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I went home, played with the puppies for 5 minutes and then changed into my workout clothes.
Sure I didn’t burn 700 calories but I got my heart rate up and did some great cardio for 40 minutes. I intended to get up for a 5 mile run in this morning, to get some serious miles done and over with before the birds wake up.
I’ve just begun my journey to a healthier me and in my googling for encouraging blogs that I can keep up with I came across yours!
In the years since, additional women have joined and share their journey in finding healthiness in an unhealthy world. April 27, 2012 By Jess 65 Comments In order to deal with my plantar fasciitis, I have reduced my running.
After a run following my new running plan, I wanted more of a workout [that I couldn’t get from additional mileage]. Jeez sorry you and the furry boy have to take a step back from your favorite fitness due to injuries. Myself and a few of my friends are starting your fiesty 50 today – goal set for 30 days straight. I just saw this on Pinterest…a little late, but I’m glad to hear of someone else that has plantar fasciitis! If you commit to doing this at home circuit workout even just a couple of times a week, I think your fitness would increase a fair bit, and you will probably lose some weight, too!
Now I am somebody who is relatively fit, but I still need to lose weight and get much more toned, especially on my tummy (it looks way too big from the side).  Have you got the same problem? I need to ramp my efforts up, anyway, I am off to Germany to see my Mum again mid July, plus we have our 25 year school reunion (25 years???) and you know how it is – you want to look your best!!! However, saying all this, all gyms are not made equally, and it’s important to choose the right gym, so ask around to see what other gyms people recommend or read some online reviews of gyms and personal trainers to make your decision.

The Dash Diet RevolutionThe New York Times Bestseller - based on the diet ranked "#1 BEST DIET OVERALL" by US news & world report for 3 years in a row! I didn’t workout on Sunday so I KNEW I needed to get some activity in, I knew I deserved it, my body deserved it. For now, it just makes me crazy when I run and I count the minutes (or seconds) until I’m done. I mean, the pizza would have tasted good for that moment in time but I know an hour later, my stomach would have been doing flips and, when I certain foods like pizza, they tend to lead me down a path of destructive eating the rest of the day. Thank-you in advance for giving me a place to come when I’m in need of inspiration, encouragement, advice, etc. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Currently, posts on the main page are written by Liz, who is working through her healthiness journey. And, the focus and enhanced fat-burning I get from using GNC GenetixHD line support my quest for a lean frame. If you are a beginner, start with 15, 20 or 30 reps per move and gradually increase as you build strength and endurance. Being a runner myself, I give you credit for realizing that in order to continue running, you need to listen to your body and rest. I came across this “At Home Circuit Workout” on Pinterest and thought it was worth sharing!
I follow a therapy called Active Isolated Stretching Therapy which help your body be more resistive to injuries.
Plus it is generally safer, and nice to know there are staff on hand if you have questions or if you ever hurt yourself. She is passionate about family, living in the moment and assisting others in being the absolute best they can be.

No restriction on where my thoughts must go – in fact, there is often no thought at all. Walking, though, is my escape from whatever is driving me nuts, so at least I’ve got that. Please feel free to check out my blog- it’s new, so there isn’t much on it now, but I started it to help keep me accountable in this new adventure! She was well on her way to hitting an official 100lbs lost by August 1st, 2009 which was her 2 year anniversary.
This weekend we are going to a Yankees game which I’m excited for, hooray for baseball season! I need to really focus on stretching, rolling on that frozen water bottle and breaking up that inflammation. You are amazing to follow these days woman and so happy for you and all that you are doing!
I love exercising but I don’t want to overdo it…any suggestions would be awesome! If I had gluten allergies, or dairy allergies, or anything of the sort, I’d be bringing my lunch so what do they know? She was planning a big ‘ol celebration around here… until her life changed the evening before her final weigh-in. I might know a lot about food and healthy eating, but it hasn’t helped me to get rid of my big stomach yet.

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