Bought approximately 20 years ago, it's been maintained every two years since the purchase and is in excellent condition (it's never left the house since we've bought it).
Located in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne with convenient parking in front for removal. I have an uncommon Gibson Custom-made reissue '57 (1996 made) Les Paul Black Beauty available.
Lovingly looked after and loved piano (please see specifics below & our amateur(!) photos).

This piano looks and plays like brand new inside and out.Finished in beautiful Ebony polish complete with matching bench. It is suited to play classical and contemporary selections, but can certainly be used for popular music as well. It is in excellent aesthetic condition and the pedals, soundboard, and moving parts are well-maintained.
Feel free to visit and inspect the piano at your leisure; however, keep in mind that we are moving at the end of the month.

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