A digital piano is a compact instrument that can range in price from under $100 to several thousands. Weighted keys, instead of graded keys and the quality of this digital piano make it very realistic. This 76 key piano pack is priced reasonably and has most everything you need in a digital piano. Ok, first off, why buy a digital piano, also known as electric piano, and not an acoustic one? No matter what happens, product cost or value will always be a big factor in buying a product. You have to be sure you really want a digital piano over an acoustic one before buying because it would be such a big waste if you decide later that what you really want is an accoustic piano and you just let your digital piano lying in the storage room for the years to come. If you want to try Casio Privia PX760 or other Casio Privias in Singapore, you can visit our showroom at The Pianist Studio! 18 built-in tones: Grand Piano (Concert, Modern, Classic, Mellow, Bright), Elec Piano, FM E. Any trademarks, copyright, branding used to describe products on this website belongs to our partners and their company respectively.
Way back in 1982, the American, Ray Kurzweil (with the help and guidance of Stevie Wonder) was the first to realistically sample and transfer the sound of an acoustic grand piano into a piano keyboard.
If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Yamaha or Roland, but at the same time having a reasonable piano sound then Casio could be an option for you.
Hadley offer an excellent range of affordable digital pianos that are suitable for anyone learning to play.
Because Kawai also manufacture acoustic pianos they have good piano knowledge, which enables them to build good quality digital pianos. Korg make excellent stage pianos (some of the best), but they only have a small selection of budget range digital pianos. With 88 weighted and graded full size keys, as well as grand piano tones the Casio PX-130 digital piano feels and plays like a real piano. Since acoustic piano requires craftsmanship, more materials, greater production cost, and additional manual labor, it will always be more expensive than electric piano.
The purpose you’re going to buy a piano will be the most vital part of choosing what kind of piano to buy.

Electric piano are electronic and are made via wires and chips to imitate the sound of an acoustic piano. You never know when you need to move your piano around the room, around the house, or carry it somewhere else for a practice or a performance.
Unless you already have a piano stand or a place for it where you can be comfortable playing, you should buy a stand for it. You should check if the electric piano you’re buying has a headphone jack for others not to hear you practicing. It usually makes you more confident especially because you already feel you’ve tested it through other people. Even if they’re all using software to imitate the sound of an acoustic piano, electric pianos still sound different from an acoustic piano and from each other.
Be sure to check everything on the models you want to buy and, if possible, don’t rush in buying so you can have more time in deciding which would you be playing on. Now Kurzweil has a vast range of digital pianos, grand and stage pianos, keyboards and synths.
You can choose from their starter piano (EZ-102), or their most popular range (B1 and B3) for all levels and abilities. All their digital pianos have the correct key resistance to emulate the feel of a real piano, which is essential for children learning.
The starter piano (CDP1) is designed for someone that wants a realistic piano sound and touch without too many bells and whistles.
Kawai digital pianos have a pleasant sound, and a medium-weight, soft touch at the bottom of the key stroke.
Classical musicians will always go for acoustic while others can choose between acoustic and digital depending on what they want to handle. However, because it’s not made with strings like that of an acoustic one, the way it produces sound will all depend on the player whereas electric piano have all the settings you need available for control using buttons and other controllers. Because you can use settings for sound quality in electric piano, it will always produce better music quality with beginners.
On the other hand, electric piano just usually requires wiring repair or a change of board when a problem rises.
There are also other times that you need to plug in other things in it like a speaker or a computer.

You may check the songs if you like them and if you would want to learn them and including the tutorials. Their top end digital pianos from the CA range are really good (they're worth comparing against the equivalent Yamaha CLP models).
Performing in a stage would always need a speaker and sometimes even a connection to a computer so also check for that. Check out the Hadley D10, which is a full cabinet-style digital piano with 3 built-in pedals, a great sound, and costs less than £400.
Connecting it to computers will also enable you to use some software to experiment with other sounds and mixes.
You may also add some songs through the computer if you know how to do it or just ask someone else to do it for you. A digital piano that does what is says on the tin: reliable, well-built and a good resale value.
Check out the popular MPS10 portable piano, the student piano M210, also the M10F home piano. Casio have made some small improvements over the past few years but they really need to focus more on quality.
Roland is worth considering and comparing against Yamaha and Kurzweil equivalents, but the prices are a little higher. Going up the range you have the M3W, which has an all natural wood key action made in Italy. The MK10 is a self-playing digital baby grand piano and is the only one available that has moving keys when in self-play mode (very popular in hotels, restaurants, bars and even for home use to impress the guests). Verdict: Very nice pianos with the latest technology, excellent build quality, reliable, and a good brand name.

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