The new HP302 digital piano brings the SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, which is the ultimate in piano expressivity, and a PHAII keyboard with Escapement, which reproduces the natural playing feel found in grand pianos, in a compact, high-quality cabinet.
While this is an entry model, discerning attention has been paid to its sound, touch, and design. The HP302 is equipped with our newly developed SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, which was born by bringing together V-Piano technology and 88-key stereo multisampling technology. Each of the 88 notes on a grand piano has its own character, due to the fact that the strings are different sizes and lengths, use different materials, and are struck by hammers of different sizes. Pianos produce differences not only in volume, but also subtle variations in tone colour, depending on how forcefully the key is struck. The natural decay of notes and beautiful lingering tones are important elements of a piano's sound. For the most authentic acoustic grand piano feel, the HP302 is equipped with the new PHA II keyboard with Escapement.
For side-by-side practice or performance, you can divide the keyboard into left and right zones with Twin Piano mode, which allows two people to play the same range of pitches. With its highly efficient speakers and power supply circuitry, the HP302 achieves low power consumption while delivering a dynamic piano sound that performs beyond expectations.

Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology & practice piano with audio from apps routed through the piano’s speaker system.
Needless to say, it comes with a metronome function and 3-track recorder to help you make progress. This new sound engine is the product of Roland's deep research of the characteristics of acoustic pianos, with the goal of faithfully reproducing the rich tone and expressivity of a concert grand piano. The decaying sound of an acoustic piano not only decreases in volume, but also gradually changes in colour to a softer tone.
This amazing keyboard technology offers the same natural response as a grand piano, with a heavier touch in the lower range and lighter touch in the upper, and with lighter resistance on pianissimo passages and stronger resistance on fortissimo just like a well-maintained acoustic grand. The HP302 offers Classic Position key lids that can be positioned to conceal the control panel, as well as elegant and solid front legs, classically shaped triple pedals and a convenient music score holder on music stopper.
You can also play songs in a variety of formats, including commercially available SMF music files or audio files stored on your USB flash memory (sold separately), and audio CDs (*1). For the new SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, Roland sampled all 88 notes of a variety of world-class pianos and used its unique digital technology to faithfully reproduce the full, rich tone and expressivity of the world's finest pianos. Its expanded dynamic range supports the most advanced and subtle techniques, just as one would expect in an acoustic grand piano.

The SuperNATURAL piano sound engine replicates this natural decay, just as in an acoustic grand. You can choose to have the two zones blended or separated (Individual mode) so sound of the right-hand keyboard zone is heard only from the right speaker and the sound of the left-hand zone is heard only in the left speaker. Similarly, with headphones, you can blend the zones in both headphones or separate them with the two headphone outputs. Play an orchestra backing part and play the piano part on top of it with your right hand to create a powerful ensemble performance. Since you can alter the key and tempo independently, you can slow down the playback of songs you are learning, or change the key of the song depending on the vocal range. The HP302 achieves low power consumption while delivering a dynamic piano sound that is above its class.
You can also use the Centre Cancel function to minimise the melody part on an audio CD, and play along with one hand.

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