The Utimate Clavinova, CVP-609 simply has to be heard and seen to be believed.With its beautiful curves and delicate styling accents, the CVP-609GP has a presence that will take your breath away. Controlling functions is easier than ever, giving you immediate access to what you want to do.The easy-to-understand user interface has a touch panel that makes it simple to operate. The NW (Natural Wood) keyboad is finished with synthetic ivory keytops for an outstanding tactile touch response. Its sound is impressive too, thanks to an exclusive acoustic design that achieves grand piano-like tonal resonance. Finally, with all creative features of the CVP range, this instrument sets new standards of performance from a digital piano.
The high tones reflect off the grand piano lid while the low tones echo from the top of the instrument by the baffle-board and tone escape, achieving outstanding sound projection.
Bass notes are also emitted from the lower cabinet by a bass reflex port, allowing the sound of the entire instrument to take on its natural depth.
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This lets you enjoy a playing response and expressive capability similar to that of a concert grand piano.It features a new Smooth Release function which can clearly enunciate staccato notes with the sound of lingering resonance heard when gently lifting your fingers from the keys.
It features String Resonance that recreates the mellow sounds of the other strings resonating and Key-Off samples that actually deliver the delicate change in sound the instant the damper touches the string, just before you raise your finger from the key.
Like a grand piano, the keys are made of wood that has undergone the long drying process required for use in a musical instrument. By selecting only the highest quality sections of each piece of wood, keys that are more resistant to warping and deforming are created. Synthetic ivory keytops feature a soft, slightly porous surface that gives all keys added grip and natural friction for improved ease in playing, especially during long performances or practice sessions. In Session Mode, you can invite three virtual musicians into the room to "jam" with you as you practice and perform in one of 40 different musical styles.
On a traditional acoustic piano, the strings are short and narrow in the treble section and get progressively thicker and longer in the bass section.

These session musicians will automatically follow your harmonies and your volume expression using the new Dynamics Control feature.
To produce an even sound, the size an weight of the hammers hitting the strings changes as you move up the keyboard. You can selectively activate and deactivate each one depending on your musical needs at the time. Thanks to the 88-key Linear Graded Hammer action, the CVP-609 precisely recreates the keyboard feel of a grand piano where the weight, touch and return of every key is different.
Super Articulation (SA) and Super Articulation 2 (SA2) Voices are both highly advanced and easy to use, making you sound like a pro. The Clavinova recreates acoustic piano behaviour by constantly detecting the amount of pedal travel and finely adjusting the amount of note elongation and reverberation.
With them you'll hear the most realistic reproductions of legato and staccato performance techniques that are so essential to playing bowed and wind instruments. Additionally, the GP Response Damper Pedal reproduces the typical grand piano feeling, for example less resistance when starting to press and a heavy feeling when the pedal begins to take effect. Accompaniment Styles introduce ensembles of virtual musicians to your performances in a variety of musical genres. You can select from four types of pianos - grand, pop grand, upright and honky-tonk - and also a playing location, such as concert hall, cathedral or stage. From small jazz ensembles to full orchestras, you control what chords or harmony they play by what YOU play, plus you control the dynamic of the ensemble.
Instantly, the tone changes to match that piano and place, giving your performance a totally different feel. Developed by professional session musicians from around the world, Styles add authentic, studio-quality backing players to your performances - even when you play by yourself. SA2 voices automatically add the nuances unique to each instrument, for example, legato, glissando and vibrato in wind instruments and the new SA2 Violin.
Moving smoothly from voice to voice, you’ll achieve performances that sound like they’re naturally played by a virtuoso of that instrument, rather than from the keys of a piano.Play along with virtual backing bands where you’re the band leader!Accompaniment styles let you play along with virtual bands in numerous genres including rock and jazz.

As the easiest way to play a song, the Follow Lights library teaches you popular melodies in a way only possible on a CVP Clavinova. Change the style and you can perform the same piece with a completely different mood.Music FinderMusic Finder is useful when you can’t decide on the right style or voice for ensemble performance.
Just follow the lights one note at a time, and fully-arranged orchestrations and arpeggios embellish your playing.
All you have to do is choose the name of the song you want to play and the CVP will call up the appropriate settings so you can get playing right away.Style RecommenderStyle Recommender allows you to quickly find a style that suits the way you want to play. The lyrics are shown on the display*, and the words change colour as the song advances, so it’s perfect for bursting into song. All input jacks are conveniently located at the front of the instrument, under the keybed for easy access. Only Yamaha could build an instrument with studio-quality effects like reverb, echo and even Vocal Harmony.
Alternatively, you can connect a portable music device such as an MP3 player or smart phone to enjoy listening through the Clavinova's high-definition speaker system. To use apps connectivity, a wireless* or wired connection (with Yamaha i-MX1) are necessary.*Wireless connection requires a wireless router and the bundled USB wireless LAN adapter. You’ve probably experienced the fact that when the volume is low, it is difficult to hear treble and bass.
On a Clavinova, however, the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) automatically adjusts the sound, so you enjoy great sound balance even at low volumes. Additionally, the volume dial automatically makes fine adjustments to the overall sound of the speaker system (EQ) at low volume. The combination of Acoustic Optimizer and digital technologies gives the CVP Series an incredible expressive capability.

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