It doesn't mean anything in English but is an easy to remember, fun and unique word, exactly what our little demos videos aim to be.
Lifehacker readers and writers are a tech-savvy bunch, and many of us can’t imagine living without the keyboard shortcuts that save us so much time every day. Most of the shortcuts on this PDF are simple and obvious to experienced users, but they’re the basics a novice ought to know. Err - Doesn't command+Tab switch application, and Command+backtick cycle through windows within the current app?

Yes Nevryn, you are right (although I've never heard that key referred to as 'backtick' …'Grave Accent' according to a quick google …).
Command-Tab will cycle forward through open applications – essentially the same behaviour that Windows users are used to with Alt-Tab. Several years ago, I had a co-worker -- we'll call her Jane -- who was assigned to work with our SVP's office on a high-profile event.
While Pokemon GO is great for interval workouts, it's not always easy to play while you're on a nice long run.

The project (and the staff, for that matter) was pretty rough, and Jane would often come to the rest of us at the end of a stressful day to air her woes of angry emails, unreasonable demands and generally difficult people. If you want to get them on board with keyboard shortcuts, print out this handy cheat sheet so they always have it around for quick reference.

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