Great buy for kids learning and will continue to be a quality purchase for all levels of skill reached. Comment:AAA +++ service, Super fast delivery great product, thank you will buy again!!!!!!!!! Casio 61 Key 400 AHL Tones Standard Keyboard (CTK-2200K2)All built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones, now sound better than ever before! We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.

48-tone maximum polyphony provides plenty of margin to minimize the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered and when playing with Auto Accompaniment. Holiday AccommodationDigitalE3 Conference 2016"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exciting event and this year is no different.
The CTK-2200 is an easy-to-play keyboard with an appearance resembling that of an acoustic piano with 61 keys.AHL sound sourceAll built-in tones, including piano and acoustic instrument tones, now sound better than ever before! The newly developed speaker system delivers fat, rich, high-quality sound.Chord BookYou can use the Chord Book to look up chords you do not know how to play.

In addition to Bossa Nova, Samba, and other basic rhythms, you also get Cumbia, Reggaeton, Calypso, and more.Rhythm Editor10 user rhythms created by editing built-in rhythmsPitch bend wheelRotate the wheel to slide the pitch of the sound being output upwards or downwards.

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