Hearts and Clubs – Keyboard Flash Cards (use these instead of note flash cards with the Hearts and Clubs Notes board game.
If you want to keep up with other Valentine’s Day material I may post, you can subscribe to this Word Press blog at the top. This is a variation of a game idea from Cecilly called Quarter Note Hunt, and it has been a long time favorite in my studio. I have a new little student who just started lessons using the unique and very creative piano method book, My First Piano Adventures, by Nancy and Randall Faber. If you like using this kind of material for young beginners, get a copy of My First Piano Adventures Book A and study it carefully! If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers. The Happy Birthday piano sheet music arrangement I have here uses a simple, bouncy left-hand chord accompaniment in the "Oom-pah,pah" style.
Download Happy Birthday on the piano in the key of DDownload free sheet music in the key of EbDownload free birthday song in the key of FDownload vocal and piano song in the key of GBelow is the melody of Happy Birthday as a lead sheet, for any instrument. Download Birthday song lead sheet in the key of ADownload Birthday song lead sheet in the key of BbDownload Birthday song lead sheet in the key of CDownload Birthday song lead sheet in the key of DDownload Birthday song lead sheet in the key of EbDownload Birthday song lead sheet in the key of FDownload Birthday song lead sheet in the key of GBelow is a version for brave beginners who want to be able to play all of Happy Birthday themselves, even to the octave stretch and the chords. Download simple version of the Birthday song in the key of FDownload simple version of Happy Birthday in the key of GWith these small chords, I like to tell my students "This is a D "pinch" chord. The version in G may be easier for your students to play, because with the F version, each hand has to deal with a Bb note.
This song has BECOME traditional -- according to Wikipedia, Happy Birthday is the most-recognized song in the English language.

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Confused About Hands Sharing the Same Note I am elderly piano beginner and I downloaded your Happy Birthday in Gmaj as a practice piece but I'm finding it a little confusing. Really Good Site for Beginners Not rated yetThanks sister, it's a good site for piano learners. Miggy, United Kingdom:I've just found your website and I think I've died and gone to heaven.
Cailan:There are an incredible amount of people online who just want to be heard, but very few who have given what you have so clearly. There is not much planning, the rules are simple, and all you need is a few minutes to cut out the cards . All of my younger students played it at their private lesson the week of Valentine’s. If they are beginners and are not secure in the names yet, use the game as a way to teach rhythm identification. Before your student arrives, place the cards around the room with the heart side facing out. This wonderful series is has everything you need for young beginners, but I like to make extra material to go along with the book, just for fun or review.
When I checked out my resources, I could not find a Valentine’s piece that was easy enough, so I came up with a Valentine she can play. Offered here in keys for all instruments, you can teach it to your students with this free printable sheetmusic.
Verse two uses words I heard in Sunday School as a child, but did not understand until I was an adult! However, the writers are known to history -- two sisters named Mildred and Patty Hill, who wrote the song in 1893.

Also, IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR MUSIC THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED. For all the reasons you explain on the site itself--this is exactly what piano teachers need! Regarding instruction for those of us who can't afford lessons,your site has been a real gift to stumble across. Look for the lead sheets below, and a two-hand melody version for beginning pianists (with optional duet secondo), and also a simple piano arrangement with chords. Catherine Hahn, a wonderful woman) began her students with this "bass note, chord, chord" approach, using all root-position chords instead of inversions. Originally the words weren't Happy Birthday at all, but "Good morning to you, good morning to you. After years of singing professionally I am finally making myself re-learn the piano in order to play for myself and to do some piano bar work.
He memorized it that week and I'm printing off the other Halloween songs to keep him going. I think the G version is easier.Here are the Middle-C versions for beginner piano students, the easiest arrangements of all. I also live in the middle of nowhere so buying from a shop is not really an option unless I fancy a 120 mile round trip for a piece of sheet music! Depending on the age of the students, don’t hide them too carefully or they will not be able to find them! Do not hide too well, or students will not find them and next Christmas you will still be finding Valentine cards in little hidey-holes in your studio!

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