With over 100 years of experience in the music industry, Yamaha has invented one of their best digital pianos to date, the Yamaha YDPS31 Arius. Yamaha instruments have always offered the key elements that are critical to satisfying customers needs. Since the invention of the digital piano by Yamaha in 1984, this remarkable instrument has found its way into the hearts of musicians everywhere.
With over 100 years of experience in the music industry, Yamaha has invented one of their best digital pianos to date.
The Yamaha YDPS31 has 88 keys, 64-note polyphony, six voice selection, and a favorite feature of Yamaha fans everywhere, the advanced wave memory stereo sampling.
Kawai Digital Pianos are the leader in their field and are offer exceptional quality piano sound and touch.
At Graves Piano & Organ, we only represent the finest brands of Digital Pianos and Electronic Keyboards in the world. Digital Upright Pianos – combine Roland’s high-quality piano sounds with n 88-note stereo sampled grand piano with Ivory Feel keyboard  that’s a festive centerpiece for family fun. Harpsichord – From solo performance to ensemble playing, the C-30 provides the perfect sound and touch for baroque music. Multi-Piano Conferencing  – Roland represents the next generation in music-conferencing systems. You can check the details in a piano blue book or the website where you will be able to get small pianos such as baby pianos or pianos from different parts of the world.
Yamaha upright pianos are preferred by many institutions for learning due to their durability.
The new range of Roland digital pianos feature authentic grand piano touch from the new PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard technology, which combines the appearance and feel of wood with the durability of modern materials. Having worked on the cutting edge of digital piano design for decades Roland have slowly perfect the art and craft of delivering realistic sound, proper feel and convenient features for performance and practice.
While they're packed with advanced technology, these new home pianos are reassuringly traditional when it comes to style. This new range is Roland's finest yet, with even more naturalistic sounds, and the feel of an acoustic piano. The design also extends to the sound; the front board can be opened to give even more tonal variation, as well as offering a better viewing angle for your music scores. All the pianos feature Roland's SuperNATURAL Piano Modelling for a Rich, Living Piano Sound. The unique modelling process spans the entire sound creation process of a typical piano including the combination of notes played, their resonance and the way in which the piano’s many elements interact with each other. TheHP605 is a premium digital  home piano that will put the rich and deep sound of a true acoustic grand piano in your home! Since 1972, Roland has worked to create the ultimate piano experience, and our new HP pianos are among the most exciting yet. Since 1972, Roland has worked to create the ultimate piano experience, and our new HP pianos are among the most exciting yet. Please note, 95% of orders are sent using our tracked next day service, on occasion we will send using royal mail on a 2-3 day service.

We have temporarily suspended processing of EUR payments, all orders will be charged in GBP. Unlike acoustic pianos which have strings that need to be tuned at regular intervals, the sound of a digital piano will not change over time. The Yamaha YDPS31 Arius Personal Digital Piano combines superior craftsmanship with affordability and originality. This piano also features a built in metronome and song recorder which makes it excellent for practicing or composing. You’ll find the newest models and the latest technology in stock from a digital upright piano to digital grand pianos.
Enjoy the best of both worlds — a new-generation digital harpsichord with authentic sound and touch, excellent playability, and soul-stirring expression. This  communication solution is perfect for group piano teaching or music ensemble instruction It’s both intuitive and easy-to-use.
Based in Columbus, Ohio our company stocks over 300 new and used pianos for sale including restored and rebuilt Steinway pianos, antique pianos and used German pianos including Bechstein and Bosendorfer. It has about five manufacturing industries around the globe which enable them to be widely distributed around the world. Winter pianos are dissembled in weather controlled conditions such that their quality is not compromised.
Their latest generation all have the stunning SuperNatural sound engine on board as well as Bluetooth connectivity that lets you use an iPad for score reading and practice playback. Combining classic lines with a space-saving compact upright cabinet, in different premium finishes. The result is a rich, complex sound – complete with overtones – that actually changes in response to the way you play; something impossible to achieve when a piano uses samples. The fact that digital pianos are capable of tone retention makes them a low maintenance instrument. Weight graduations in the keys simulate those of an acoustic grand piano–heavy in the lower register and lighter for the keys at the higher end.
The Yamaha YDPS31 Arius Personal Digital Piano has a sleek design and a soft shut key cover, so it is ideal for use in a piano lab. Kawai Digital Pianos have an excellent reputation and are chosen by international artists including, Matthew Bellamy (Muse), Don Airey (Deep Purple) and Neil Sutton (The Human League). Never delivered in boxes or left on your doorstep and we’re always available to answer any questions. Every instrument sold includes a nationwide parts & labor warranty and lifetime full trade-up program. Call 614-847-4322 Now! It is marketed, distributed and sold by many piano company outlets and re-branded as Gulbrasen pianos, Hamilton pianos founded in Chicago, sohmer pianos, Brambach and Howard pianos. You might not be in the UK so it is important for you to check the rates in your country since taxes, dealers and shipping is different in different countries such as India, China, Germany, UK and USA. The LX-17 is the most prestigious model with a that is nigh indistinguishable from a full concert grand, all other models take features that offer similar quality at a range of price points, suitable for commited pianists and musicians who love the sound of a true piano.
Once your piano is home, you don’t even need to press the power button to get started – just open the lid and start playing, making it even more like a real piano!

It’s the difference between just listening back to a recording or actually being there yourself. However, due to electronic memory becoming more advanced and cost effective in recent years, the sound has never been more similar to that of an acoustic piano.
Always a favorite of students and composers, Yamaha raises the bar with the YDPS31, and this model is sure to continue to delight musicians around the world, and help them to achieve their creative and artistic goals. Yamaha was originally situated at northern china but due to its wide production it has spread to all language speaking countries. Think of Yamaha upright pianos since the designs are made to bring out the true essence of music. But a SuperNATURAL Piano works differently, using the latest modelling technology to recreate, rather than replay, the sound.
This makes a digital piano the perfect combination of modern technology and quality of sound. In addition, each key on the Yamaha YDPS31 is made up of multiple recordings of an acoustic grand piano, which gives the musician invaluable control over the piano’s sound, and the level of emotion that can be expressed when different styles of playing are executed. This sound engine provides seamless dynamics for a remarkably expressive and powerful performance.
The capacity of the installed memory has been largely expanded to allow longer samples and enhanced waveform data quality, while the Lossless Audio Compression technology allows reproduction of the original piano sample without deterioration of the original sound quality.
Fine nuances such as the length of note reverberation and tonal colour are controlled by the player’s touch – just as on an acoustic piano.String ResonanceThe sound produced by an acoustic piano is not only the sound associated with the individual keys that are struck.
Other strings with frequencies closely associated with those producing the sounds will resonate as well, adding to the overall sound and giving the music a uniquely rich resonance.
The new AiR sound source reproduces this resonance naturally through the use of a stereo resonance simulator for all 88 keys.
The resonance created from using the damper pedal is also reproduced naturally across all 88 keys. A continuously variable damper system reproduces even the subtle changes in reverberation that occur in response to delicate pressure changes applied to the damper pedal.
The Lid Simulator reproduces the acoustic effects of opening and closing the lid with fine detail. The system uses three sensors that detect the keystroke sequentially, which also enables a sound to be produced repeatedly, even when the key has not fully returned to its resting position. In other words, the new NP-V60 and NP-V80 are portable digital pianos that don’t skimp on features or, most importantly, the sound and feel of a real acoustic piano.
You will decide whether those extra 12 notes (essentially an octave) are important.Equally worth considering, if the feel is of great importance, is that Yamaha has employed its Graded Soft Touch system here, rather than the more authentic Graded Hammer Effect found on many of its other digital pianos. For some playing styles, this may be fine, but even 64-note polyphony comes unstuck on more complex, sustained passages of music.

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