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Most serious CrossFitters adhere to either the Paleo Diet, the Zone Diet, or some blend of the two.
With the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, you can control three major hormones generated by the human diet – insulin, glucagon and eicosanoids.
Glucagon – A mobilization hormone that tells the body to release stored carbohydrates at a steady rate, leading to stabilized blood sugar levels. A One Block meal consists of one choice from the Protein List (pink), one from the Carbohydrate List (blue) and one from the Fat List (green). You can mix and match blocks as you wish.  If you aren’t very hungry when you first wake up, then a 2 block meal might be just right for you, perhaps with a 3 block lunch and dinner. After about a month you’ll be able to “eyeball” the food and you won’t need to measure precisely anymore…unless you’re having something new you’ve never measured into blocks. You should count this as a carbohydrate and not worry about the protein and fat in the snack bar.
I hope you feel as good as I do living “in the Zone”.  Below you can see some examples of Zone-friendly meals, including a 2, 3, and 4 block zone dinner that will perfectly complement your CrossFit diet!
Dr Sears designed his blocks method to make it easier to prepare meals that are a suitable size and have a favourable balance of macronutrients.
Please remember this is just a guide – you don't have to precisely measure everything every meal! If you have a look at the first few columns in my food table you'll see most foods are classifed as either a carbohydrate or a protein or a fat, and the amount next to each food represents 1 Zone 'block'. One block of a carbohydrate food supplies about 9 grams of available carbs, one block of a protein food supplies about 7 grams of protein, and one block of a fat food supplies 3 grams of fat. It may help to think of each 1 block containing 3 'mini-blocks' – 1 mini-block of protein + 1 mini-block of carbs + 1 mini-block of fat. How much we eat is based on how much protein we need, which is based on how big and active we are. Specifically, we take our lean body mass in pounds and multiply it by an activity factor (explained below) to get a number of grams of protein to eat per day.

Quick estimates: If you don't want to fuss about with these calculations and you're an average size and don't do a lot of exercise you can start with 11 blocks for women and 14 blocks for men then skip to 'Making meals' below. There are various methods to estimate our percentage of body fat using some simple body measurements, the calculator at Dr Sears' site is accurate enough and will do all the block calculations for you too (it's free but you will have to register), or here's another one that uses a few extra measurements and may be slightly more accurate.
Example: You're 78kg and 32% percent body fat, 32 ? 100 x 78 = 25kg of fat, lean body mass = 78 – 25 = 53kg. Note: 11 blocks should be the minimum for all adults, even if your calculations work out less than that, still eat 11 blocks per day. Now we divide the total number of blocks up into our daily meals, often it will be 3 main meals and 2 snacks, but you can adjust it as necessary.
It's generally better to have more meals spread throughout the day than one or two big ones, and try not to let five hours pass without eating, but other than that it's really up to you and your lifestyle.
A 6 block meal is about the maximum, and would only be suitable for someone with a very big lean body mass or someone doing intense physical training. Christina and Jeff Barnett have compiled some information on the Zone Diet to make it easy for anyone to understand, complete with a thorough Zone block chart and pictures of example Zone meals. They are also master hormones that indirectly orchestrate a vast array of other hormonal systems in your body. The point is to develop the habit of eating at regular intervals so your hormones are balanced all day. Use “tare” to make it even easier, and you won’t have to use math at all!  Put your plate on the scale and hit the tare button. And after you've measured foods a few times you'll get a feel for sizes and won't need scales or measuring cups any more.
If you don't want to lose weight you may have to eat more fat, which will change this ratio. If you have trouble with certain meals that's fine, a bit more or less here and there won't hurt.
Unfortunately it can be confusing because that looks like it contains 6 blocks, but a 2 block meal contains 2 blocks each of protein carbs and fat.

Then we divide that by 7 to get the number of blocks to eat per day, as there are 7 grams of available protein in 1 Zone block.
The Zone Diet controls gene expression and hormonal balance to give you the longer and better life to which we all aspire. Eat within an hour of waking up in the morning, don’t go more than 4 hours without eating something, and eat a snack before you go to sleep so you have some fuel to dream on. On one-third of the plate put some low-fat protein that is no bigger or thicker than the palm of your hand. Then fill the other two-thirds of the plate with color carbohydrates (vegetables and fruits).
Finally add a dash (thata€™s a small amount) of fat that is low in omega-6 and saturated fats such as olive oil. Finally your plate will be full of all your foods, all measured individually, but all on one plate. Your success in constructing a Zone meal is indicated by lack of hunger for the next four to six hours.
Simple in concept, often difficult in execution because you have avoid many of foods that people love to eat (bread, pizza, pasta, potatoes, and rice). In addition, you have to maintain the appropriate balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat at every meal to maintain the hormonal balance to reduce cellular inflammationDiet comes from the Greek language and means a€?way of lifea€?. The Zone Diet controls gene expression and hormonal balance to give you the longer and better life to which we all aspire.The Zone diet is primarily concerned with controlling your hormones.

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