The vinyl resurgence shows no sign of slowing, so here's a great budget turntable for your newly thrifted LPs. The first Meyers Manx was pieced together by Bruce Meyers in a shed in Newport Beach sometime in 1964. Others took notice of his success, and the Manx was suddenly faced with dozens of similar-looking cut-rate competitors. I first mentioned my affection for this little machine several years ago and remarked, "Strangely enough, it is close to the ideal PDA.
The not-so-hot Atari Flashback and her awesome little sister -- Flashback 2.0 -- will soon have an itty-bitty portable sibling. Of course, some sacrifices had to be made to create an affordable Atari 2600 portable: it's not 100% compatible with the original, so some titles that stretched the limits of the original hardware (Pitfall II, for example) won't run.
Vendel is aiming for a $39.99 retail price and the black prototype case will be replaced with something a tad more authentic. So whether you're a Yukon-bound Yeti, or a Sasquatch from Saskatchewan, you can rest easy that Canadian lawmakers have got your hairy back. Chaplin's company owned three other 2709s, but this camera is special because it was the only camera purchased by Chaplin himself -- one of the few Bell & Howell 2709s owned by an individual. It is hard to imagine any other vintage camera that had such an enormous impact on the film industry. Many people made do with devices like the clever little Faber Castell Addiator slide rule shown in this video. Addiators feature three main components: a multi-digit slide mechanism, reset lever and a stylus to manipulate the sliders.
Millions of cheap tin and plastic slide calculators eventually flooded the market in the 1960s, but don't confuse these inexpensive imitations with the real thing. The Hydra console includes everything you need to develop your own games (you can code directly on the board in BASIC or use an attached PC) -- the $199 package includes the main board, mini keyboard, mouse, 9VDC power supply, removable memory cartridge and a Nintendo-compatible game pad. The C5 electric runabout was Clive Sinclair's bizarre follow-up to his brilliantly cheesy ZX series of microcomputers.
This dodgy little plastic trike was envisioned as an electric runabout that could replace a car for short jaunts around the 'hood.
Here at Retro Thing, we've never asked our readers to get political, but here's a cause all of our U.S. Click the link below to register your opinion - remember we only have until the 25th, so do this now! Little did I know that there are more practical ways to build chariots that don't involve ponies or lumber.
All built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones, now sound better than ever before! Touch Response lets you add delicate nuances to notes by varying how much pressure you apply to keyboard keys.

Things didn't quite turn out that way; the Meyers Manx was featured on the cover of Car and Driver in April 1967, and he suddenly found himself with hundreds of orders. As the market became increasingly crowded, Meyers fought an expensive and unsuccessful lawsuit against a competitor and eventually retreated from his company altogether in 1970. Like the original Manx, it is based on a classic VW Type I or Type II floorpan and drivetrain. It doesn't include wireless browser or phone capabilities to keep cost (and size) to a minimum.
The SK-1 was a bit toylike thanks to its size, but it offered a lot of surprisingly professional features. Curt Vendel, the Flashback's designer, recently unveiled a prototype portable Atari 2600 on the AtariAge forums.
Several 2600 die-hards have also commented on the placement of the d-pad controller, which places the 'fire' button on the opposite side compared to the original Atari joystick.
It is very likely that this camera was used to shoot some of his most important work, including A Dog's Life (1918), Shoulder Arms (1918), The Kid (1921) and The Gold Rush (1924), since the studio possessed only one other Model 2709 during this period.
Modern equipment is usually rented from companies such as Panavision because of its prohibitively high price, so the cameras remain largely anonymous. Little did I know that they were stretching the truth slightly; mechanical adding machines were surprisingly common. Addiators have become collector's items, and desirable models frequently fetch $50 or more on eBay [click here to see some current auctions]. The board itself offers a reasonable of 32K of static RAM, along 128K of removable EEPROM game storage. For example, the Hydra's basic color palette displays only 86 colors simultaneously, and sound is generated using a 1-bit PWM software engine capable of 11-channel lo-fi 22 kHz playback.
They'd like to be change the requirements so that they can replace ingredients such as cocoa butter and real milk with cheaper substitutes.
Whether they want to or not, chocolate manufacturers will be forced to use these inferior ingredients to remain competitive. I certainly think so.  Chocolate isn't exactly essential nutrition (though I know people who would claim otherwise), but would this lay down a precedent that corporate lobbyists can rename other food? All I needed to bring my dream to reality was a pair of ponies and a few hours in my grandfather's workshop.
Here's a peek at a build-it-yourself tricycle trailer from the December 1950 issue of Popular Mechanics.
48-tone maximum polyphony provides plenty of margin to minimize the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered and when playing with Auto Accompaniment. You can hear what a chord sounds like and a simple operation even shows you inverted forms of the chord, making the Chord Book a valuable reference. He and his friends quickly discovered that chunky 4 wheel drive jeeps didn't fare nearly as well as lightweight VW Beetles in the dunes.

His first version replaced the Beetle floorplan with a fiberglass monocoque frame, but he quickly discovered it was too expensive to produce and created a new version based upon a shortened Beetle floorpan. It took another 30 years before he ventured back into the business he once loved -- drawn by the enthusiasm of dune buggy enthusiasts worldwide. A bare-bones kit costs $5395, while the more complete 'standard' kit includes a fiberglass hardtop and polished stainless steel front and rear bumpers. I find the lack of wireless networking isn't a big deal at all -- it keeps me from getting distracted when I'm writing or taking notes. Those more advanced facilities are stripped away in the EP-30, a more clearly toylike keyboard - but it's the only keyboard I know of that features Kermit the frog in top hat and tails.
The auction includes a copy of the original sale document indicating that the device was sold to Chaplin about a month after he founded Chaplin Studios Inc. It's also probable that the camera remained at Chaplin's side through the 1930s, when he continued to cling to silent film while others made the leap to sound.
Interestingly, the magazines aren't the originals that were shipped with the camera, for the simple reason that these were probably worn out from years of hard use. This particular machine had a far more organic relationship with its owner, since Chaplin and cinematographer Rollie Totheroh hand-cranked many thousands of feet of film through its magazines over the span of decades. Of course, not everyone could afford to own an exquisitely complicated Curta Type I rotary mechanical calculator. This particular West German model appeared in the late 1940s, although the original Addiator was created by Frenchman J. Moving the sliders upwards results in addition, while subtraction is performed in the opposite direction. Alas, the ponies never materialized and my grandfather wisely suggested that I learn to use a saw and hammer before tackling any big projects. All logos, names and images appearing on this site are for nominative and informational purposes only. While he wasn't the first to create a VW-based dune buggy, his sleek vehicle took full advantage of the fiberglass molding skill he'd picked up while working at Jensen Marine. It also makes the unit really lightweight -- the Treo 90 weighs 114 grams, 25% less than a modern Treo 680. As a result, it could have played a role in the production of his highly regarded later works including City Lights (1931) and Modern Times (1936).
Carrying digits is performed by sliding the stylus around the top of one column to the next - a surprisingly enjoyable and intuitive action. The system is based around the new 80 MHz multiprocessing  Parallax Propeller chip, which offers considerably more horsepower than earlier XGS units (or consoles from the 1980s, for that matter).

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