The CA91 offers a very dynamic bass tone with the typical depth of a real grand piano, which is impossible to realise by using normal speakers. For additional adjustments the CA91 includes the Tone Control feature that allows to modify the tone, by using a 4 Preset EQ and 1 User EQ (3 band), to your personal taste. Continuing the advancements of its multi-award winning predecessor, the KAWAI AWA Grand PRO II, 88 wooden-key action, closely reproduces characteristics of the acclaimed EX Concert Grand Piano.
Previously, when the normal touch curve didn't fit your playing style, the only solution was to choose one of the different touch curve presets in the piano. Virtual Technician A piano technician plays a very important role for an acoustic piano to be in the best playing condition for a pianist.
Dual, Split and 4 Hand Mode When you layer two sounds (Dual) or use different sounds on the left and right (Split), the balance slider is convenient for quick and easy adjustment of the two sounds' balance. In Four Hand Mode you can split the keyboard in two halfs by having the same octave range on both parts.
For the aspiring pianist, Kawai has provided a recorded collection of standard practice and warm-up drills, including major and minor scales, arpeggios and Hanon exercises. Five distinct reverb types simulate listening environments from private practice rooms to concert halls. In addition to the standard metronome click you can choose from 100 drum rhythms for your convenience on all three new CA models. Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book Level 1, Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Lesson 1A, Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Lesson 1B, Major & Minor Scales, Arpeggios, Chords & Inversions, Cadences.
PIANOConcert Grand, Concert Grand 2, Studio Grand, Studio Grand 2,Mellow Grand, Mellow Grand 2, Modern Piano, Rock PianoE. Progressive Harmonic Imaging (PHI) with 88-key piano sampling The CN35 digital piano captures the beautiful sound of Kawai’s highly acclaimed hand-built concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analysed and faithfully reproduced using proprietary Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ technology. INSPIRATIONAL PLAYING MODES The CN35’s built-in lesson function allows aspiring pianists to learn piano with classical Czerny, Burgmuller, and Beyer etudes, or a collection of songs from the popular Alfred Basic, Adult, and Premier course books.

SUPERIOR SPEAKER SYSTEM Unrivalled in its price range, the CN35 features an improved 4-way speaker system designed to reproduce the harmonic spectrum of an acoustic piano. GRAND FEEL PEDAL SYSTEM Reinforcing the CN Series’ reputation as the most realistic digital pianos in their price range is Kawai’s Grand Feel Pedal System. ADJUSTABLE MUSIC REST As with a grand piano, the viewing angle of the CN Series’ music rest can be adjusted to suit the performer’s playing position, or laid flat for added convenience when notating scores.
String Resonance causes held notes to resonate in "sympathy" with the other held notes' upper harmonics.
Its graduated action, with decreasing weight from bass to treble, offers the dynamic feeling of an EX grand, and is widely regarded as one of the best digital piano actions in the world.
Moreover, the CA91 lets you adjust the octave range of the second sound (Layer Octave Shift, Lower Octave Shift) in DUAL and also in SPLIT mode.
The weight of the keyboard is appropriately graded to mirror the heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano, while structural reinforcements within the action assembly ensure greater stability during fortissimo and staccato passages. This unique process accurately recreates the broad dynamic range of the original grand piano, affording pianists an extraordinary level of expressiveness ranging from the softest pianissimo to the strongest, boldest fortissimo. This USB to Device feature allows registration memories and songs recorded and stored in internal memory to be saved to USB for posterity, or standard MIDI files (SMF) downloaded from the internet to be conveniently played back without additional hardware. Lowerrange frequencies are delivered through the underside of the instrument, while mid and high frequencies are projected outward via top-mounted speakers, closely mirroring the sound projection of a grand piano.
This new development accurately replicates the individual weighting of the damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals of a Kawai EX Concert grand piano to further enhance acoustic piano authenticity. Damper Resonance occurs when the damper pedal is depressed, causing notes that are sympathetic with one another to resonate, as well as notes that are adjacent to one another. In User Touch Curve mode, you are asked to play dynamically from soft to loud to input your playing style. You'll find Kawai's exclusive Virtual Voicing, capable of digitally "voicing" the piano sound.

Once you have the piano memorise it then you don't have to go through many buttons every time you turn the power on. Also you can set up the dynamic behaviour of the second DUAL sound (Layer Dynamics), to let you avoid having too high a volume on it.
And for the beginner, we've included typical first-year lesson songs from Czerny, Burgmuller, Beyer and Bach. Digital sound effects such as delays (three types), Chorus, Tremolo and Rotary Speakers (two types) add to the remarkable realism of the Concert Artist sounds.
Finally, there is the Note Release effect which re-creates the sound of bass hammers returning to their strings after a rapid note release. Then the piano analyses the data and creates the perfect touch curve specially made for you. There are also controls for adjusting the action's Touch, String and Damper Resonance, as well as several other piano-specific settings.
You can play along with any of the pre-recorded songs and drills, adjust the tempo, mute either hand and even compare your recorded performance to the built-in professional performance. On the models CA91 and CA71 you can adjust the digital effects and - for further use - save. Standard MIDI and USB to Host connectors ensure flexibility when using computers and other electronic instruments.

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