If you’re thinking about buying a piano, you might wonder which to buy: grand vs upright, acoustic vs digital, or digital vs hybrid pianos. Digital pianos debuted more than 30 years ago, as a more portable and affordable piano option.
Besides offering exquisite piano tones, digital pianos can also recreate the sounds of brass, guitars, pipe organs, woodwinds and many other musical instruments. Hybrids have recently been introduced as a blend of acoustic sound quality with lighter weight, smaller size and electronic offerings of a digital piano. Yet, the CS10 remains lightweight and does not need to be tuned, much like a digital piano.
So, hybrids might have more wooden parts to mimic an acoustic grand piano and may offer more traditional looking cabinetry than digital pianos. However, it’s always best to play the pianos in person so you can choose the piano that feels and sounds best to you, or whoever will be playing it. Hybrid pianos have recently begun to penetrate the market, so you will find fewer of them in stores.
The staff at Lacefield Music will help you find the perfect piano for you, and will make sure you enjoy it with free group lessons for life!
About Lacefield MusicLacefield Music was founded with the sole purpose of helping people reach their dream of playing piano. Yamaha Clavinova CLP-585 Digital Piano - Superb sound and playability with a classic upright design. Real Grand Expression: sound, touch and pedals, all perfectly integrated to give you the sensation of playing a grand piano. With Clavinova, you can enjoy the exquisite beauty of the sought-after tone that the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial deliver. This phenomena is reproduced perfectly in the Clavinova through Virtual Resonance Modelling (VRM), which calculates the various states of the strings for each of the 88 notes on the keyboard from one instant to the next, allowing vivid, richly-varied expression that reflects the limitless number of factors inherent in playing the piano such as which keys are pressed, the strength with which the keys are played and pedal timing. A pianist changes the volume and dynamics of the sound by varying the pressure applied to the keys. Featuring Yamaha's Smooth Release technology, Clavinova recreates the crisp tone heard when playing staccato as well as the lingering sound produced by releasing the keys slowly. Powerful polyphony ensures that more complex passages of music can be played without notes cutting off. Natural Wood X (NWX) keyboards are created using Yamaha's unrivalled expertise of wood acquired through more than a century of crafting fine pianos. The NWX keyboards also feature features an escapement mechanism that reproduces a slight clicking sensation near the bottom of the key travel.
Synthetic Ivory key tops reproduce the tactile surface of the Ivory keyboards once used in acoustic pianos.

Counterweights are embedded in the keys of a grand piano to balance the weight of the hammers and offer more precise control when playing delicately at low volumes. This action faithfully reproduces the subtle differences in the weight and return of every key. The GP Response Damper Pedal offers a grand piano-style resistance curve, starting out light to the touch and growing heavier as the pedal is depressed further. The sound of a Clavinova is calibrated in fine detail, with speaker positioning and body materials checked to ensure that the entire instrument resonates optimally.
Dedicated speakers for the bass, mid and treble registers deliver dynamic, inspiring sound.
The body of the Clavinova contains Acoustic Optimizers that regulate the flow of sound and control tone. An easy-to-read LCD and intuitive layout enable simple operation of your Clavinova, giving you more time to focus on playing. Features exercises for building piano technique from Hanon, Bayer, Czerny and Burgmüller.
The recording function featured in Clavinova digital pianos allows you to record your performances with a single touch, which is useful when you want to review or archive your playing. Record performances to USB flash memory and create audio files (WAV format) you can save and play back on a computer or portable audio device, share with friends or use to create a CD. In addition to pianos, the Clavinova CLP Series boasts an impressive library of additional voices including electric pianos, strings and organs. A new reverb system allows to you experience the sensation of playing in a large concert hall, cathedral or other venue, adding depth and atmosphere to the sound.
The ability to adjust performance volume is extremely useful at home where players may not always be able to play at high volume levels. Unique to Yamaha, the Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spacing of the sound and the separation from the piano when listening via the headphones, resulting in a spacious sound image that will inspire you to play for hours at a time. With advances in technology, many high quality digital pianos today closely mimic the rich tones created by an acoustic piano, thanks to detailed sampling.
So the biggest determining factor between a digital vs hybrid piano may come down to your attachment to an acoustic version.
It is the key components of the sound, the touch and the pedals, together with the application of technology developed through a history of acoustic piano manufacturing. These renowned pianos are characterised by distinctive traits such as power, versatility, subtlety, lightness and mellowness.
Tuned to perfection by a highly experienced piano technician with the sound from each key sampled individually, Clavinova truly captures the unique tonal character of each of these outstanding instruments. A Clavinova responds perfectly to give the player an outstanding level of performance control.

Key-off samples feature actual recordings of these changes, offering a faithful reproduction of the most subtle nuances in the piano’s tone, creating a more realistic overall sound. It has been designed in such a way that the click is discernible only on the lightest keystrokes, similar to the keyboard of a grand piano. It features highly absorbent material that prevents fingers from slipping even after hours of performing, while retaining the ideal texture and feel. The Clavinova features carefully-adjusted counterweights for improved playability when playing pianissimo and better key return in rapid passages. No two keys are exactly alike which gives the player the best possible feel and response from the instrument. To create a sound field that is very close to that of a grand piano, the Clavinova features tone escapements in several locations throughout the body that allow the sound from the speakers to be projected to the listener without being trapped inside the instrument. A new technology developed from Yamaha's intimate knowledge of the acoustic properties of musical instruments, Acoustic Optimizers deliver a natural, smooth sound across the entire keyboard. You can record up to 16 tracks for simultaneous playback, so that each hand can be recorded separately or parts recorded using different sounds. Now you can experience concert hall ambience and spaciousness in the privacy of your own home. Se pretende ver este artigo em Portugues contacte-nos que nos traduzimos.Piaggero provides go-anywhere portability and style while also delivering the authentic feel of an acoustic piano and Yamaha's legendary sound quality.
In fact, made with wooden keyboards and individual weights, Kawai digital pianos are world renown for their authentic touch and tone that closely resemble a Kawai grand piano.
With Real Grand Expression, these elements are combined perfectly into a single instrument, creating the exact sound you want through the touch of the keys and the feel of the pedals. By using long, carefully-sampled recordings of notes on a piano and unique Yamaha technologies to achieve smooth tonal transitions, rich sonic detail is delivered in response to the touch of the player. The keyboard of the Clavinova has been fine-tuned to offer optimal balance, emphasizing its superb playability and grand piano response. To counter this, Clavinova is equipped with Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), which adjusts the sound automatically, allowing players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level.
You can view and download a large number of the best selected photos and images from around the web in comfort. For the serious pursuit of a new pastime or the leisurely recaputure of an old one, Piaggero offers easy-going piano fun. Especially for you we have divided all the pictures by the most popular categories, so you can easily find the photos you need and pictures.

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