While writing this entry I consulted a friend of mine, who is a piano teacher and asked him about the one digital piano that he recommends his students, that is under 500 dollars and will give you the greatest value for money.
Williams Digital Pianos is known to produce quality digital pianos that are equally suited for both beginners and professionals. Casio is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and electronic musical instruments, and is a well-established brand across the globe. Williams Digital pianos have crafted a name for themselves in the category of versatile, low-price digital pianos, by offering musicians and music enthusiasts a perfect balance of the look, feel, and sound of an acoustic piano along with the amazing range of features that only a digital piano can offer. The piano is a beautiful instrument that creates a unique sound, making many people wish they could play it. Halfway through Canon in D for a friend's wedding and your keyboard decides to suddenly drop all the D keys?
Do you think that all portable keyboards look awful because they look like a big piece of cheap plastic?
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There are many advantages to digital pianos, as they provide a plethora of technological features – from MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to the piano’s actual recording capabilities.
Below, please check out our interactive table to best get an idea of the best pianos available under the price of 500 dollars.
There are many features to consider when looking for a piano, and some of those features do influence the price.
But what’s the difference?  Well, in this article, I’m going to give you the exact guidelines you need in order to figure out how to select the best, most affordable digital piano possible.  We’ll also compare and contrast these digital piano guidelines to those of acoustic pianos, so you can see some of the key differences between these two types of instruments.
Any pianist – from a beginner to a concert performer – can tell you that digital piano keys feel different that acoustic keys.
In an acoustic piano, the key controls a hammer, which hits the strings and produces the sound. Some digital pianos, such as the Casio Privia PX-130, or the Williams Rhapsody have weighted keys.
This is the area that has no comparison to an acoustic, and it’s also what makes digital pianos so much fun. Multiple voices – this is where the piano can sound like other instruments, from an organ to a string orchestra. Key Split – a lot of digital pianos with different voices have the ability to let the player split the piano in two, having one voice on top and another on the bottom.
Layering – some digital pianos allow two voices at once, so you could have piano and violin sounds at the same time, for example. If you are a novice pianist looking for a decent instrument, looking for a piano that advertises responsiveness (make sure you look at buyer comments as well) may be enough to get you a quality instrument.
In the digital piano world, it refers to how many notes the piano can sound at the same time. If you are looking to have layered sounds – like using the piano for drumming effects as well as piano – then you should look for the number of notes of polyphony.
A lot of pianists only use the sustain pedal (the one on the far right of the acoustic piano), which is often included with the digital piano. If the digital piano either does not include a pedal or does not include a very good one, you can buy one separately as well.

You want to make sure you have a pedal that has progressive dampening action, meaning it doesn’t just dampen or not dampen, but rather dampens at varying levels depending on how you press the pedal. If you anticipate needing all three pedals, like on an acoustic piano, you can buy those as well, although they tend to cost a bit more.
If you use the pedal a lot, or want a nicer one (most digital pianos in the price range of five hundred bucks do not come with very good pedals), make sure you factor in the cost of buying one separately. While it is not always possible, it is best if you can try a digital piano before you buy it. It is, of course, important to try it through the speakers as well, as that is what everyone else will be hearing when you play. Some pianos, like the Alesis Cadenza I mentioned before, are meant to be set up and left intact.
Obviously, what each pianist considers the best is going to depend on his or her preferences concerning the criteria listed above. The Williams Rhapsody – Not only does it look nice, it has weighted keys, 2-track recording, layering, and 12 voices.
Alesis Cadenza – This one is slightly cheaper than the Rhapsody, and has weighted keys as well.
Yamaha P45 – This one is simpler than the previous two, but still has weighted keys and multiple voices.
Williams Allegro – A much simpler version that the Rhapsody, but still a decent piano for the price. Digital pianos have many benefits, including portability, technological gadgets, and, of course, the fact that they never have to be tuned. With years of experience in the field, the company is well known for manufacturing some of the best musical instruments.
However, unlike other brands, Williams continues to focus only on crafting beautiful and dependable digital pianos, trying to perfect the instrument. It has been credited with providing some of the finest and most innovative musical instruments, that are equally favored by both beginners and professionals. With both being more than a century old companies, Yamaha has an equally impressive line up of products consisting of digital pianos (numbering around 250 odd models now), which are nothing short of classic. This is the ideal musical instrument for people aspiring to be musicians but are just getting started. Learning how to play the piano is a life long mission, it's certainly not something that you can become an expert in over the course of a few weeks.
Feeling like you are ready to upgrade from your Fisher Price "My First Keyboard" that your neighbor left to you when they moved 500 miles away? Well, as it is the case in almost all fields of technology, the development of portable pianos has revolutionized music totally. They are also smaller than acoustic pianos, with some, such as the , weighing as little as 36 pounds.
In fact, there are wonderful, quality pianos for under the price point of five hundred dollars.
Since the keys are not controlling hammers, they are normally much lighter (easier to press). If you’re just looking for an instrument to mess around on, or you’re more worried about the technological side than about how it feels, you may not need to worry about it.

On an acoustic piano with hammers, you press the keys harder for a louder sound, and more lightly for a quieter sound. However, if you are a more experienced player, or have the goal to be one, then finding a place to try out pianos may be your best option.
On an acoustic piano, the bass notes come from the left side of the piano, and the high treble notes come from the right. However, many other digital pianos can easily be packed up and taken with you to school, work, events, vacations and more.
A lot of the nice pianos people covet weigh around fifty pounds, but some, like the Yamaha Piaggero NP11 (61 keys) weigh less than ten pounds. With a little searching, you can find one that fits well with your playing style and musical needs. I was surprised when he told me that he recommended his beginner students the same piano that I thought was the best digital piano under 500 dollars.
When it comes to digital pianos, Yamaha remains a quality and leading brand with a series of digital pianos packed with varying interesting features. This keyboard features Ultra wide Stereo technology for the production of great sound and a wide stereo image.
This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. For most pianists, this is a hindrance to their playing, as they are used to some resistance from the keys. However, if you want a digital piano that feels as much like an acoustic as possible, you need to look for weighted keys.
Depending on how you press the keys, you can create different tones and moods, because the instrument responds to different kinds of touch. The only way a digital piano will have the responsiveness of an acoustic is if it was built that way. On a digital piano though, the number of notes able to be sounded at one time (polyphony) is limited by the technology built into the piano.
It can be a harder feature to find listed, though, and may require that you contact a particular seller. It is easier to hear the sound quality if you plug in headphones than if you just hear the piano through its speakers. On a digital piano, the sound just comes from the speakers, although some pianos use different speakers for different ranges of notes, making it sound more like an acoustic.
Some instruments even have a feature that allows the pianist to adjust the weight of the keys. Make sure the direction the sound comes from can either be manually adjusted, or it is something you are pleased with. This is another instance where trying the piano in person will be helpful, but if that’s just not possible, be sure to do your research online, read customers reviews, and ideally buy from a website than has a great return policy and potentially even offers a warranty.

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