Contains everything needed to complete a redesign or remodeling of a house, condo, or apartment.
A convenient way for students to eliminate guesswork, save time, and work with consistent equipment. 49 points will be rewarded when you are logged in to your account and buy this item.Learn about our rewards program here. There are three basic sizes or drives for ratchets: ?” (small), ?” (medium), and ?” (large).
Not only does the beginning mechanic need Flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, they need an assortment of lengths and gauges (thickness). If the beginning mechanic wants to change hoses, work with difficult connectors, and sometimes even brake work, pliers are a must. It may sound barbaric, but in order to knock a stuck rotor or any other stuck component, a good whack with a hammer usually does the trick.

A Rubber Mallet is used for surfaces that need a beating, but you still want to leave the surface nice and dent free. An automotive jack is essential for jobs that require taking the wheels off (brakes), or getting underneath the car. You’ll find over the years to come that more tools are needed, but this is a great place to start.
These bars are perfect for gently breaking apart components that have been together for thousands of miles.
Whether the new mechanic is taking off a part deep in the engine bay, or tearing out a transmission, a variety of extensions will certainly make life easier. Enduring Automotive does not accept any responsibility for actions which result in the content of this site.
Today, I can perform most automotive repairs with the tools I’ve accumulated over the past decade.

When it comes to purchasing metric or standard (US) sizes, pick metric if you have to make a choice. The Headlamp provides light and freedom to use your hands for work, especially when working underneath a car. I’ve literally saved thousands over the years, and helped many people with these tools.

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