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Luckily, there are a bunch of good options in the market to help you solve this nightmare, which not only will allow you to relax, but also to perhaps write one or two e-mails from your HTPC device if it’s connected to the internet. Without further ado, let’s see 5 of the best wireless HTPC keyboard options currently available in the market, taking into account their unique characteristics, as well as their price and popularity.
Although Logitech K400 HTPC wireless keyboard is designed for use with TV-connected computers, it is compatible with a variety of devices with USB ports. The Aerb 2.4G Mini is an excellent wireless media center keyboard with air mouse capabilities. So you cannot decide whether to count on the ease of use of a remote or the flexibility and possibilities of a keyboard? If you want to use your HTPC in low light conditions, you might have a hard time identifying what keys to press, leading to frustration and waste of time. FAVI plug and play wireless keyboard includes some features seen on other devices; however, it also includes a laser pointer.
If you are considering buying the best wireless HTPC keyboard in 2015, you will be faced with a ton of options.
About AlejandroAlejandro is an electrical engineer, working as a software developer and part-time writer. In continuation of our Beginners guide series, this guide is all about controlling your HTPC. As part of an assignment for research I have to find an article with relevant information on this topic and give the teacher our opinion and the article. Love the familiar feel of the IR remotes, gotta say it feels nice and its good for people sharing too (dont want my dad to have to fiddle with a keyboard). I really don't understand the need for a keyboard with an HTPC beyond basic PC tasks like updates and all that. Crim wrote:I really don't understand the need for a keyboard with an HTPC beyond basic PC tasks like updates and all that. Currently, our main TV serves double duty as the main computer, as well, so there's a LOT of web browsing going on. Another problem that came up was that I had an option to move to the movie option via a command in the Logitech software. My next hope is that MS has discrete powewr on and power off IR codes and that I can try to use those. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
Sure, it’s one step below building your own multi axis simulator, but this dedicated gaming table is still a cool, yet functional addition to just about any serious digital pilot or gamer seeking a little corner to blast away digital bits and while away the hours. The gaming table is also constructed made with black enameled finish and looks to be adjustable to make room for just about any shape or size. The modern market of low-priced keyboards presents us not with the pieces of plastic for typing the text in MS Word, but with rather powerful and fine models. Below you’ll see some cheap models, the functionality of which sometimes exceeds that of the expensive products, and vice versa. That’s when a logical question comes up: why would I describe and review EagleTec KM104 Kombo if it’s not a gaming device? I was truly amused by the photo provided by the manufacturer, which shows water being poured on the keyboard, which then works like nothing happened. The cover is regular, the icons are printed with laser and thus they shouldn’t wear off anytime soon. Most of the customers are satisfied with their purpose (Amazon customers reviews can be found here), but this is clearly not the best solution. If you have followed my previous reviews, you could have noticed that I’m deeply in love with Redragon. This set will serve you faithfully both as a great gift for a gamer and as a true weapon in any battle.
We’ve got a full-sized keyboard here with a standard set and classic design of the buttons. In order to fully exploit the possibilities of this keyboard, you’ll have to install the software which is supplied but needs to be regularly updated. Let’s begin with a certain advantage of the device which is not a mere keyboard but a combo supplied for the $43.98. All in all DEATH WINGS AULA Combo is a cut-rate choice which will do initially or will serve as a gift for a beginner gamer. The infamous company knows how to surprise its audience, but, unfortunately, this surprise is not always a positive one. However, this device possesses Razer’s standard “disease”, which is Synapsis 2.0, about which I’m sick and tired of writing. As we have seen today, it is possible to buy a worthy keyboard while having a modest budget at your disposal.
The voice recorder microphones have a button that says "record voice sample from mic" Click that and then you will be prompted by flash to allow the mic to access your microphone. Throughout the ButtonBeats website there are many different mixers used to play loops and samples in many different ways. Below many of the widgets on ButtonBeats there is a text box that contains the code you would copy and paste into your website or blog.
The Best method to record your mixes from buttonbeats is to install the freecorder toolbar in firefox. An easy install; just plug in the USB receiver in your device, and then turn on the keyboard.
Plug the receiver in and, most likely in a plug-and-play fashion, you can start enjoying the advantages of this medium-sized keyboard.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a keyboard which would allow you to control your HTPC and also enable you to use it in the dark? This feature is best suited for presentations and conferences in an office setting, rather than for a HTPC but if you have both needs, this device is portable enough to be an option to consider.
Most of these offer a wide compatibility, because of the inclusion of USB receivers; however, the device you choose will ultimately depend on your needs, the HTPC setup you have, and the bonus features you want.
He has a passion for technology, languages and games, and has been around the web since 2004. One thing that sets a “computer connected to your big screen” and it being a HTPC is how we interface with the system.

But for every day use I still like my Loftek M-Click, it doesn't have too many functions but its reliable and convenient. I just installed PCRemote on my Android phone and was plensantly surprised the functionality it had like: mouse pad, keyboard, dedicated screens for meedia playback and PC shut down options.
This would be a good topic for someone at Missing Remote to do a review on if it hasn't already been done. I've got one of those (awesome!) Gyration remotes and have had no reason during normal HTPC duties to need a remote. That way if the system is set to power on the Media center and it send a power on code all will be good as opposed to a power toggle code that will turn the pc off if the last state was that the PC was on. I won’t specifically focus on the process of choosing a gaming keyboard today; I recommend that you get acquainted with the main principles in my best gaming keyboards of 2015 review.
It’s possible to buy a high-class keyboard made by Redragon or Logitech at a very competitive price, so use your wit and my recommendations rather than shiny ads and smart slogans when making a purchase.
I spent a lot of time thinking whether I should include it into this review, and finally I decided to describe this product to you. The reason behind this is the fact that this keyboard is the cheapest among the wireless keyboards of acceptable quality. As for specific gaming features, I would note the extended space bar and the backlighting, which is available is three colours: red, blue and burgundy. How can one not love them if those guys were able to penetrate and establish themselves on the market which has long been dominated by the giants of gaming devices sales! Previously, they were mostly occupied with the mouse manufacturer (you also may read our Redragon mice reviews). The design is quite aggressive, and the edgy and rough shape justifies its name completely.
I don’t know what justifies such gaps in the CM Strom Devastator Combo Bundle price, but we have to do with what we’ve got.
This Swede company has always delighted me not as much with its ingenious inventions, as with the quality and thoughtfulness of its devices. The exterior of Logitech G105 keyboard is rather dull and mediocre, but everything changes completely once you turn on the backlighting. If you try hard enough, you can purchase these items separately but I don’t really see a point in doing this, as there wouldn’t be any difference in the price.
The dimensions are standard given that we may say that gaming keyboards don’t have many standards. Check out this list of the best keyboard brands for beginners, ranked from best to worst by user votes. To play with your computer keyboard click the "activate keyboard control button" on the right side of the piano (the button looks like a computer keyboard). The songs are located in 2 places, above the piano as a drop down menu or on the piano itself under the buttonbeats logo. Many have volume, balance, tempo, and visualization mixed in with the many loops and sound samples. If your HTPC device is a Windows computer, you will find support for gestures, and Windows keys; however, its clean design and fair build make it a good alternative to consider for any HTPC setup.
Its small form factor, backlit keyboard, and rechargeable battery -which takes about 4 hours to be fully charged and lasts for about one month without recharging- wrap up the package on a device that, although being a little bit pricier than its similar-sized counterparts, performs really well and offers nice bonus features that will make your TV-watching experience more comfortable, and perhaps, keep your cat entertained in the process.
With options in reach of all budgets, and features to appeal most tastes, there are surely some great wireless HTPC keyboard option for you. I personally couldn't do it but people do it for some reason.-JoshI'm more curious how it works.
Right now I have a problem where the PC gets shut down even though I have it set to be left on everywhere I could find that setting. It worked great until a message popped up that there was an update for my XBOX 360 settings. I leave the PC on all te time because if it powers down it doesn't power up automatically and I have to manually turn it on. And now let’s move on to the actual examination of the model range that we are going to cover today. It has also got plug-&-play and the mouse, which I’ve mentioned earlier, also contributes to this fact. There are no specific peculiarities, actually… But is the lack of additional features always a bad thing?
Only the manufacturers know why they have picked such colours and why they didn’t include everyone’s favourite acid colours. The ergonomics are practical, they are suitable for any type of grip, the weight is adjustable, sensitivity is also adjustable up to 2000 dpi, the cable length is decent and the cable itself is entwined in fabric, so, overall, this is a fairly good model.
The full sized keyboard doesn’t have any additional keys expect for the multimedia keys linked to F1-F12 buttons. You won’t accidentally hit this key instead of Alt and collapse the Boss, then it’s got 3% of hp, and your raid’s fate depends on you. It seems that pretty soon we’ll be able to completely assemble the PC and peripheral devices for it  out of CM components.
This is a fine starter device equipped with the Teflon starts at the bottom and placed into a plastic case without any additional perks. A standard set of keys and a multimedia panel can be found, as well as the abovementioned backlighting feature. Here we’ve got 6 buttons for the macros and 3 mode switches, which add up to 18 simultaneous binds – which is more than enough. The device is a more serious representative of the keyboard market than the products mentioned above. As for the ergonomics, it would suit those with the nail grip, for the others its sharply bent shape may not be suitable. I’ve elaborated in more details about the issues of this cloud service in other articles, such as in the review of the best keypads in 2015. Whether you want a keyboard that focuses strictly on a beginner's needs, or a keyboard brand that you can stick with for you whole career, you'll find all of the top makers of keyboards on this list. Select a song, click the "activate keyboard control" button on the piano then type the sequence of letters (song) you selected. There are 3 or 4 buttons for each effect, each representing one of the 4 available sound banks with the specified effect applied.
It is time for you to reward yourself, so you turn on your TV, and your HTPC, and sit on the couch to rest while you watch your favorite show.

The trackpad works with enough precision, and the right and left click are controlled via two dedicated buttons. The large trackpad, amazing battery life -advertised at 12 months with 2 AA batteries, included-, and its additional left-click button on the upper-right corner, make this keyboard an extremely helpful, yet affordable, piece of hardware. Enter the Aerb 2.4G Mini – Best HTPC Keyboard, an aesthetically pleasing remote with a wireless USB receiver, which also has some IR functions. The Logitech K830, while not exactly cheap, offers a good build quality, full keyboard functionality and excellent battery life. What I think might be happening is that I have the remote set to turn off the XBOX when not in use and I am beginning to think that the power toggle command might be the same for both. And even though it is just coming out of sleep it takes 30-60 seconds before it initializes the USB receiver and Ceton tuners.
Overall, if your main criteria are the competitive price and wireless, then this is the keyboard of your dreams.
The convenient thing about this is the fact that the backlighting of the arrows and WASD keys can be reinforced. One of the peculiarities of Redragon is their practicality, which is revealed in this model completely.
The sensitivity is identical to that of the previous models as a maximum of 2000 dpi is available. Without it, it is very difficult to descry the buttons, but the manufacturer doesn’t count on such behaviour.
It is very convenient to manage all settings during the game or while watching a movie with a simple key combination. The sheet music is converted to a sequence of letters you type on the computer keyboard and it will play the actual song.
Then, as you are tasting those deliciously popped popcorn kernels, and drinking your soda, you think about what shows could there be on another channel, and then reality hits you…You have no remote control. With a responsive keyboard and a good feel, this device enables you to type fast enough using your thumbs as you hold it.
For all practical purposes, said IR capabilities are not very useful, however, where this device does shine is in its air mouse features.
Some annoyance might come out of the fact that the backlight in the keyboard shuts off automatically after about 3 seconds of not being used, but this is done probably to conserve battery; on the other hand, the backlight adjusts automatically to ambient light, so you always have access to this feature when you need it the most. The design of the mouse supplied is a bit more interesting, and its sensitivity reaches up to 2000 dpi.
The main buttons: the arrows and WASD that is, are highlighted with colour and material and are also changeable. In fact, the diode backlighting has never caused any issues connected with the burnout of the “light bulb”, and the manufacturer claims its long-life.
One that plays your voice back faster and at a higher pitch, then there is a normal playback mic.
This wireless HTPC keyboard mouse is, overall, a good option to control your HTPC setup, while also being a neat gadget that is sure to catch the attention of your visitors.
With 3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerometers, you can move the remote in mid-air to point at things accurately and precisely. This keyboard can be recharged via USB, so forget about spending on batteries if you decide to get it. Being categorized as a “gaming keyboard” by some popular online stores also brings it closer to actually being one.
Unfortunately, I cannot test each device for such a long period of time, but I don’t have any grounds not to trust Logitech.
Casio keyboards also have a variety of sound and rhythm settings, making it fun for musicians of all levels.
Korg is another good company that makes keyboards for players who are just starting out and beyond.Yamaha is an ideal keyboard brand for beginners because many of its models have weighted keys, making it easier to transition to a traditional piano.
The Split buttons split the piano with half being one of the sound banks and the other half being one of the other sound banks.
Compatibility is a bit awkward at times, because some buttons work with one device and might not work with another, however, this is due to the air mouse being compatible with a wide variety of hardware. Other good manufacturers that appear on this top keyboard brands for beginners list include Roland, Alesis and Kurzweil.Do you have a favorite keyboard brand to recommend to new pianists?
This wireless keyboard and mouse combo offers a nice feel on its keys, and is powered by two AAA batteries. Take a look at this list and give the best brands a thumbs up to make sure they end up at the top! Radio Frequency keyboards are similar to Blue Tooth while they both are 2.4 GHz the chipsets they user a vastly different.
Like any other entertainment devices, a remote control is by far the easiest and most universal way of controlling your HTPC.
The main thing behind using a remote control for your HTPC is weather or not you are going to be using an Infrared (IR) based remote control or Radio Frequency (RF) based remote control. Amulet Devices USB IR receiver Out of the box both the Microsoft and the Amulet Devices USB IR receivers are a plug n play device with Windows 7 Media Center. The Microsoft Media Center oriented USB IR receivers are unique as they have a “pseudo” main stream platform they are developed for.
One of the most talked about and used USB IR receivers which is also an IR blaster (more on that later) is the USB-UIRT. The USB-UIRT is a universal devices that is supported by HTPC software such as Sage TV and Myth TV.
Logitech Harmony line of remote controls are one if not the most common universal remote control. The great thing is Media Center and other media software IR codes are available in the Harmony data base so it is very easy to program the remote and get up and running. None of these remotes come with an USB IR receiver so you will need to pair these remotes with one in order for them to work with your HTPC.

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