Perfect for beginners, this Yamaha Portable Grand delivers rich stereo piano sounds -- plus hundreds more sounds and styles, a built-in recorder, and more.
It's hard to believe that a keyboard costing only $200 (which stand, PS, and headphones) could sound this good and have this good of key action. You don't have to read the whole manual to be able to get started, press a button and an arrow and you can begin! Got this as a warehouse item and the few scuffs on the edges cleaned right off with some wax.
If you've never delved into doing your own recording, this might be a little much for a beginner.

I bought a "returned" box, so while I got it for a really good price it had already been in and out of the box. Nine of those demos have transcriptions in pdf format and cover different styles of music from rock to jazz waltz. The demos are really great sources for learning cool chord voicings, fills, transistions, melodies, etc. So when I say I love the sound of this product, I am saying the volume is good all by itself and it's a full, bold sound to me. You can solo or mute the piano parts while you play along with the band.This instrument is amazing for the price and is ideal for anyone wanting to attain a higher level of comping skills and chord voicing knowledge.

I still have not learned all there is to know about it because it seems to be very versatile. I plan to import some other songs that I like that I have in midi format to play along with.

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