Magic Piano by Smule is a free piano app for Android that lets you play free songs on Piano in this app. Second is the Solo mode that lets you create you own music on any of the 4 Piano kinds available in this Android app. If you are a Windows 8 user then try this Windows 8 Piano App, that has been reviewed earlier on this website. You can download free piano app for Android using the Google Play Store link or QR code given at the end of the review.
World: This is the in built Smule globe, where you can listen to the performances of other Smule users. If you would like to learn and play other instruments like Guitar or Drums, then try Android Music App on your Android phone.

The app also lets you create your profile, share performances with friends, and listen to performances of other users.
You can play the normal rectangular piano by dragging your finger on the keys to create musical sounds or by pinching piano keys one by one to create your own music.
You can switch to another type by simply tapping the round piano icon displayed on the screen.
This is a good way to know what others are playing and how much better your performances are.
Well now you can with Piano!Choose from a huge selection of songs to learn with new songs being added constantly.
Once you are signed in, you can easily manage your profile and share performances with your friends.

The music created by it is so real and soothing that its like playing a game and meditating at the same time. It has 3 difficulty levels. You can select from hundreds of songs and get stars, points, XP for each performance. With a little practice, you will be able to play your favorite songs perfectly. You can play free songs or select songs using categories like Pop, Classical, Rock, or Musicals.

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