I own two netbooks Acer C720 which have had both a cyapa i2c touchpad and have been working nicely with FreeBSD.
The 85 Keys Flexible Keyboard Pink features a thin, light and fashionable design, you will feel smart and comfortable to key. Flexible, lightweight, ultra - slim and compact keyboard, roll up, and bring it everywhere.

At first id like to apologize my bad english but all those german "pros" just dont know anything.
In addition to its Star Wars-inspired design, the keyboard packs a touchscreen LCD which you can use for various purposes.The keyboard has anti-ghosting which will allow you to press up to 10 keys simultaneously, programmable adaptive keys above the LCD touchscreen, and options to use the touchscreen in different ways. Besides, the keys distance is very short and of a great spring, which complies with the feeling of typing of notebooks and is suitable for typing letters.

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