a light mahogany casework. Bechstein Upright - A black ebonised cased, overstrung, iron framed Bechstein dating from the 1920's.
Earl Windsor Upright - A quality Japanese piano built in the 1980's in a high gloss black casework with a bright tone. Steinmayer Upright - This is a new piano of Chinese manufacture, boasting a very nice casework in crown cut mahogany veneers.
Bechstein Upright - A beautiful piano in a stunning burr walnut casework currently undergoing major restoration work.
Kawai Upright - This is a pre owned 125cm upright piano in superb condition inside and out.
Kawai Upright - A very attractive quality upright in a high gloss mahogany case, standing at 131cms high.
Kawai K-15E Upright - A lovely little piano with a large mellow sound and the build quality that goes with this world respected piano company. Knight Upright - A modern upright high quality piano built in the early 2000's, one of the last Knight pianos built with a German Renner action fitted. Steinhoven 128cm - A very large but atractive Chinese upright with some nice detailing on the front. Kawai K-300 Upright - This the next step up in Kawai's impressive 'K' series of upright pianos.

We can supply everything from beginner level uprights through to large grands, so if you do not see something that suits you on the list then contact us to see what else we can offer you. We quite often have pianos of this type for sale, often taken in part exchange and being sold for very reasonable prices, please ring for more information and current stock.
Comes with many rolls, some are brand new QRS rolls from America and some older traditional rolls, these pianos are getting rarer to find in working order so a good chance to own a piece of working history. This is a small piano in very good internal condition built in the 1980's which would make an ideal starter piano or for someone upgrading from their first piano. Excellent quality piano, very well built with a typically warm, rich tone that these pianos were so well known for.
This piano would suit an improver or higher grade pianist who needs a piano with small height without sacrificing tonal quality. This piano is in a traditional style mahogany casework with a very nice tone and it dates from the 1920's. This piano is in excellent condition inside and out, it would make an ideal piano for an improver and has had an overhaul of its action carried out to ensure many years of trouble free service.
It is a small piano in height and width being an 85 note instrument, but still having a nice rounded tone.
I like this piano, it is quite unusual in its casework, almost bureau like, with a very nice quiet, mellow tone, really nice for light classics and romantic era music. In excellent order throughout, this piano would grace any home.The piano was manufactured in the 1980's. This is a pre owned piano imported from Japan, not as well known as Yamaha and Kawai, these pianos are high quality without premium prices. Not as popular as the other large Yamaha models standing at 125cms high although this is probably due to the U2's rarity rather than anything else. This pianos stands at 121cm high so has a deeper and richer sound than its smaller brother. Superb responsiveness comes from the Millennium 3 action which has just the right combination of weight, speed and feel..

Occassionally we get asked for a white upright and we have this superb one in the shape of the best selling Yamaha U1.
This piano has lots of power, a superb controllable touch and a beautiful mellow tone that would keep even the most discerning pianists happy for many a year.
Millenium 3 action, soft fall mechanism, Neotex key coverings, mahogany hammer mouldings, agraffes throughout all add up to a superb upright. In an immaculate black high gloss polyester casework, this piano has a superb touch and tone and is a third of the price of a new one! The whole piano has been stripped and refinished in a modern satin finish and the internal condition is very good.
A good size to get some serious tone from the piano, nice dynamics and fulsome bass complete the picture on a good value package. Manufactured in the 1990's this piano will provide years of rugged, high quality piano playing. The sound from its diminutive proportions are really excellent especially in the crucial middle area.
With it's resonant tone and classic good looks, the GM-10 will be an impressive addition to any home'.We can't argue with that! All the K series pianos feature a solid Sitka spruce sounndboard giving a much more superior tone to the laminated soundboards fitted to lesser instruments.
The photo shown here is of the piano in an unrestored state, but soon it will be going through the workshops to be totally rebuilt to its former glory.
Come and have a try and see why we make such a fuss over these pianos.It is available in a variety of finishes. No part of this piano will remain untouched in the restoration, if you are quick you could even decide what shade of mahogany you would like!

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