Styled just like the Yamaha R6, the YZF R125 offers credible big bike looks and handling for learners or commuters alike. Designed, developed and produced in Italy, the R125 is aimed at the European market and the more European sized rider – which is good news for us Brits. Taken in context, the engine performance is very good and is one of the best 125s out there from a thrills perspective.
The limited steering lock can make life interesting when doing a u-turn on a narrow road, so you might want to practise before taking your test on it. Equipment: The dash sports a digital display which includes speed, fuel level and distance on reserve as well as the normal trip meter. Signup for the newsletterEnter your details below to receive the MoreBikes newsletter by email.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The all-new 2012 Grizzly 300 was selected by Consumers Digest for delivering “… the well-known quality of the Grizzly line at a bargain price.” The Grizzly 300 boasts the longest suspension travel length providing the smoothest ride of models in its class. Featuring the best power-to-weight ratio among sport ATVs, the 686cc fuel-injected engine and overall performance of the 2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R impressed the Consumers Digest team in a variety of terrain.
Earning its second Best Buy award since 2008, the 2012 Yamaha Raptor 250 was commended for producing the kind of performance that riders might expect from a higher-end model. Headquartered in Cypress, Calif., since its incorporation in 1976, Yamaha also has facilities in Wisconsin and Georgia, as well as factory operations in Tennessee and Georgia. And just like in the early days of the 125cc learner law, big bore kits are available for more power (for those who’ve passed their test obviously).

Despite a lack of adjustability in both the forks and the rear shock (which it doesn’t really need anyway) the bike is a joy through the bends, giving the feeling of being on an extremely light sports bike (which it is). That’s not something you might expect from a learner market 125 but the YZF will fly through multiple winters, and with a generous cleaning regime a 2008 model should still be in sparkling condition. Expect nuts and bolts under the fairing to be seized, so go for the best looked-after machine you can find. The owner’s manual describes the oil change in detail so owners are expected to do this interim 1800 mile change between dealer services. Packed with news, in-depth reviews, new and used bike tests, products, events, adventure stories and riding tips.
Premium features such as hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels helped the Grizzly 300 rise to the top of the Economy Utility ATV category. Also noted was that the 700R can be customized with a choice of 11 different graphic options at no additional charge, which is an industry first. Consumers Digest cited the Raptor 250’s light weight and low seat height as features that help make it “… a fun machine for riders, regardless of their size.” The 2011 Raptor 250R also received a Best Buy for the addition of upgraded shocks, LED taillight and adjustable front-brake lever to the 250’s construction.
The company’s ever-expanding product offerings also include motorcycles, outboard motors, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, boats, outdoor power equipment, race kart engines, accessories, apparel and much more. Just like the two-stroke TZR125s of the 90s, the baby YZF has an enthusiastic following of performance-minded learners, not to mention a healthy aftermarket supply of cosmetic and power enhancing add-ons.
Both 150cc and 182cc big bore kits are available, and provide a noticeable increase in power. The only time you remember you’re on a 125 is when winding the throttle open or going for an overtake.

Yamaha got the damping just right, to give a sporty ride which doesn’t rattle your fillings over bumps and potholes.
The engine can take the abuse of being at maximum revs everywhere, as long as it’s been fully serviced. 1800 miles equates to roughly every seven tanks of fuel, so the cost could soon rack up if you take it to a dealer for this additional oil change. The 700R Special Edition was selected as a Best Buy for its addition of a wave-type rear disc and unique graphics to the 700R’s design. It took until 2008 for Yamaha to make a racey road-oriented 125 which would be lusted after by another generation of teenagers desperate for a slice of performance biking. The 182cc Malossi kit requires a different exhaust and a Dynojet Power Commander to get the fuelling right. There’s a huge list of mods which owners carry out, from LED valve caps through a tail tidy to big bore kits, Power Commanders and exhausts.
In fact, the R125 has similar proportions to its bigger brother, the YZF-R6, and it’s a welcome change to have a learner machine sized for normal riders.
A bike which has never had the fairing off could well be a festering corrosion pit under the shiny panels. If you want a bike which takes you away from the feeling of being on a moped or learner machine, this is the one.

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