This Technics SX-PR51 digital ensemble is approximately 13 years old & was purchased for $4,000. Any trademarks, copyright, branding used to describe products on this website belongs to our partners and their company respectively.
O Micro Piano digital da Korg e um produto com estilo, tamanho conveniente e desenhado como um grand piano.

It has no marks on it, all keys, buttons and pedals are functioning 100% & overall it has been looked after extremely well. De tamanho pequeno, o Micro Piano possui o expressivo mini-teclado de 61 teclas Natural Touch, desenhado cuidadosamente para proporcionar uma tocabilidade inigualavel. All you need to do is assemble the stand, then screw the main keyboard section to the stand.

O som suave e com atitude do grand piano usa os mesmos stereo samples que as outras series de pianos digitais da Korg, conhecidas por gerar um tom profundo, bem constituido e com caracter.

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