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Zucchini — the tasty star of the Summer squash family — is low in calories but high in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C.
If you're looking to start a weight-loss diet, zucchinis are one of the healthiest items you can include. But as a teaser, I will say that I indulged in many delights this week – pizza, Cheez-its (always with the damn Cheez-its), beer and champagne, grilled cheese sandwiches, and best of all . What amazes me is that, for as poorly as I’ve been adhering to this diet so far, I’m still managing to see noticeable progress. In fact, even though the tape measure didn’t drop as much as it did last week, I think the difference is more noticeable. If I could just stick to a couple good solid weeks of this diet then I think I’d be right back at 32 inches. They can help you lose weight because the calories in a zucchini are much less than that of other foods of equal mass.

Then I could drop this damn diet and revert back to normal eating (with healthy real food, of course).
Whether you want to enjoy zucchini at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even snack time, there's a recipe here that will suit your dietary needs. Another benefit of fiber is that it will help your body get rid of excess toxins in your colon, which will lower the risk of developing colorectal cancer. To prepare zucchinis in a healthy way and to preserve their nutrients, consider grilling them.
It’s hard to tell from the shitty wash-out lighting in my pictures, but I’m beginning to see more definition and my waist isn’t looking quite as soft. And then I’ll drop the diet, but not the fat loss – I’ll just pursue it a little slower and move the emphasis towards more varied real food. Below are the key facts about calories in a zucchini and why you should add zucchinis to your diet.

Since cooked zucchini loses a bit of its firmness, it takes 180 grams to fill a cup of zucchini, as opposed to 120 grams for a cup filled with raw zucchini. Because of their high magnesium content, zucchinis also help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Because of its high-water content, a zucchini will provide much-needed hydration to your body. The same cup of cooked zucchini, this time with added salt, is about 28 calories, but its sodium content will be higher.

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