Korg unveiled its most portable and affordable digital piano it has ever developed at the recent Winter NAMM Show 2010, the Korg SP-170 Digital Piano.
Additionally, the newly developed Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) faithfully reproduces the touch and graduated weight of acoustic piano keys. The Korg SP-170 is also perfect for music beginners and is able to satisfy the most discerning pianists.
The DGX-650 is Yamaha's newest ensemble digital piano to feature a variety of interactive features that make learning, playing and sharing music fun for everyone. PureCF sampling starts with a meticulous recording of Yamaha's acclaimed CFIIIS 9' concert grand piano. Damper Resonance digitally reproduces the sympathetic interaction between strings on acoustic pianos. A weighted action with heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, just like the hammers inside an acoustic piano. Professionally-arranged, play-along XG song files from Yamaha MusicSoft are matched with best-selling song books from Hal Leonard. Record performances or MIDI songs as uncompressed, CD-quality audio to a USB flash drive using the USB Audio Recorder.
Connect any device with an audio output and hear it through the DGX-650's built-in speakers. Provides enough horsepower for dropout-free performances even while layering two Voices and playing two-handed, sustained chords with heavy pedaling. Yamaha Education Suite teaches you to play by breaking songs down into individual components, like pitch and rhythm, and reconstructing them once mastered.
The P-21 portable digital piano can offer authentic piano feel with 88-key hammer keyboard action at a affordable price.
Rich and excellent performance of the P-21 portable digital piano is reflected on each key.
This portable digital pianoforte is designed with 88key full scale hammer keyboard which will offer you authentic piano keyboard feel. This portable musical instrument can be provided with single damper pedal and three pedals as well. When you play the P-21 portable digital piano, you can sing along with your playing by means of connecting a microphone.

The stage keyboard piano boasts 2 tracks recording function which allows you to integrate your composition while recording. ANAHEIM (January 23, 2014) — Yamaha today introduced the new P-255 contemporary digital piano at the 2014 NAMM Show, a keyboard for experienced musicians looking for a portable, self-amplified instrument for both serious practice and live performance. As suitable in the home as it is on stage, this powerhouse model boasts Pure CF Sampling from a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand for its piano tone, outstanding responsive touch via Graded Hammer action and Synthetic Ivory Keytops designed for maximum comfort even during long playing sessions. When performing with a group, Sound Boost helps players cut through the mix of other musicians by compressing the dynamic range of the keyboard's sound to raise volume output. Paired with the optional L-255 matching stand and LP-255 piano-style, three-pedal unit, the P-255 provides an attractive contemporary piano appearance that doesn't take up too much space in the home. The SP-170 compact, simple, yet elegant designed piano focuses on what is most important in a piano – authentic grand piano feel and vibrant sounds. Acoustic piano touch and tone come first via the Graded Hammer Standard action and PureCF sampling, which includes recordings of a Yamaha concert grand piano. This recording contains a number of dynamic levels from pianissimo to fortissimo, so you can experience the delicate touch of a soft passage or the pure power of two-handed chords. When the damper pedal is used in a performance, the harmonics of other strings wash over the notes you play until the pedal is released.
Great for the aspiring pianist, practicing on the GHS action builds the proper finger technique for when the time comes to perform on an acoustic piano. Learn to play songs made famous by artists like Elton John, Coldplay, Adele and more with the DGX-650 as your backing band. From there, copy to your computer to make CDs, share over the internet or transfer to your portable music player. With a single finger on your left hand, Smart Chord will create entire chords from simple Pop triads to complex jazz 7th and 9th chords. Play in a piano part, drum part or just tap a simple rhythm and Style Recommender will create a list of appropriate Styles based on what you played. Listen to music from your mobile device, hook up another keyboard or even a mixer and jam with friends. So as you become a more advanced player, your digital piano can respond to your skill level.
Compact structure with stylish modern light metal cabinet design makes this electronic portable piano ideal for home, stage and studio use.

The voices include two grand piano voices, two electronic organ voices, harpsichord voice, string voice, vibraphone voice, chorus voice, Jazz organ voice and church organ voice. Two stereo headphone jacks make it possible for you to play the instrument alone or with your friend and teacher in a very quiet way. Connecting with your computer directly through the USB-MIDI port to operate professional record software such as ubase, ProTools, Logic or other software.
Audio output port allow our P-21 portable digital piano to be connected with an external audio player. You can divide the keyboard into two sections and set your preferred voice for each section. For solo appearances, a comprehensive set of built-in rhythm patterns adds great sounding drums and percussion to any performance.
Additionally, mobile devices can be connected to the mini-jack AUX input, allowing music to play through the model's built-in speakers, or even through a connected external amplifier. The SP-170 features a full 88 notes Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) Keyboard, a duo sampled concert grand piano sounds and 8 additional sounds; Electric Piano (x2), Harpsichord, Clav, Vibraphone, Pipe Organ, Electric Organ and Strings, 60 notes (stereo) Polyphony. Accompaniment Styles create the rest of your virtual band so you can get straight to playing music. WAITING mode pauses the accompaniment until you play the notes indicated on the SCORE display. The XG sound set lets aspiring pianists play along with professionally-arranged recordings of songs made famous by artists like Coldplay, Elton John, Adele and more. The optional You Are the Artist Series combines best-selling Hal Leonard song books with play-along XG song files for the DGX-650. MINUS ONE mode lets you play the piano part start-to-finish, and gives you a grade at the end.
The Korg SP-170 can be used as the master keyboard for computer music software via the MIDI output. This lightweight and easy to carry keyboard instrument also makes it ideal for live performances.

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