There are exceptions though, VB-303 is indeed the best 303 emu to come along in a while, and Hexter humorously is often shit on for sounding (and looking) as bad as the DX-7. I would love to try this, but to have to jump through the hoops using that compatibility process? Hoya, I can tell you it worked on windows 2003 for sure (32 bit) but sonar 8 couldnt see the vst, so I copied the programs vst folder over to cakewalks vst folder, worked a treat. It is working now, but i have a big difference of volume between screen piano keyboard and USB keyboard.
Sounds like it comes from your USB keyboard, try different velocity curves to get the max velocity even if you play softly. I found a solution: first change configuration to have the good output (as long as asio is not launch I have the speaker in the list), after plug the midi keyboard (that will launch asio4all, then change configuration for the input to have the midi keyboard drive with asio4all. Hi thank you for this free app, I downloaded and installed, exactly as you say but when I want to open it, give an error that says: no audio interface was detected please make sure a valid audio interface is functioning properly in the system before running this virtual instrument!!!!!
I use a cheap Yamaha USB keyboard to trigger VST's, but for some reason CVPiano does not play well. I installed the plug in, but it doesnt do anything, there are no instruments loaded onto it or anything.

After 2 hours of trying every way possible to install CVPiano on a WinXP system with SP3 updated, I have finally found the answer! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Eliminating the need for many bulky, discrete sample layers, spectral morphing technology produces continuous, spectral variation by processing only a single baseline sample velocity. My sustainer works when I don't press down the pedal but instead sustains when my foot is not pressing it. Upon installation, not only did it screw up the project I poured my heart into for over a year (it will no longer open, and all the original midi notes were messed up, it also messed up EVERY OTHER VST I HAVE.
Then I reduce screen keybord velocity (my keyboard is a velocity sensitive key board and CVpiano take well into account). Your keyboard surely have different velocity curves to choose, you should be sure that it is at least linear. The CVPiano-modeled configuration do not gives me all the possible hardware in the list for ouput. Since I have W8 I think to change to Linux, I already have problem with USB3 ports that doesn't want to sleep, I have to unplug USB3.

Meaning touch when I play the keyboard does not coordinate all that well with the CVPiano software. Though many free emus are still great synths even if they don't come that close to their hardware counterparts - OXBD and Super-7 are really great. I'd suggest trying to find a free or demo audio workstation software you can try this on. It can take a little bit to learn the ins and outs but the wealth of instruments available on a modern computer is nice. Adjusting the touch-sensitivity setting on the keyboard or within the CV software doesn't help the overall problem much. Another benefit is that instruments are much smaller in memory consumption, yet with greater playability and realism. At first I thought it was my keyboard, but other paid piano VST's like True Piano and Addictive Keys, as well as the free Piano One, play fine, the feel and sensitive of the keys correspond well in the triggered sounds and feel close to a real piano.

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