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Tattoos never cease to tempt us as there are so many interesting locations on our body, where you can sport a tattoo.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Sun And Moon Tattoos, Family Tattoos, Funny Tattoos and Daisy Tattoos. Angel Wings On Feet An angel wing on each foot to inspire you to fly and chase your dreams.
Both Feet Tattoo A fantasy woman on one foot facing off against a skull figure on the other foot. Cute Feet Tattoos Purple birdies with background, which will be colored pink on completing. It Was Then I Carried You Words from poem with the two sets of footprints in the sand turning into one. Freehand Tiny Toe Tattoo Freehand toe- tattoo of a little flower shaded with sprinkled dust style. My Feet Tattoos A cute cupcake with legs and a scary zombie teddy bear wrapped in a ribbon.

My Butterfly Feet Gorgeous light purple butterflies with bold black outlining with lovely little pink flowers.
Blue Bird Swallows Tattoos Sweet peace and love on feet represented with these blue swallow birds.. Feather Foot Tattoo A black bird feather designed with eye-pleasing details for fashionable foot tattoo. Bat Foot Tattoos Flying bats on feet inked in glossy black to create perfect little silhouettes of bats. Foot Flower Tattoo Tiny tender water lily tattoo with thin vine rendered in really soft tattoo. Feet Tattoos Completed Red Koi fish on black shaded background and a budding lotus piece on the other foot. Little Star Tattoo Stars outlines and beautifully done swirls for a fashionable ankle and foot tattoo. Ham Tattoo On Feet Peace sign designed in Celtic knot style, a cool symbol to sport together with your friends.

Tattoos on feet, for instance, may offer you very interesting ideas and designs, which can enhance your and style and the look of your feet. Fashionable flowers, quotes, verses, angels, comic characters, you can design tattoos for feet based upon any theme or concept that you can think of. Butterfly tattoos intrigue with their beauty and at the same time they are also a remainder of the fleeting nature of beauty.
In Japan, butterflies are a symbol of emerging beauty and grace and they are a popular symbol for young girls. Greeks believed that butterflies depict regeneration and transformation towards perfection.

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