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Last week I read a post over on SlimDoggy sharing steps to get started running with your dog.
One of my resolutions this year is to become tone and lose 10 pounds – I refuse to allow being in my forties act as an excuse to be out of shape. Our first day was Saturday and I took only Rodrigo, who’s resolution is to stop lunging and barking at cyclists. I got dressed, tossed on a baseball cap, leashed up Rodrigo and we went off to the Centennial Trail early in the morning. Once we made it to the Centennial Trail, I realized that a 15 minute jog was out of the question.
During the walks, I zig zagged across the path to keep Rodrigo on his paws – he tends to try and control the walk and I want him to focus more on me and the zig zagging tip I picked up on BoingyDog really helps! What I love is that the Ezy Dog Leash keeps Rodrigo next to my side instead of walking all over (taking in all the scents and marking every blade of grass) while I attempt to start jogging.

I was planning to grab my iPod, because I always listen to podcasts while on walks, but for our first run, I really wanted to focus on our surroundings, how I was feeling, and how Rodrigo was doing.
I quality sports bra is a must when running with our dogs, keeping the arms out and not allowing them to rub along your sides is another must.
Had to laugh at the end of your post – if you want to review and recommend sports bras during a future post, I promise there’s an interested audience! You know, when starting a new exercise regime, sometimes interval training (walk for 5 minutes, then run for 5 minutes, then walk…etc) is the best way to start.
Wynston is too small to run with, so we do agility for exercise instead but even that’s a work out for me when we do the course constantly! This gave me the push I needed – I need to start training for my obstacle course 5k, then relay marathon right afterward! I feel like exercising with your dog is a great way to bond, and just beneficial in so many ways!

With everything going on I’ve been exhausted ever morning when I wake up, which is usually when Kayo and I go running. It is nice because it has a few zippered pockets, but sometimes my waist is getting pulled faster than my feet can move! It is always easier to motivate yourself when you have friends going through a similar thing.

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