For keyboards like the Casio LK-270, you start by becoming familiar with the timing of the notes. To give you an idea of what lighted Casio keyboards come with we’ll take a look at the Casio LK-270. Buying a lighted keyboard is a great way to find out whether your child is interested in playing the keyboard. Be sure to read customer reviews before buying the best Casio keyboard, one that suits your needs. Click here to buy a Casio lighted keyboard of your choice.
For keyboards which start with C, the first 12 notes are C, C sharp (or D flat), D, D sharp (or E flat), E, F, F sharp or (or G flat), G, G sharp (or A flat)  A, A sharp (or B flat) and B. This keyboard is a basic version of the Casio LK-220 with many features removed, and is designed for beginner level users. All you do is keep on repeating this group of 12 notes until there are no more keys to label. The blacks keys in order are C sharp (or D flat) E flat (or D sharp) F sharp (or G flat), A flat (or G sharp) and B flat (or A sharp.

The order of notes for a keyboard diagram starting with F is F, F sharp (or G flat), G, G sharp (or A flat), A, A sharp (or B flat), B, C, C sharp (or D flat), D, D sharp (or E flat) and E. The 5 black keys from lowest to highest are C sharp (or D flat), E flat (or D sharp), F sharp (or G flat), A flat (or G sharp) and B flat (or A sharp). This is a simplified version of the Casio WK-3800, and while it doesn't have a large internal memory or as large of a library of available tones, it still has enough high end features to be useful to experienced users as well as beginners. It’s really a waste to buy an expensive keyboard only to find out that your child has no love for the instrument.
What you need to do is to recognize that there are two black keys then a gap with no black key, then 3 black keys, a gap with no black key, then 2 black  keys, and the pattern keeps repeating over and over. The black key to the immediate left of a white key is flat (?) while the one to the right is sharp ( ?). Line outputs allow a direct connection to a PA system, and inputs from a line source or microphone enable 10 second sampling. You can start with a lighted keyboard and if your child develops interest you can go for a more expensive model.

For instance the black key to the left of D is D flat, while that same key, since it’s to the right of C can be called C sharp as well.
The 50 rhythms included can be accessed through auto-accompaniment, allowing drums, bass and chords to be accessed with the left hand while the right hand plays melodies.
The keyboard even has a simulated human voice that calls out the right fingers for the required notes. The black key to the left of B is B flat, while that same black key, since it’s to the right of A, is A sharp as well. Dual built-in speakers play audio generated by the keyboard as well as sound from a connected microphone for vocal accompaniment. When you go higher, the tone becomes sharp, while when you go lower, the tone becomes flat.

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