The First Lady took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention, and united a divided hall. Obama stepped out onto a stage in front of a divided party, including delegates who had booed almost every mention of the presumptive nominee.
She did it, moreover, her own way—forming a striking contrast with the night’s other speakers. When something goes wrong, I start with blunder, confusion, and miscalculation as the likely explanations. It is getting more difficult to dismiss the apparent Russian role in the DNC hack as blunder and confusion rather than plan. The timing and precision of the leaks, on the day before the Democratic convention and on a topic intended to maximize divisions at that convention, is unlikely to be pure coincidence. The foreign country most enthusiastic about Trump’s rise appears to be Russia, which would also be the foreign country most benefited by his policy changes, from his sowing doubts about NATO and the EU to his weakening of the RNC platform language about Ukraine. Against a restive backdrop, the party’s top lieutenants were forced into the role of prime time peacemakers, tasked with encouraging Democratic unity in a party that has only lately acquiesced to tenuous detente.
The pressures of national academic standards have pushed character education out of the classroom. A few months ago, I presented the following scenario to my junior English students: Your boyfriend or girlfriend has committed a felony, during which other people were badly harmed. This discussion was part of an introduction to an essay assignment about whether Americans should pay more for ethically produced food.
The Democratic chairwoman had few supporters—but clung to her post for years, abetted by the indifference of the White House.
PHILADELPHIA—As Debbie Wasserman Schultz made her unceremonious exit as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, what was most remarkable was what you didn’t hear: practically anybody coming to her defense.
Physicists can’t agree on whether the flow of future to past is real or a mental construct.
Einstein once described his friend Michele Besso as “the best sounding board in Europe” for scientific ideas.
Donald Trump’s Republicans are becoming the party of blue-collar white voters, as college-educated white voters slip away. The reshaping of the two parties’ coalitions under the blast-force pressure of Donald Trump’s iconoclastic candidacy may reach unprecedented heights in 2016, the first polls released after the GOP convention suggest.
Following Monday’s heavyweights, including Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders, former president Bill Clinton will take the stage on Tuesday. A short documentary profiles the difficult lives of senior citizens who have lived in the city for decades. Without childcare resources, some families send their children back to be cared for by relatives—only to return at the age of five.
The British philosopher Derek Parfit espoused a severely reductionist view of personal identity in his seminal book, Reasons and Persons: It does not exist, at least not in the way we usually consider it.
Nautilus uses cookies to manage your digital subscription and show you your reading progress. If you’ve decided to learn a foreign language, there are a number of helpful resources available.
Along with learning styles and geographic limitations, cost is an important factor in selecting a language program. There are several computer programs and software packages that can help you learn a foreign language.
Access to a language-learning community with live tutoring sessions where you can practice speaking with a live coach. Try before you buy: Rosetta Stone offers a free demo so you can try out the entire first level of the program before purchasing.
Built to feel like a game: users compete with friends, work to mantain streaks, gain experience points and level up, earn virtual currency to spend on bonus items. Transparent Langauge Online lets learners dictate their own experience by learning: what they want, how they want, and when they want. There are many schools and academic programs that allow you to learn a foreign language online. Some courses use microphones, audio, and webcams with an instructor to help you practice comprehension and conversation skills. Unlike traditional language courses, traveling to another country to learn a foreign language involves several price variables. Of course, there’s the additional cost of classes, whether in a group setting or one-on-one tutoring.
Since intensive language lessons generally run for a few weeks to several months, these programs also require a time commitment. Traveling to another country is an unforgettable opportunity, and immersion is one of the most powerful ways to learn proficiency and in-depth of vocabulary. Online or in-person language lessons with a private tutor offer the advantage of face-to-face instruction. While language lessons do require a certain level of commitment, you can find an instructor that fits your price range and your schedule. While there may not be many language teachers in your area, you can take online lessons and connect with a teacher using platforms like Skype.
If you want to learn a foreign language, there are a number of methods to choose from and several things to consider.
There are several benefits to learning a new language, so no matter which method you choose, feel good about your decision to enhance and improve your life. Between language lessons, grammar books, conversation practice, and exercises, learning a new language can be a long, challenging process. To help you in your language-learning journey, we scoured the internet and consulted with langauge experts to compile the ultimate list of language-learning hacks. Incorporate vocabulary into your daily routine, this will help you commit these words to memory and learn to use them in real-life situations. This tip is especially important if you plan to travel abroad, but it’s a great idea even if you’re staying local for your studies. Keep a notebook handy and write down anything you don’t understand while you’re studying – watching TV in your foreign language, doing exercises on an app, or listening to foreign music. This doesn’t mean you need to put your life in danger, it simply means it’s time to raise the stakes! Whatever you can do to increase your sense of urgency will help you learn your language in a more useful, efficient way. There are cognates in every language, so no matter if you’re learning Korean, Japanese, Spanish, or German, you can use this language-learning hack to your benefit. Smartphone and tablet apps are super convenient because you can take them anywhere and practice on the go. There are apps available for just about any language, and they generally include grammar lessons, vocabulary, and pronunciation guides.
If you’re learning French for an upcoming trip, learn the essential phrases that will help you communicate and navigate while traveling. No matter how far along you are in your language-learning journey, it’s important to be mindful of why you started this process. Learning every component of grammar in your new language may help you pass a test in school, but this won’t necessarily make you fluent and functional. When you’re studying a new language, you usually want to know the fastest way to learn. When you first start using your new language, you’re going to stumble and make mistakes, and that’s OK! Read more about learning a foreign language from this interview with Jason on Language Surfer. Watching, reading, listening, and talking about the news in your new language is a fantastic way to learn vocabulary and usage. Olly Richards, founder of I Will Teach You A Language, recommends this as a Japanese learning hack, but this strategy can be applied to any foreign language. The news will help you become more comfortable with the language, and also give you up-to-date information about the country and culture. Learning a new language naturally requires logic and analysis, but many language learners make the mistake of neglecting their intuition.
Put on a movie in your language of choice and take notes on any words or phrases you don’t understand. FluentU recommends this strategy in this article about learning French, but it’s a great learning tool for any language.
Basically, develop the mindset that you have exactly what you need to learn your new language, and let go of all of the excuses and limitations that would normally hinder you from doing something. You have enough time, you have enough resources, and you have enough brain power to accomplish what you set out to do. Flashcards are useful, portable study tools to help you learn vocabulary and essential phrases. If you’re feeling crafty, make your own flashcards and bring them with you to study on the go! The Heisig Method, which is essentially storytelling, was developed to help aspiring Japanese speakers learn to read kanji characters.
With the Heisig Method, you create funny stories based on the meaning of each kanji character.
This method also helps you break up vocabulary into smaller parts, so you can master one thing at a time. Any new endeavor is easier and more fun when you do it with a friend versus going it alone. Of course, your friend may not have the same reason for learning a new language, so you may need to step out of your comfort zone and find some new friends or study partners with similar goals. Learning synonyms in a new language can be the difference between understanding the language in a classroom setting, and being able to apply it to real-world situations.
Rawlings suggests boosting your knowledge of synonyms by learning alternative words when you memorize new vocabulary terms.
Making language practice part of your day is mandatory when you’re in a country that uses that language. So if you’re serious about becoming fluent in a new language, plan ahead or join a language immersion program.
If you don’t think this is feasible, or if you still want to get a great language-learning experience close to home, try these tips to simulate immersion. Take some or all of these tips and tricks and apply them in your language-learning journey. Today’s parents are always trying to find ways to improve their children’s future, whether it’s placing them in early music classes or sending them to elite athletic camps. From improved social skills to deeper family connections, learning a foreign language affords children an infinite amount of benefits. Research from York University, titled “Bilingual Effects on Cognitive and Linguistic Development: Role of Language, Cultural Background, and Education,” found that bilingual children show improvements in literacy and literacy skill acquisition. Not only will your child be able to connect with others who speak different languages, but they will also be able to make friends during their language-learning studies. Working Woman Report is the source for stories about women in business, women in leadership, and news about empowering women. Are you so turned off by family troubles or crimes in the news that you’ve lost faith in people?
For instance, a man we know says his son’s arrest for drunken driving turned out to be a blessing.

March 24, 2010 By Brian McDaniel I recently received an email from someone who was interested in becoming a web designer.
I am a completely self-taught web and graphic designer, so I know that it is possible to actually succeed in freelance web design from such humble roots. Before I go any further, let me make one thing clear: I am not suggesting that anyone who puts their mind to it can teach themselves to become a financially successful or even a quality web designer. This post will explore some of the positives and negatives of being a self-taught web designer, as well as some of the ways you can teach yourself. When I first started learning web design, the internet and the industry were young (I believe Yahoo was the only available search engine), but I still managed to find all the tutorials and walk-throughs I needed. Another benefit of teaching yourself is that you can decide your pace of learning along with your focus on which skills you want to acquire. The downside of being your own professor in web design is that you have little or no idea what you need to learn until the need arises. A third benefit of teaching yourself is that you will most likely develop your own unique approach and style along the way, which could quite possibly contribute to innovation. The negative side of this is that your self-taught lack of convention could be more detriment than innovation. The points I’ve shared above are not exhaustive, but they are definitely some key things to consider before diving into teaching yourself.
Print and eBooks–Obviously, you can raid your local library or bookstore shelves and find many helpful printed resources. Tutorials–I could not even begin to list the plethora of tutorials that are available online for web design, but I would suggest finding and trying out as many as you can possibly digest.
Design Sites and Blogs–From Smashing Magazine to Web Designer Depot to the Envato network, and on and on, there are literally thousands of design-related websites that provide a wealth of information to assist you in your education. The Design Community–Over the past year, I have only just begun to discover the amazing global design community.
Has this discussion been helpful in helping you decide if you want to start teaching yourself web design? As one who has done and is still doing it, I hope I have either encouraged you or at least helped you realize the hard work it takes to teach yourself. If you have experienced some of these things, or maybe have some other experiences or suggestions for resources, please be sure to share them in the comments below. FreelanceFolder is a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs, work-at-home business owners, and web-workers. To test the idea, they gave seven volunteers a novel to read in which certain letters were always written in red, green, blue or orange (see picture).
The volunteers performed significantly better on this test after training compared with people who read the novel in black and white.
I am unsure whether or not I do have synaesthesia but I do see random shapes and colours sometimes.
But tonight in Philadelphia, Michelle Obama delivered a speech that will be replayed, quoted, and anthologized for years. Planned-out wrongdoing is harder to pull off, more likely to backfire, and thus less probable. If it were coincidence, why exactly now, with evidence drawn from hacks over previous months? They did so through a combination of alarmist truth telling—borne from the reality of a Trump-Clinton matchup that has lately gotten tighter—and cold-water scolding about party division—driven equally by frustration and exhaustion. It was obvious, they said, that loyalty was paramount—not a single student said they’d “snitch.” They were unequivocally unconcerned about who was harmed in this hypothetical scenario. We continued discussing other dilemmas, and the kids were more engaged that they’d been in weeks, grappling with big questions about values, character, and right versus wrong as I attempted to expand their thinking about who and what is affected—and why it matters—by their caloric choices. In 2014, a study that traced people’s goals for personality change found that the vast majority of its subjects wanted to be more extraverted, agreeable, emotionally stable, and open to new experiences. People wanted to become more extraverted if they weren’t happy with their sex lives, hobbies, or friendships. She reportedly resisted stepping down, and blamed subordinates for the content of the leaked emails that were released Friday, which clearly showed the committee’s posture of neutrality in the Democratic primary to have been a hollow pretense, just as Bernie Sanders and his supporters long contended. It is one of the oldest cliches in journalism, an acknowledgement of the idea that ordinary events are not newsworthy, whereas oddities, like a puppy-nibbling adult, deserve disproportionate coverage. If journalists are encouraged to report extreme events, they guide both elite and public attitudes, leading many people, including experts, to feel like extreme events are more common than they actually are. Professional investors are fretting about the possibility of a massive stock-market crash, on par with 1987’s Black Monday. They attended university together in Zurich; later they were colleagues at the patent office in Bern. Many physicists argue that Einstein’s position is implied by the two pillars of modern physics: Einstein’s masterpiece, the general theory of relativity, and the Standard Model of particle physics.
In both surveys, Donald Trump has opened a commanding lead over Hillary Clinton among whites without a college degree. I’ve dusted off a half-conceived novel outline I abandoned three years ago, but this time I’m not waiting for my muse to intervene. We deliver big-picture science by reporting on a single monthly topic from multiple perspectives. Many people want to know the best way to learn a new language, but this can be subjective based on a number of criteria. Here is a look at the benefits and the costs of some of the most popular language-learning methods so you can make the best decision based on your budget. These programs include casual game-like apps for smartphones and tablets, free online courses, and fully-loaded computer programs that include dictionaries, flash cards and other traditional materials. The price varies depending on the reputation of the school, as well as the size of the classes themselves.
There are some free classes available online, as well as language courses for college credit.
If you’re confused by grammar or vocabulary elements, you may struggle as the class continues to advance. Despite the time and money, however, immersion forces you to practice your language skills daily in real-life situations, which makes it one of the best ways to learn a foreign language as you will be forced to use the language daily in real-life situations. If you have the time and money to invest in a study abroad or immersion program, definitely do your research and determine if it’s a feasible option. A language tutor can offer real-time feedback, and (in most cases) adjust the pace of the lessons to accommodate the student. In some cases, a combination of learning tools, like lessons and a software program for example, may be the best approach. This is much less overwhelming than trying to memorize several different words all at once.
Search for language partners online, or find language events and Meetup groups in your area.
Apps are also a great way to mix things up; they’re interactive and can break up the monotony of reading a textbook or listening to lectures. Whether you use a written journal or a digital photo app, keep track of these life-long memories. If you need to ask for directions, introduce yourself, or ask for help, this phrase is critical. One of the best ways to learn quickly, however, is to pace yourself and learn little bits at a time. You may discover some new favorite foods or recipes, and you will be able to practice your vocabulary and speaking skills. When you begin using your language in real-life situations, your intuition will come in handy, especially if you hear unfamiliar words or phrases.
Pay attention the vocabulary you already know, and listen to the pronunciation and intonation. Not only is this fun, it’s effective because you learn how to use the language in different situations.
So, for your own language studies, get your creative juices flowing and come up with some fun stories using vocabulary words.
If you’ve challenged yourself to learn a new language, grab your best friend and encourage him or her to do the same. While this might be time consuming at first, it will help you understand the language on a deeper level, and help you apply your knowledge of the language when you interact with native speakers. It’s no longer an obligation, but instead a necessity to be able to function and communicate.
Keep us posted on your progress, and if you’ve come across some other language-learning tips that would be helpful for others, feel free to share! We’ve interviewed a number of bilingual parenting experts to compile a list of over 20 reasons why parents should consider raising their child bilingual. Being bilingual gives children an entirely different way of seeing the world and stretches their minds to new realms of possibilities,” says Stephanie Meade of InCultureParent.
There are hundreds of after school language programs in which kids can meet new friends, stimulate their minds, and, more importantly, have fun! They wanted to know if they should go to school for it, or if it is possible to learn on your own.
However, it has been quite an uphill climb and if I had the chance to do it again I probably would have chosen to go to school for it.
I believe there is still a prerequisite of design talent that one must have in order to succeed. Let’s take a look at what it takes and how to proceed with teaching yourself how to design and build websites. For little more than the price of some books, you can potentially learn everything you need to know to make a living designing websites. Today there is an overabundance of design blogs, websites, open-source software and more available online and elsewhere that you can easily access with a quick visit to your search engine of choice. Perhaps you are interested in learning web design so you can design and maintain your own site, but not for the purpose of making a career of it. After 15 years of designing websites, I still run into situations that I’ve never encountered before, at which point I continue my education yet again as I search for the solution.
This is not guaranteed by any stretch, but it is possible and an enticing thought when so many websites are being cranked out as though from a production line, utilizing the same tried and true elements and templates without experimentation or creativity. There are certain standards that are established for web design that you could quite possibly miss out on, or you could take on someone else’s personal interpretation of those standards. You will most likely become a product of those you choose to learn from and will tend to utilize their strengths, weaknesses, preferences and interpretations of what comprises good web design. If you have made it this far and are still determined to pursue self-education, here is a list of some of the things I have used and continue to use to learn and grow as a web designer. There are also a multitude of free and inexpensive eBooks on design and web design that you can download and go through at your own pace.
Practice makes perfect, and practicing your newfound skills will save you time later when you are actually designing and building sites. I personally subscribe to hundreds of RSS feeds from these sites to keep up to date with the latest trends, tutorials, discussions and more. While most designers will not have the time to give you step-by-step instructions, most will be happy to point you toward a solution to a problem you may be having or provide a recommended resource. As you grow and develop as a web designer you’ll discover other resources that will help you as well. It was as pure a piece of political oratory as this campaign has offered, and instantly entered the pantheon of great convention speeches.

They wanted to become more conscientious if they were displeased with their finances or schoolwork. She finally relinquished the convention gavel only after receiving three days of strong-arming, a ceremonial position in the Clinton campaign, and a raucous round of boos at a convention breakfast. By reporting on only the radically novel, the press can feed a popular illusion that the world is more terrible than it actually is.
The statistical odds that such an event will occur within the next six months are about 1-in-60, according to historical data from 1929 to 1988. When Besso died in the spring of 1955, Einstein—knowing that his own time was also running out—wrote a now-famous letter to Besso’s family.
The laws that underlie these theories are time-symmetric—that is, the physics they describe is the same, regardless of whether the variable called “time” increases or decreases. But even after Trump’s own convention, the two surveys show him running no better than even, or slightly behind, among whites with at least a four-year degree. Instead I hit the play button on the Creative Thinker’s Toolkit, an audio lecture series from The Great Courses that I’ve downloaded on my computer.
While learning any new skill requires a time commitment, learning a new language is an investment. While most programs charge a fee, many offer a free trial so you can get a feel for what to expect before you purchase the entire program. For more on these software programs, check out this review of the best software programs from PC Mag.
A community class might have cheaper options, while a well-known university extension program will be a bit pricier. Keep in mind, however, that teaching styles vary, and some students respond better than others to certain teaching methods. On the other hand, if you learn quickly or have prior experience with a language, you may be bored with repetitive lessons. Depending on the class format, you may be able to schedule extra sessions with the instructor, or start one-on-one tutoring outside of class at an additional cost. The price of housing will also vary depending on if you’re traveling as an individual or with a group. To simplify this process, focus on the things that are most important or interesting on a personal level. I also couldn’t imagine my child not being able to communicate with his family in France or his Spanish-speaking family members.
In fact, scientists from the University of Windsor found that people who speak more than one language had higher levels of self-esteem compared to monolinguals or those who only speak one language. My guess is that I could have greatly compacted the amount of time it has taken to get educated in everything that I have learned up to this point. Others may disagree, but I can’t imagine someone with zero natural artistic or design talent managing to pull off a website design that meets all modern aesthetic standards. Still, the amount of time you will spend acquiring all of the necessary links, bookmarks, tutorials, etc.
In that case, you can take a more casual approach than a formal education would allow, and move at the speed you desire.
Perhaps your web design creations could become the new standard, and while it is obviously possible that it could spring forth from a formal education, the odds are higher that it could come from a less conventional source.
For instance, I am still learning how to write code that follows widely accepted standards for cleanliness and widespread legibility.
This can work in your favor should you happen to find the best of the best teachers, but it can also hinder your growth if you make some substandard choices. Many of them have tutorial sections you can rummage through to find what you need, and they will connect you with some of the best in the business to learn how they are doing things.
Everything you could need from tutorials to glossaries to examples to certification is available. Synaesthetes perform better on the test when a letter they experience in colour is the target letter. I think it would be really cool to make that stronger, especially if I could learn to associate sound with shape, and perhaps help with my piano and singing lessons. The findings reflect the social psychologist Roy Baumeister’s notion of “crystallization of discontent”: Once people begin to recognize larger patterns of shortcomings in their lives, he contends, they may reshuffle their core values and priorities to justify improving things. But when surveys between 1989 and 2015 asked investors to estimate the odds of such a crash in the coming months, the typical response was 1-in-10. Moreover, they say nothing at all about the point we call “now”—a special moment (or so it appears) for us, but seemingly undefined when we talk about the universe at large.
Gerard Puccio, a psychologist who heads the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State, and the voice of the toolkit, tells me to engage in “forced relationships.” Choose a random object, he instructs.
I feel that if he learns the languages, he will be closer to his family and be proud of who he is,” says Diana Limongi-Gabriele of LadydeeLG.
Global integration is only going to increase, so a child who speaks more than one language will have more advantages when it comes to social, academic and job opportunities in the future,” says Maria Wen Adcock of Bicultural Mama.
I think that one can ingest a wealth of information, learn and apply all of the available tutorials and teachings available, and still come up short if they have never demonstrated an ounce of artistic ability before.
However, the money saved will be dramatically outweighed by the time investment, and, as they say, time is money. On the other hand, if you are looking to gain as much knowledge as possible in the least amount of time, you can set your course for the fast track and spend 15-hour days devouring everything you can find on the subject. At that time it seemed every new element of a site design was a new course to tackle, and the going was slow, tedious, and often times frustrating. For years I created websites without ever entertaining the thought that someone else might need to edit or work with the code I’ve written. The scary part is that since you are working from a beginner’s foundation, you will not necessarily be able to identify which is which, as opposed to a formal education implying that you are learning from those who are excellent in their craft.
Find your favorite tutorial sites, ask others for recommendations and then bookmark and visit often.
Social media has made these connections much more accessible and I would highly recommend using as many tools and networks as you can to find and engage with other designers. Her speech was laden with sharp barbs, but she delivered them calmly, sometimes wryly, biting her lower lip, hitting her cadence. The resulting timeless cosmos is sometimes called a “block universe”—a static block of space-time in which any flow of time, or passage through it, must presumably be a mental construct or other illusion. Depending on your personality, this may or may not be something you would weather well, and should be considered before undertaking the self-education. The same goes for organizing your PSD files or whatever other files you incorporate into the design. I constantly ask other web designers for recommendations of WordPress plugins or where I can find a particular icon or anything else that I may get stuck on, and they ask me as well.
A study published in the Creativity Research Journal in 2004 reviewed 70 studies and concluded that creativity training is effective.
You may also be able to get a better feel for the program by speaking with a representative or reading a course syllabus prior to signing up for classes.
It wasn’t until I began working with others in the field that I learned the value of this, and it has changed my process dramatically from my early web design days. Be sure to check resources carefully for reputation and legitimacy before committing yourself to their tutelage. There are so many valuable resources within reach simply by connecting with others who are already doing what you are aspiring to do.
You can always ask other designers about sources you find to see if they’ve ever used or heard of them. Until recently, this was something I was missing out on, but now I can’t imagine not having those connections, support and influence as part of my daily life. More recent studies, however, take us inside the brain to tap the source of our creative juices, and in the process upend longstanding myths about what it takes to be Hemingway or Picasso.
The word “small” leads me to think about making the main character isolated, reacting against a life that has become too constrained.I’m intrigued.
Absolutely, says Mark Runco, a cognitive psychologist who studies creativity at the University of Georgia, Athens. As a society, we dreamed up stone tools, the combustion engine, and all the things in the SkyMall catalog. A handful of universities now offer master’s degrees in creativity, and a growing number of schools offer an undergraduate minor in creative thinking.
Painters need to understand something about color and form; composers have to know how to read music.
During this step, ideas meander through your brain’s neural networks, bumping into other ideas to combine in interesting ways.
This is creativity’s logical bit—the critical thinking component in which you figure out if the idea has legs.Each step is distinct, and requires a complex set of cognitive abilities.
In fact, creativity draws on so many different skills that it can be hard for researchers to know where to start. For one thing, it contradicts the popular (but erroneous) belief that creativity is a right-brained endeavor, while the left side is supposedly in charge of analytical thinking and rule-based processes like language.
When the musicians improvised (versus practicing scales or playing a memorized composition), a spot in the medial prefrontal cortex perked up. That region has been linked to the creation of autobiographical narrative, suggesting that improvising might literally be a way of telling one’s story through musical notes. Meanwhile, the lateral areas of the prefrontal cortex—areas often associated with self-monitoring and evaluation—were deactivated during improvisation.
By the time I get to the second paragraph of an article, I’ve written and rewritten that first paragraph until it shines. Mixing convergent and divergent thinking “is like trying to drive a car with a parachute hanging off the back,” Puccio says. I vow to channel Hemingway and list every idea that floats across my consciousness, without judgment.For my next exercise, I pull up four random photos from Flickr. I take time considering each image, one by one, before turning back to my own creative challenge.
A shot of a dapper young man in a trim suit and expensive wristwatch, for example, leads me to consider the importance of outward appearances and the significance of material objects in my characters’ lives.I’m starting to see some payoffs, though it still feels a little forced.
They’ve found distinctly different patterns of brain activity when people solved problems using insight versus problems solved analytically. One important element, Beeman says, is to maintain a loose state of attention rather than focus intently on a problem.
Beeman and his colleagues found that people are more likely to maintain broader attention and solve problems when they’re in a positive mood. He flashed images (of sheep, for example) in front of volunteers, too quickly for them to consciously recognize what they’d seen. But with practice, they began to trust their intuitions and somehow tap into the weak associations—wool? They got better at identifying the images, and as they did, they solved more problems with insight.

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