In order to catch up with the path of technology, the Barnes & Noble jump into the field of electricity device and they have special interest in eReaders area. Soon, a tablet product branded from Barnes & Noble makes its debut under the name of Nook. To this moment, the brand new version of Nook is the Nook HD 7-inch tablet.This Nook HD 7-inch has the same weight as the iPad mini from Apple and it perfectly with your hand. There are 2 choices for you when purchase a Nook HD 7-inch: 8 GB version and 16 GB version. To take a look around, in the front you can see that the Nook HD 7-inch actually looks different from the last generation, it’s lighter and thinner yet the hero of the day is the screen of this device. It owns a high density, high resolution screen which can gives you excellent viewing angels while shows up to you vivid, clear color.Having a case to protect this precious device is a must for Nook HD’s users. And this time, the collection of Best and cool Nook HD 7-inch cases proudly brings to you stunning, defensive, smart cases that are carefully chosen from reviews, comments of users all around the world.
It’s thin, transparent and super protective when it comes to dusts, scratches,… Don’t forget to check it out! It mainly uses the TPU leather for the outside and the soft microfiber for the inside so the device can hardly be damaged in every way.

The highlights of this case are: it has auto-awake function and a provided hand-strap for an easy one-hand usage.
Furthermore, you can fold the case and transform it into a horizontal standing position, which brings to you a different typing and viewing angels.
Just take a closer look and you will see it’s very compatible with your device along with those well-aligned cutouts. It’s stylish, it’s defensive with microfiber material covers the case, it’s sealed with magnetic closure so that your device is totally kept inside. Besides, there are other advanced features: auto-awake function, built-in adjustable standing,… Wow! It looks very luxury with the gold color and there is a hand-strap provided for one-hand usage. However, don’t be fooled by its appearance, it may look normal yet the features are very advanced. The difference between this one and its previous is that it is equipped with auto-awake function, which means that the device will automatically power on and off whenever you open or open the case.
Besides the leather material as the main ingredient that create this protective shield, there is a magnetic closure to ensure the safety of the device.

It uses leather as the main leather so it’s obvious that there is no scratches, harmful factors,… can leave mark on it; it has a built-in hand-strap, therefore, you can easily use the device with one hand or view it horizontally with the help of a built-in standing. It amazes the users with its 360 degrees rotation in order to provide both horizontal and vertical views. Thanks to the precise cutouts, you have no trouble to have a quick access to the device’s buttons and ports. Like other smart cases, this one also has the auto-awake function and a foldable cover to put your device into a horizontal position. The aim of this collection is to introduce you best products used by Nook HD users all around the world, I hope that there would be one product in this collection that meets your demands and helps you enjoy using the Nook HD to the fullest.

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